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President Obama’s Muslim Roots…from the Horse’s Mouth (so to speak)

The amount of adoration that went from the average person throughout the world to one individual, Barack H. Obama, prior to his even becoming president is telling. It is also frightening. It was as if people suffered from a massive delusion that did not allow them to see the truth. They saw deceit and error and believed it to be truth. The days leading up the presidential elections was like watching a tsunami build and then overtake a city near the shore. Accolades for Obama went unchecked and still go unchecked. People were literally overcome with a wave of deception. This is truly reminiscent of Scripture in which Paul tells us of a great falling away that will occur before the Lord returns (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2), and he also warns of of a strong delusion that God Himself sends so that people will believe the lie (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2).

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“Dictator” Obama Skirting the Law

Change is here now and it is still coming. Obama has learned very quickly how to circumvent the laws and democratic policies of this land. Whether you agree with his decision on guns is neither here nor there. The fact that he found a way to outlaw something without having to use Congress is absolutely wrong. It is something only a dictator would do and this is in fact, what he is and what he will remain for as long as the people allow him to be in office. Scary.

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Setting the Record Straight on Bush and Obama

Not that any of these facts matter, because Liberals, Democrats and the like will continue to blame Republicans for all ills. President Obama recently stated that the Republicans are the ones who want to fool with Social Security, etc. It’s politics as usual in Washington, but facts are facts. The only way to avoid the facts is to either ignore them, or rewrite them.

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Imam’s Wife Draws Line in the Sand for Ground Zero Mosque

That is ISLAM – never satisified. Give them a little, and that simply makes them want more. They are not willing to compromise because they do not live by the meaning of that word. To them, it is all Islam or nothing. What is going on in the Middle East is what is going on in The Netherlands, Great Britain and now America. The only difference is that rockets are not being lobbed into these countries. Islam is winning the battle from the inside and through the laws of democracy. They will one day, get enough power to overturn democracy.

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Middle East Peace Talks to Resume

It is the same with the Middle East peace talks. By allowing countries and groups to insist on Israel’s freeze on settlement construction, Obama allowed that demand to officially become part of the peace talks. We are all familiar with how “livid” President Obama was after Netanyahu announced more construction, and we are all familiar with how V.P. Biden publicly castigated and chided Netanyahu for that decision.

The peace talks will be just that – talks. I cannot imagine anything being accomplished and if the Bible is correct (of which I have no doubt), then no peace (even tentative) will be realized in that region until the Antichrist steps up and presents a deal that it will be impossible to say ‘no’ to. We will see what happens, but it is certainly much more plausible to have things continue as they have, with words, posturing, and threats.

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Paul’s Thoughts on Eternal Security…

So today, we have a group of people who wrongly believe (in my opinion) that “once saved, always saved” is a new doctrine, born of deception, when in reality, according to Scripture it is not a new doctrine at all, but one that was distorted tremendously by Catholicism for 1100 years. Once people were free to study on their own, they quickly learned that God’s salvation was FREE and that HE was the Author AND Perfecter of that SAME salvation! It is ALL God! We simply submit and if we have a hard time submitting, God will do what is necessary to make it happen.

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Pelosi and Obama – On the Edge of American Liberalism

Pelosi, Obama, and others who are opposed to God, who stand in opposition to Him, are serving their purposes. Regarding Pelosi, she needs to be replaced. I agree with Ray Gano when he points to the audacity of this woman. She is audacious and she has NO right whatsoever to call for any type of investigation because ultimately, what she is doing is impeding the democratic process. America is NOT a dictatorship, though to Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and numerous others, they TREAT America and its citizens as if they are dictators.

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