How Difficult It Is to Avoid World’s Mentality

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She says she's a cat trapped in a human's body...

She says she’s a cat trapped in a human’s body…

Not sure if you’ve been keeping track, but with all the states passing legislation designed to protect people from the aggressive tactics of the LGBT crowd, more businesses and even celebrities are getting involved in boycotting states that have passed such legislation. Canadian singer Bryan Adams, American singer Bruce Springsteen, and Beatles’ alum Ringo Starr have all announced they’re canceling their tours or concerts in states that have passed that type of legislation. In some cases, the legislation involves keeping people who self-identify as women (even though they are genetically men), from using women’s bathrooms and visa versa.

Just stop for  a second to consider the absurdity of the world today where legislative bodies have to craft bills to keep men from using women’s bathrooms. That used to be a crime, but now it is seriously being considered “normal.”

I’ll wait while you give that some thought. We are talking about individuals who are physically male, but who dress as female today because they believe themselves to be female. The movement that seeks to support this foolishness is trying attempting a full court press on society by insisting that just because someone has male genitalia, it does not follow that the individual is truly a male. The final arbiter is how that individual actually sees himself. In other words, how does that person self-identify? That’s the deciding factor apparently.

Look, as far as I’m concerned, a person who has male genitalia should use the men’s bathroom in public and a person who has come into this world with female genitalia should use the women’s bathroom in public. It has worked for generations, but all of a sudden we need to change it?

The worst thing about this thinking is that those who are pushing it are constantly ignoring the obvious. What about sexual predators who will use this opportunity to dress up like a woman (if a man) for the sole purpose of molesting girls or women in the bathroom? There have been plenty of examples of men molesting boys in public men’s rooms. Why is this being ignored? Do these people not even consider that this could happen?

Personally, I think they do think it could happen but simply don’t care because ultimately, it’s all about overturning what they label as long-held “stereotypes,” even if those stereotypes are grounded in what has simply been accepted as truth for eons. But that’s the other aside here. These same folks are busy pushing their agenda, which essentially undercuts what has always been considered truth. They want this long-held standard of truth replaced with a more relative “truth,” which is no truth at all.

The reality is that the world is changing…drastically. Those who are pushing so hard to change society, moving it off of its clear foundation toward the hideous monstrosity they want it to become, have lots of money at their disposal, they have the microphone and the spotlight, and they have the momentum. There seem to be so many of them that it’s difficult to stay on top of exactly what’s happening in the world today. If it isn’t the “Black Lives Matter” crew (as if only black lives matter because only blacks are shot and killed by police officers, right?), the LGBT or factions of it, or something else entirely, forces from the left are working overtime to do whatever they can to keep the momentum they have going strong.

What is truly asinine about all of this is when celebrities – entertainers especially – get involved and “make a stand.” So, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, and Ringo Starr have canceled concerts in protest because of legislative state houses that have passed laws that attempt to protect pastors and/or the privacy of average citizens here in the USA? All this does is hurt the fans, the people who buy the CDs and go to concerts. I certainly don’t care because I don’t have any of their CDs nor have I attended their concerts. I have no plans to do so either. If you look at their social network pages, the arguments are occurring between fans, who take sides. The artists themselves don’t care. They’re being politically correct and that’s all that matters anymore.

Celebrities like the ones mentioned seem to have no difficulty pitching for the left all under the guise of “equality” for all people because they think taking the “popular” stand will benefit them; show them as accepting of all people, which is impossible. Someone’s always going to be left out or offended.

But aside from who gets to use which public restroom, why should pastors be forced to marry same-sex couples if their religious convictions keep them from doing so? Why should men – who still have male genitalia and who dress as women (transgenders) – be allowed to use women’s public restrooms solely on the basis of their own stated belief that they “feel” as though they are women and not truly men? Aren’t we in danger of opening Pandora’s box if it hasn’t already been opened?

All of this comes under the umbrella of political correctness – emotional virtue – so-called “truth” that is determined by how people feel about things. This is honestly what the whole thing is about; changing society based on how things make people feel, which has become the new truth norm. If people feel badly about something, change it, whether it’s right or wrong, just change it.

Of course, we can take it to the most extreme, can’t we? A person with whom I am friends on a social network pointed out that in Norway a few months ago, a 20-year-old woman “came out” as a cat. Yes, she says she identifies as a cat.

Since coming out as ‘born in the wrong species,’ Nano hisses at dogs she walks past, meows at strangers, hates water, and claims to be able to see in the dark. She also walks around on all fours and sleeps on windowsills.

Well, isn’t that exciting? Should towns now be forced to provide public litter boxes for Nano too? This absurdity is fast becoming the norm in society, but we didn’t get there overnight. It has taken decades and here we are, celebrating the ridiculous aspect of it all. In fact, the more absurd, the more it’s celebrated.

Romans 1 is the picture of what happens in a society when God is pushed out of the picture. It begins a tsunami of events, ending in the furthest thing from God’s Creation that humanity can be. Folks, we are here.

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