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President-Elect Trump’s Position on Israel

It will be interesting to see what type of presidency is experienced by Donald Trump. He says he will support Israel. If he follows through, it will be far different from what the leaders of the United States have done for many years. Too many have simply gone through the motions and of late, the abject hatred and anger toward Israel has become too obvious. It’s not for “peace” that Kerry and others within the Obama Administration do what they do. It is borne out of their own hatred for Jews and they will be called on the carpet for it by God Himself, in His timing.

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President Obama and the Middle East

We shall see what continues to develop in the Middle East. However, those of us who DO understand the Bible in literal terms (that’s LITERAL, NOT LITERALISTIC), already know the outcome of the story. It’s the people who view prophetic discourse in allegorical terms who have issues and problems. Of course, they don’t see that because they are too busy blaming Zionists and Christians Zionists for bringing about the upcoming Armageddon. Sure, and God is impotent too, completely unable to bring His plans and purposes to fruition. Don’t know about you, but I am certainly glad I do NOT worship that God. The God I worship is all-knowing, omnipotent, just, holy, loving, and patient and all the rest that coincides with His holy character. The idea that God is not in control of what takes place in this world is one of the most heinous doctrines ever born in hell. The people who believe that need to take a good look at themselves and understand that the god they have created is NOT the God of the Bible.

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Netanyahu Urges Christian Zionists to Continue Support

In spite of the way things look, God has everything under control. The people who are constantly accusing and attacking Zionists obviously have VERY little faith in the sovereignty of God. It is THEY who need to get their act together and find out who God truly is, because their opinion of Him is exceedingly small.

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