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Chem Trails? 5G? What’s It All About?

The possibilities regarding 5G seem limitless at least compared to what exists now (4G). The huge exponential jump from the current 4G (2.4 MGhz) to the coming 5G (60 MGhz) is stark. Regardless of any possible dangers of the coming 5G, it appears to be on its way and there’s little to nothing people can do to successfully curtail it. Even President Trump is completely behind it. He says it’s largely due to the creation of more jobs. Certainly it’ll do that. But at what price? Our loss of health? Our loss of privacy?

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Is New World Order Just a Conspiracy Theory?

Since FDR’s time, the building blocks of the coming NWO have continued to create an edifice that very soon, will be bigger than any country and there will be no ability to halt the process. It will simply continue to rise under its own power. What is very tragic is that there is much documentation available to anyone who would like to take the time to research things and quite a bit of it is on the ‘Net. Here is just one article that points some of it out, “US State Department 1945 New World Order.” The evidence is clear, but I’m repeating myself when I say few care.

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