Cheese and Crackers, Where Has Logic Gone?

March 12, 2013 at 3:17 PM

Several things have occurred today that force me to conclude – once again – that too many people on the Left are aliens in bodies that look human because they simply don’t use what I would classify as logic.  I’m being facetious about the alien thing, but not about logic or the Left’s lack of it.

The Budget
The Dems have released a budget that calls for 1 trillion dollars in new taxes.  Yes, that’s 1,000,000,000,000 in taxes.  Isn’t that exciting?

Please bear in mind that we have not even felt the entirety of the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act yet, but the Dems believe that, even though Americans have been hit hard – financially – below the belt, we’ve had enough time to catch our breath to receive another kick to the groin.

It seems to me that the Dems know how to do nothing else than raise taxes.  This is their default response when it appears as though the Federal government will not have enough money to continue to pay for all the programs they created and want to continue.  Of course, this budget from the Dems also promises to cut the deficit by the same amount – 1 trillion – over the next ten years.  It took us less than four years to realize an additional 6 trillion dollars in new debt, but the Dems only want to cut 1 trillion and they want to spread it over the next decade.  We should also note that this budget from the Dems does not balance the budget.

Across the aisle, the Ryan Budget from the GOP has been introduced and it will balance the budget.  Most importantly, it does not spend more than it takes in.

Already Dems, liberals, and the White House are panning Ryan’s budget with their rhetoric that attempts to make Ryan’s budget something it is not.  One author notes, “Less than an hour after House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan unveiled his 2013 budget, the White House was already out with a rebuttal touting President Barack Obama’s plan as the right one for America.” [1]

Obama’s budget is so right for America, that no one can even see it yet.  By the way, the president – by law – is supposed to release his budget the first Monday of February.

The Dems have come to the table with the same ol’ “tax and spend” philosophy – they spend; we pay.  Ryan’s budget hits it hard, endeavoring to balance a budget and keep things reined in while also reducing the deficit.  It also defunds Obamacare.  Which one is better for this country?  It all depends upon whether or not you are currently receiving free “stuff” or whether or not you are a person who is employed.

It looks like Ryan’s budget will likely pass the House.  It will possibly encounter difficulties in the Senate.  Why?  Because there are people there who want to continue to spend more than this government takes in.  They want to continue taxing hard-working people because they know that even if they increase taxes on the rich, they will still get more from the Middle Class.  The rich?  They’re already trying to find ways to move to Puerto Rico so that they won’t be taxed to death.

I like what Allen West posted on his social network page.  “The Ryan budget proposed by the House this week would balance in 10 years without raising taxes. The first budget proposed by Senate Democrats in four years includes nearly $1 trillion in new taxes and would not balance the budget EVER.

“And Reid and Pelosi would have us believe they’re fiscally responsible. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.”

People know what’s good for them and they will do what they can to ensure that they only pay their fair share, not the share that the government thinks is fair.  We’ll see what happens.

I also read about the Senate panel that has approved gun background checks.  It’s another area where Dems and liberals in general prove they live in a fairy tale world, where Humpty Dumpty has no cracks in his shell and Ol’ Mother Hubbard lives in an expensive condo in Manhattan.

This isn’t going to be a perfect bill. But it will sure reduce crimes,” [2] said Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY; emphasis added).  Really Chuck?  It will reduce crime?

UpChuck doesn’t say how this bill would reduce crime or to what extent, but does he need to?  After all, he’s on the Left.  They only speak the truth, in spite of what the rest of us know.  You know what’s also really interesting?  I never hear anyone on the Left talk about how guns save lives.  They can’t talk about that because that’s not part of their agenda.  How could they approve of the facts that guns are used to save the lives of the innocent when they are too busy portraying all guns as bad, very bad?  They want to eventually outlaw all guns.  Just ask Rep. Jan Schakowsky.  She’ll tell you straight up! [3]

Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, top Republican on the Judiciary panel, said he believes the measure will ultimately lead to a federal registry of gun owners — which is illegal. He also said that requiring additional law-abiding citizens to face background checks would have limited impact on public safety.” [4]

I read an article yesterday that alleges that as many as 40% of the guns that wind up in criminals’ hands are illegally obtained through straw purchases.  I seriously doubt this figure, but let’s say it’s true.  Then again it could be leftovers from the “Fast and Furious” debacle…

Anyway, if that is the case, then shouldn’t the feds be focused on obliterating the straw purchase loophole?  When someone buys a gun at a gun show, they are not buying the gun inside the show, nor are they involved in a straw purchase.  They are buying a gun from another private individual in the parking lot at the show.  Every time a gun is bought or sold inside the gun show, a background check occurs because those guys are FFL dealers.

So here’s what this new law would do.  It would make it against the law for people to buy guns from one private party to another at a gun show or virtually anywhere.  Shoring that loophole up would put a major dent in crime, wouldn’t it?  Chucky thinks it would.  In fact, he’s confident it would, but feels no need to tell us how.  Just trust him.  He’s a Leftist.

But wait! Criminals do not bother about the law.  They obtain guns the way they’ve always obtained them.  They either steal them or buy them on the Black Market.  It’s really simple to understand, yet Dems and liberals seem to have a very difficult problem with this type of logic.  They somehow believe that just making a law forces people to become law-abiding citizens.  This is in spite of the fact that crimes are committed every day by people who ignore the laws that currently exist.  What will change that?  Dems and liberals believe making more laws will change it.  The rest of us know that new laws will only affect law-abiding citizens.

Grassley has it right when he points out that most criminals will continue to obtain guns the way they normally do; the illegal way.  I’m not saying we should not make laws.  I’m saying it would be nice to enforce the laws that are already on the books.  If it is true that 40% of illegal gun activity comes from criminals obtaining guns through straw purchases, doesn’t it make sense to realize that there is a problem and the problem is that current laws are not being enforced?  I wonder if that 40% figure would go down if greater efforts were made to enforce the laws against straw purchases?  I’m guessing yes. But rather than enforce those laws, the Dems and liberals come along and say, “Hey, we need more laws!

It is the exact same “logic” they use when they see a deficit in government spending.  They come along and announce, “Hey, we need to raise taxes!

So what can we do?  We keep harping away at the Left the way they harp away at the Right.  Hopefully, thinking people – who understand the value of critical thinking – will eventually get the message.  I know it’s monotonous.  I know it’s tiring.  I know it feels as though we are making absolutely no impact.  As I mentioned before, if we stop, we give up.  You want to do that?  Let’s just keep on complaining if for no other reason than the fact that it annoys the Left.  I mean, eventually, Chris Matthews’ or Ed Schultz’ head is going to pop, isn’t it?  The way these guys lose their cool is frightening.  The human body was not meant for that, especially when you’re not in great physical shape in the first place.

Let’s look at this from another angle.  As a Christian, I am here on this planet under something called the Great Commission.  My job is to spread the gospel whether people listen or not.  I hope they do listen, but that is not part of my job description.

I believe if we see things that are wrong in America, we have an obligation to say something even if nothing changes.  If we don’t say anything, then we are just as bad as those who are creating the problems.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still trusting God.  I know beyond doubt that He has all outcomes under control.  It’s His baby.  I’m just feet on the ground.  I’m the messenger.

I preach the gospel (hopefully in life and word) whether people listen or not and I point out things that are wrong in society, whether people listen or not.  That’s part of what it means to be a conservative and a Christian.  Remaining silent is really not an option.




[4] Ibid

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