Political Correctness On Parade!

March 19, 2013 at 7:52 AM 4 comments

Here are some interesting videos that highlight situations that have fast become the norm.  In the first one, a military vet is seen in handcuffs and being led away from what turns out to be a pro-union rally.  In another video – here – this same man is seen at the rally holding some signs and bothering no one.  He is first ordered by the police to stand in one place.  When he asks why he has to do that and raises his arm to point to another place where he had been standing, the officer places him in cuffs.  The crowd goes wild.

In this video, he is being led away and he cannot get an answer from officers as to why he is being arrested.  He was – as he states – simply peacefully protesting and there is plenty of video footage to prove it.  Apparently though, since it was a union rally, that created some problems because the union people didn’t like his message or his presence.

When he is finally taken away, the crowd goes wild shouting that he should be taken to jail, etc.  There certainly may be extenuating circumstances on another video that shows he broke the law, but I can’t find that video if it exists.

Please also note as the man attempts to claim his Constitutional right to peacefully protest, many of the union people start shouting him down; a favorite tactic of the politically correct crowd.  The officers also essentially ignore his pleas for answers.  Would it have anything to do with the fact that the officers themselves are likely part of unions?

In another instance, during a Tea Party rally held in Boston, militant Leftists stormed the rally with their slogans, their banners, and their rudeness for one purpose: to drown out the Tea Party speakers and disrupt the rally.

You can see at one point, someone from the Tea Party tries to get the police to intervene, but the police can’t be bothered.  It should also be noted that in order to have one of these rallies, permits (legal permission) have to be obtained and other preparations have to be made.

In one case when something like this happened, the Tea Party folks even met with the police before hand and were promised that the police would make sure nothing like this took place.  When push comes to shove though, the police do simply allow it to happen.  Yet, with the Occupy Movement, participants there defecated on police cruisers, hurled things at police, people were shot, and at least one rape took place.  So the politically correct have their set of rules and those of us who support the rule of law of the land have ours.

So, in the first example with the military vet, we see him being carted off for breaking no law.  He was also shouted down by union people at the rally.  While the cameras ran, he was never even told why he was being arrested; what law he had broken.  I do realize that in some locales, police have so many hours before they inform someone why they are being detained.  Moreover, they do not also have to immediately read a person their rights in every instance.  However, as a courtesy, you would think that the officer would have informed the man, but chose not to do so.

Here’s a question – do you think if the military vet had been a person of color, he would have been treated like that or arrested?  If so, what would Sharpton have said or done?  How might Obama have weighed in on the situation? Oh and I fully realize that asking the very question I just asked is not politically correct. 🙂

In the second video, we see the exact opposite happen.  In that video, members of the Tea Party jumped through all the proper hoops in order to have the rally. In the end,  politically correct goons simply ran roughshod over by the event because they did not like what the Tea Party was offering and simply wanted to shut them down.

Now, does the union have a right to have a rally?  Certainly they do.  If the military vet had been creating real problems or broken the law, the police would have had a reason to arrest him.  The fact that he was – as the officer stated, “gonna get [his] a** kicked” by the crowd is not reason enough to arrest him.

If someone attacked him because they didn’t like his message, they should be arrested, not him.  Then again, we saw from a previous article how people still believe that women who go to parties and get drunk are “sluts,” therefore if they are raped, they apparently had it coming.  I’m sure this same line of thought applies to this man.  They would say if he is stupid enough to go to a union rally, he deserves what he gets.  But that is not what the laws of this land say.  It’s what the politically correct say and think.

In another video that took place a year or so ago, people entered into the Arab Festival in Dearborn, MI for the purpose of evangelizing Muslims.  These individuals could not be kept out because the festival was on city property and was open to the public.

With the individuals there who were intent on evangelizing the Muslims, they became angered and began pelting the first group with rocks, concrete, and some reports even said urine was used in the assault.  The police essentially did nothing though they were right there and should have stepped in to stop the attack.  They basically allowed the attackers to do what they wanted to do.

Did the individuals have a right to go into the festival to evangelize?  Sure.  Was it smart?  Not necessarily.  Did Muslims have any sort of right to physically attack the people who were attempting to evangelize them?  No, not at all.  If that’s allowable in their home countries, that’s one thing.  It’s not allowable here in America, yet the police acted as if it was within the confines of the law.  Why weren’t the Muslim perpetrators arrested?  Because the police shirked their duties.

This is the way things have gotten throughout parts of America.  The rule of law has been set aside.  Political correctness has replaced the concept of “blind justice” with “judicial favoritism.” People who are understood to have been victims at some point throughout history are given special privileges.

