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Would You Know God, Pt 1?

The reason “pride goeth before destruction” (Proverbs 16:18), is due solely to the fact that pride replaces fear. The two cannot coexist. It is one or the other. Which lives in you? Which lives in me? We cannot have both. We either want to live in fear of the Lord or we will live in proud ignorance.

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Desiring to Live Longer?

Am I ready to go to be with the Lord in eternity? Whenever He calls me home. However, I also know that life is going to get terrible for society as we approach the coming Tribulation and I’d like to be able to live long enough to ensure that our children can face the future relying heavily on God. We have no idea just how bad it will get but if the current problems in society are any indication, it won’t be pretty and will create hardships for many.

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