President Obama and the Middle East

March 16, 2010 at 7:22 AM 1 comment

President Obama has continued to make it abundantly clear that he holds no real favorable position toward Israel, because all of his favor has been and continues to reach out to Arab nations.  This is in spite of the fact that these same Arab nations not only could care less about the United States, but too many of them see to us as the “great Satan.”  I find it frankly unconscionable that this administration persists in demanding a complete stop to Jewish settlement construction in and around the parts of Jerusalem under Israel sovereignty.  This has never EVER been an issue in prior years, with prior U.S. administrations, but because of President Obama’s favoritism toward the Arabs, this situation has been added to the mix.

The reality is that one can only wonder why/how the United States believes it has the power to tell ANY country what to do, but because it is Israel, and they are our allies (or have been), apparently, that gives us the right to place conditions on our alliance.  That is like saying to a friend, “You need to do things my way, or I am going to be better friends with your enemies.”  Does that make sense?  If it makes sense to you, then my suggestion is that you are not really friends with the person you have just given the ultimatum to, but your friendship is merely a con.

Israel is not stupid, for as many people as cannot stand the Jews.  Netanyahu has most recently determined that all construction in Jerusalem will continue.  Good for him.  The idea that any nation can tell another nation where, when, and how to build is absolutely ridiculous.  Yet, we offer no real protests against Iran and its search for the “bomb.”  Supposedly though, it is because Israel continues to build in Jerusalem that everything may one day explode.  Uh…okay, sure.

The plain fact of the matter is that every day, we see more and more of President Obama’s desire to be found favorable in the eyes of the Arabs.  The question is, WHY?  They have shown us no favors.  They are constantly referring to us as something evil, that needs to be eliminated.  They deign to want to destroy us; either from without or within – it really does not matter, as long as the United States is destroyed.

This is also the first president I can recall who has ever bowed to other dignitaries, or leaders of other countries.  By doing so, President Obama is immediately saying to these leaders that the United States comes under their sovereignty.  At every turn, President Obama seems to want to toss the United States under the bus.  He is constantly ignoring the will of the people, his ratings have plummeted, and yet he persists in attempting to bring HIS socialistic plans to fruition.  This nation cannot afford the type of health care bill that the socialists in congress want to see passed.  Will it affect them?  Of course not.  They will have their own doctors, they will still be limo’d from place to place, they will continue to have their expenses paid, and in short, they are already living the socialist lifestyle because they are essentially on the public doles and have been since they were elected.

Of course, the problem is that any socialist system developed in this country will be at least two-tiered; one for the uber-rich and one for the rest of us, with those of us who work, paying for the rest of the populace.  You don’t think the richy rich congresspeople will be paying their own way out of their own pockets, do you?  That would deplete their own stores.  Wouldn’t be prudent.  Best to place more burden on the overburdened taxpayer.

President Obama (before he was elected) indicated that he would prefer to be a great one-term president than a mediocre tw0-term president (my paraphrase).  Unfortunately, with the way things are going, it does not appear as he will get his wish.  He will most likely be a one-term president who was not even mediocre.  Of course, if you listen to people like Minister Farrakhan, it is the “white right” which is trying to ensure that President Obama will not be re-elected.  (I love how the race card can be pulled out when it’s time to put a “dare” in front of the American people.  This same card was played while President Obama was running for office; “This country will NEVER elect a black man to the presidency,” etc.)

Actually, it is President Obama himself who seems to be ensuring that, because since he took the oath of office, he has been bent on bringing his own values, beliefs, and ideologies to the fore.  Those of us who saw those things knew where we were headed.  The folks who were fooled into thinking that this man was really a messiah, were really let down.  It was not long before the protests began from the very people who voted him into the highest office of the land.  Where was the media however, when the recent “Tea Party” protests took place?  Dutifully ignoring it.  It would be a terrible thing if people’s complaints were actually aired on national television, wouldn’t it?  But, we know that the media is fair and unbiased, correct?  Of course.  What was I thinking?

For this blogger, I am so glad that Israel is standing up to the ridiculous and unfair demands of the Oval Office.  We have no right to insist on anything where Israel is concerned.  If we were really their ally, we would be doing all that we could to ensure their safety, and that they received fairness.  For the United States, being an ally of Israel now is simply lip service and nothing more.  I believe that if President Obama had his druthers, he would like to see come to fruition what President Ahmadinejad is aiming for; a world or at least a Middle East without the Jewish “problem.”

It is nice to see some of the GOP standing publicly against President Obama’s decisions and stance against Israel.  Even some of the Democrats are becoming concerned about President Obama’s posturing.[1]  It is obvious when Biden goes to the Middle East and speaks out of both sides of his mouth (which he has become very good at, even believing that he is not contradicting himself), and his wife Jill completely ignores Isrsael and Jews during her recent visit – all of this says that the United States is not at all concerned with the welfare of their “ally,” Israel.  Even the Euro-Med partnership is now focusing only on the projected PA state.  (The Euro-Med for those of you who do not know is President Sarkozy’s (France) baby in 2008, came up with the Mediterranean Union, which remarkably, looks almost exactly like the Old Roman Empire and whose first secretary-general is a Muslim.  Fascinating for those of us who take the Bible literally).

I say to Netanyahu:  “Press on and continue to stand up to the bullying of the United States!”  Of course, by saying this, am I ignoring the fact that most of Israel is liberal and wants little to nothing to do with Judaism?  No, I’m not ignoring that at all.  These are two different issues.  Israel’s political statehood is separate from any beliefs they may have, especially considering the fact that NO OTHER country in the world is allowed to exist (or not) based on its religious beliefs (or lack of them).  Apparently, this condition is only for Israel…[rolls eyes].

We shall see what continues to develop in the Middle East.  However, those of us who DO understand the Bible in literal terms (that’s LITERAL, NOT LITERALISTIC), already know the outcome of the story.  It’s the people who view prophetic discourse in allegorical terms who have issues and problems.  Of course, they don’t see that because they are too busy blaming Zionists and Christians Zionists for bringing about the upcoming Armageddon.  Sure, and God is impotent too, completely unable to bring His plans and purposes to fruition.  Don’t know about you, but I am certainly glad I do NOT worship that God.  The God I worship is all-knowing, omnipotent, just, holy, loving, and patient and all the rest that coincides with His holy character.  The idea that God is not in control of what takes place in this world is one of the most heinous doctrines ever born in hell.  The people who believe that need to take a good look at themselves and understand that the god they have created is NOT the God of the Bible.

My suggestion would be to humble yourselves, confess your weaknesses, and sin in having other gods before you, and get right with God.  Either He is in FULL control of everything that transpires in this world, or He is not.  If the latter, He is no more worthy of worship than a wooden idol.  If the former, there is NONE greater and no one more worthy of worship.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the same God of all authentic Christians.  May He be pleased to continue to work in and through us in order that the perfection of His will and purposes, will be brought to fruition.


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