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Christ, Our Righteousness, Part 2

That is the first part of the equation of once saved, always saved (OSAS). We have to ask the question, what are we saved from and how does that happen? Notice Jesus says that anyone who does not believe in the Son is already condemned? That literally means, God’s condemnation remains or continues to rest on that person. Jesus is saying that is the automatic position of every person. There is no such thing as universalism, whereby all people will eventually be saved. Jesus is very clear here in stating that in order to eliminate or come out from under that condemnation that exists on each and every person, that person must have something: belief in the Son’s Name.

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People Love Darkness Rather Than Light

In John 3:18-21, Jesus points out that when He came into this world, a type of judgment came with Him. He stated that those who received Him were not judged. Those who did not receive Him were already judged. What does that mean?

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