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It’s Really About Creating a Marriageless Genderless Society

If the left simply came out and said “we need to eliminate marriage!” or “we need to eliminate gender differences!” the rest of the world would laugh them to derision. Their argument would be lost before it even got off the ground. However, if instead, the left seems to be pushing for “equality,” well then, that’s a completely different story, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want equality? Everyone says they do. So, the left is using that argument for now to push their agenda while hiding the real end that they seek – a marriageless, genderless society, which simply has people in it. Those people can live with whomever they want to live with and they can see themselves as whatever they want to be seen as. For those who are unwilling to go along with the plan, you can expect reproach, censure, and possibly even violence against you as time goes on.

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How Difficult It Is to Avoid World’s Mentality

But aside from who gets to use which public restroom, why should pastors be forced to marry same-sex couples if their religious convictions keep them from doing so? Why should men – who still have male genitalia and who dress as women (transgenders) – be allowed to use women’s public restrooms solely on the basis of their own stated belief that they “feel” as though they are women and not truly men? Aren’t we in danger of opening Pandora’s box if it hasn’t already been opened?

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