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Matthew 24 – 25: Three Parables from Jesus

Are you saved? Have your eyes been opened to the identity of Jesus? Do you understand what He accomplished for you on Calvary’s cross? His brutal and bloody death was the sacrifice necessary so that we might be allowed to enter into direct relationship with Him. When Jesus died, then rose from the dead three days later, He literally sealed the deal, making a public spectacle of the powers of darkness because at that point, they became fully and actively defeated. Their fate is sure. The fate of those who believe from the heart that Jesus is Lord is also sure.

Romans 8 opens with the fact that those who have trusted in Christ for salvation are no longer under any sort of condemnation. This same chapter ends with the fact that nothing will ever separate us from God’s love. That is huge. There is nothing greater than knowing all of our sins – past, present, and future – are gone, literally cancelled. Coupled with that is the truth that because of our salvation, we will never, ever have to be separated from God.

Truly, these two blessings are too big, too great for us to comprehend here and now. We trust in those truths, but we will not fully understand them until we see Him face to face. May He come quickly!

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