Dangers of Premillennialism According to the U.S. Military

December 14, 2009 at 10:49 PM 2 comments

Received a note from Ray at Prophezine.com about a recently de-classified military document (originally written in May, 2008 by Army Major Brian L. Stuckert).  What is interesting about it is the subject matter:  Premillennialism

One might wonder why the military is even concerned with something related to the Bible, however reading the 78-page report says it all.  The short version is that according to the military, those who believe in any form of Premillennialism (with specific emphasis on Dispensational Premillennialism), are essentially the  reason for othe problems in the world. 

In other words, if it were not for those who believe in Premillennialism (and through society and politicians, the United States foreign policy has been based on), there would be peace in the world!  This is what is being stated by Major Stuckert. 

The difficulty is that much of Premillennialism is unrecognizable as Premillennialism that is espoused in Scripture.  One of the quotes from the report reads like this: 

“First, millennial thought and its policy implications may create strategic transparency that affords adversaries an advantage in decision-making. Second, an understanding of American millennial thinking may provide adversaries with the means to manipulate American policy and subsequent action. Third, the enemy may exploit American millennialism to increase the fragility of and even disrupt coalitions. Fourth, adversaries may exploit American millennialism to demoralize or terrorize joint forces and the American people. By recognizing these potential vulnerabilities, military leaders and planners may take action now to mitigate the effects.”  (emphasis added) 

Now, the big, important question is this:  what exactly are the actions that are being planned to “mitigate the effects” of citizens who believe in and espouse Premillennialism? 

This is what the report answers and if you are Premillennial in position, you should most certainly take note.  You will be surprised and angered over what route the military and government plan to take against proponents of Premillennialism. 

Of course, Israel and the Middle East is included in the report, looking back to 1948 when Israel was first granted statehood in modern times.  Because of alleged lobbying by Premillennialists in the United States, the U.S. government took a position of support for Israel, which has continued to some degree since then. 

Major Stuckert reports that “Many Americans are influenced by the philosophy of dispensational pre-millennialism and have developed an apocalyptic worldview without being consciously aware of it.” 

This is the fear among the government and certainly Obama’s administration would share this fear: that because of a worldview by many Americans that includes an apocalyptic future, this very mindset could actually bring it about.  This is the same argument that Preterists use as well.  Of course, this means that God is not in control and that humanity has the ability to overrule Him. 

Stuckert continues, “Dispensational pre-millennialism and its attendant apocalyptic worldview will have numerous foreign policy and security implications for the United States in years to come. In general, collective anxiety over things like world-ending war, the Anti-Christ, and the need to secure our eternal destiny by our own hand will add to strategic hubris, justify increasingly reckless international action, and continue to over-commit the military in ways the Nation cannot afford.” 

One of the most interesting aspects of this report is that Stuckert comes to the conclusion that strong beliefs in Premillennialism results in “pessimism and paranoia.”  This is completely inaccurate, however from a secularist’s perspective, this would appear to be accurate.

Christians who happen to believe in Premillennialism (or Millennialism), believe that the world will get worse, however we also believe that it will ultimately be made much better, by the return of Christ and through the kingdom He sets up, from which He will rule.

I can see this becoming the flashpoint, or starting point for a systematic erosion of religious rights in America.  The major flaw in the report is crediting the Premillennialist with power that he does not possess.

The idea that by wishing hard enough, any group of people can make something happen contrary to God’s expressed will and purposes, is patently absurd.

If the Premillennialist is wrong, then he is wrong.  Not only is God not mocked, but He is never overruled by man’s wishes or decisions.  God’s will is going to be accomplished whether man likes it or not.  If that does not include Premillennialism, then it does not.  No amount of erroneous thinking will create a reality.

I would encourage you to read the report yourself and make up your own mind.  Find it here:  De-classified Military Report on Premillennialism

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  • 1. modres  |  December 15, 2009 at 10:58 AM

    Thanks for clarification, Jackie. I did recheck the information and it seems that you are correct. I did some additional research and found that Maj. Stuckert did indeed write his paper as a thesis for The Command and General Staff College and School of Advanced Military Studies at Fort Leavenworth.

    I also noted that out of all the submissions to the college, Maj. Stuckert’s did not rank as either the 2008 Outstanding Monograph, or was one, which was nominated for the honor.

    It also does not appear to have been a previously classified document, but one that was always meant for public dissemination of an unlimited nature.

    Thanks again, Jackie. My only defense is that I heard about this late last night and did not then take the time to research it more carefully.


  • 2. jackie  |  December 15, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    This is NOT a government document. Didn’t anyone read the forms attached that read:
    “This monograph was defended by the degree candidate on 01 May 2008 and approved by the monograph director and reader named below.”
    That means the author is seeking an advanced degree and this is his thesis/dissertation. This is this nut’s opinion only.


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