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Question: Why Are U.S. Taxes Helping to Rebuild Babylon in Iraq?

Here we are today, on the cusp of more and more archaeological finds that verify the efficacy of God’s Word. Of course, to atheists and doubters, nothing will do that. Noah’s Ark could be discovered intact and pulled off one of the high mountains of Ararat. Though they would be looking at it, they would be seeing it through blind eyes, insisting that it is not Noah’s Ark and that even if it was, it would not prove that there was a global flood. People who do not want to be convinced, will not be convinced, at least in this life. Once people leave this life, they will immediately be convinced because nothing will stand in the way of their seeing the truth, once and for all. Of course, by then it will be way too late because NOW is the time and today is the day to receive salvation.

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