President Obama Anti-Semitic and PLO Agent??

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Inquiring minds want to know...

This is what people are saying.  Specifically, Netanyahu’s brother-in-law who stated, “‘The time has come to tell the truth.’ Dr. Ben-Artzi told Arutz-7 radio (Hebrew). ‘I understand the Prime Minister’s reaction to me, but the truth must be told. Obama is an anti-Semite.” He said that Israel is dealing with “a president who was educated by anti-Semitic preacher Jeremiah Wright’.”[1]  I cannot imagine that statement coming as a surprise to anyone, except possibly President Obama himself, who likely has operated under the belief that he has successfully pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.  Then again, that belief is merely an insult to those of us who have any semblance of intelligence.

Another group has declared that President Obama is nothing but a PLO Agent masquerading as the President of the United States.  The article states, “A group of far-right activists on Tuesday announced their plan to hang hundreds of posters across the country depicting U.S. President Barack Obama under the headline “agent of the PLO.” The banner is already on display in the office of National Union MK Michael Ben Ari. ‘The poster is within the limits of the country’s freedom of speech act,’ said Ben Ari’s aide, Itamar Ben Gvir. ‘I pity those who clapped during [U.S. Vice President] Joe Biden’s speech,” said Ben Gvir, referring to Biden’s address to the Israeli people at Tel Aviv University last week’.”[2]

I’m all for diplomacy, not that it will do any good in the Middle East, because the situation demands that sides be taken.  What is appallingly absurd though is to hear Biden, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others parrot the sentiment that the United States stands behind Israel, when in point of fact, everything they are DOING negates that belief.  Israel cannot make a move without Brunhilda Clinton coming down on them.  Biden can look Netanyahu straight in the eyes and state that the United States wants a strong Israel, yet everything this administration is doing is undercutting that statement.  It simply shows how adept politicians can be at lying while showing no signs of lying.

I for one, am glad that Netanyahu has stood up against Clinton’s demands and calmly reiterated (for the umpteenth time) that Israel will continue to build homes in the part of Jerusalem that has been under Israeli sovereignty since 1967.  No such demands are made of the Arab nations.  In fact, HAVE there been any demands made of the Arab nation?  I can think of no real demands.  Suggestions, yet; demands, no.

I do not like the fact that our Administration thinks it speaks for everyone.  Even those in congress are now starting to wake up to the fact that President Obama’s administration is overtly pro-Arab, and anti-Israel.  Of course, this does not surprise me at all, because for anyone who was actually paying attention to Obama’s life and work PRIOR to running for president, it was clear that he supported Arab nations then, and was decidedly against Israel, in spite of the fact that the entire media it seems refused to bring these facts to light.

Frankly, if Iran or anyone came against Israel right now, I do not believe the United States would lift a finger to help Israel.  They might offer a few words of encouragement, but would do nothing.  Even though we are sending 387 bunker busters to the Indian Ocean area, this simply seems like posturing more than anything.  It is trying to show the world that “see, we DO care about Israel’s safety.”  The fact is that if this administration does NOTHING, they WILL be seen for what they are – fully supportive of Arab nation, and fully against Israel.  That would not do, so it’s better to play the political game instead.  Then this administration can at least say, “We tried.”

Isn’t it amazing to anyone else that in spite of all odds, Israel remains Israel?  In spite of the fact that I cannot think of one country in the world that is actually FOR Israel, Israel continues to exist.  That is incredible and as Ezekiel states, it is not for Israel that God is doing what He is doing.  It is for the sake of His holy Name that He is doing what He is doing.  While I do not blindly support Israel with their decadence, their immorality, their lack of fear where God is concerned, I support their political right to exist and I support what I believe God is doing in that region of the world.

Time of course will tell what is what, but for those who understand the Scriptures literally, the answer has already been given.  For those who view prophecy in allegorical terms, well, they are in for a huge surprise.  Even then, however, they will admit nothing.  It’s a shame that they are so blinded with anti-Semistism, that they are unable to see the truth even when that truth unfolds right before their very eyes.


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