This is really what the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation is all about.  There have been many documented (but unreported) cases of black on white or Hispanic crime that go nowhere because whites – especially white males are not seen as true victims historically.  It is a growing problem in America according to numerous commentators.

This is also why the Tawana Brawley case from years ago initially caused people to believe her, even though there was not one shred of evidence to support her claims.  Likewise, when the Duke lacrosse scandal came to light, the young (white) males were immediately seen as guilty because of their privileged position in society.

This is certainly not to say that accusations should not be seriously considered, but when there is no connecting evidence (as quickly became obvious in the Tawana Brawley and Duke cases), prosecutors need to let go.  The particular prosecutor in the Duke case was obviously more interested in making a name for himself on the backs of several innocent young men, than seeing that justice was done.  He couldn’t drop it and was eventually disbarred as an attorney because of it. [1]

Political correctness creates travesties of justice because it tends to focus inordinately and unfavorably on one group of people, bound together by creed, religion, or ethnicity.  Unfortunately, political correctness is creating an attitude within society that actually winds up pitting people against other people because of race, creed, religion, or gender.  It shouldn’t be that way, but that is how political correctness works.  It does so because it is not guided by absolute truth, but by an ever-changing palette of politically correct humanistic relativism in which blind emotion, not biblical reasoning directs the decision-making process.


[1] http://articles.cnn.com/2007-06-16/justice/duke.lacrosse_1_north-carolina-state-bar-durham-county-district-attorney-mike-nifong?_s=PM:LAW

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They Came for Their Money Political Correctness Says It’s Fine to Satirically Malign Jesus


  • 1. Steve  |  March 19, 2013 at 7:33 PM


    If you TRULY read the Bible in a historical-critical manner, why then would you believe the anachronistic and absurdity of rapture theology. Why then would you read Revelation as a “pie in the sky” future prediction that includes American politics? Why then would you assume that conservativism is an integral part to the Christian faith? Why then would you concern yourself with dismantling liberalism despite the fact that many “liberals” are a part of your faith and would subscribe doctrinally and dogmatically with what you preach? Why then would you consistently post blogs that fly in the face of any sort of honest and scholarly sort of Bible reading? Why then would you believe in eternal security (unbiblical teaching)? Why then would you share post after post that unveils your macho gun-worshipping self (see Mt. 26:52 and Prov. 13:2 and Mt. 5 and the peaceful resistance message in Rev and Heb. 10:30 and Gen 9:5-6)? You are a joke. Get off your false teaching high horse. Self-examination is key here. You pray your passive aggressive and arrogant prayer for my knowledge of the truth while you still lack it yourself. This is not a loose judgment, this is a righteous one made evident by lie after lie and absurdity after absurdity posted here on your blog. Goodness gracious!


    • 2. modres  |  March 19, 2013 at 11:38 PM

      So, you’re from the Atlanta area too, I see? Interesting…

      Look, you’ve got a lot of questions, but it’s clear you don’t want my answers. You have come here to lecture me, on MY blog. I’ve published books so the reasons for my beliefs are always accessible and all of my books are free, as downloadable PDFs. Download the one on the Rapture and you’ll find out why I have arrived at what I consider to be the biblical viewpoint concerning that subject. If you’re not interested in reading a free book that I wrote, at least stop wasting my time by essentially asking me to repeat everything I wrote in that book about the Rapture (for instance). Here’s a direct link to it: http://studygrowknow.com/pre_trib.html

      You believe the Rapture is anachronistic and absurd. That’s great, Steve. You forgot to toss in “xenophobe” and “jingoism” while you were at it.

      I write articles for my blog that I believe reflect the truth of the Bible. You disagree with me. Okay, you’ve shared your opinion in a fairly negative and unchristian-like manner, Steve.

      Having done that, do you not believe that we should simply agree to disagree here and be done with it? Will your ego permit it?

      We disagree, Steve. There’s nothing we can do about it. I just don’t care what you think about my articles, Steve, anymore than you care what I think of your responses to those articles. You are simply words on a page, Steve and you’ve posted your last ones here. Anything in the future goes right into the Spam folder, which automatically gets emptied every so often.

      So, we are done here.


  • 3. Steve  |  March 19, 2013 at 5:18 PM

    You might be interested to know that studies show that liberalism (at least self-proclaimed liberalism) correlates positively with IQ. Interesting… so much for your bogus argument that THE EVIL LEFT doesn’t use logic. Coming from the guy who can’t even read the Bible properly…


    • 4. modres  |  March 19, 2013 at 6:20 PM

      Hi Steve,

      But surely you have also read that those same studies would also attest to the fact that “The origin of values and preferences is an unresolved theoretical question in behavioral and social sciences.” (emphasis added) So much for your vapid statement that you obviously believed created a checkmate for me.

      As far as my alleged inability to read the Bible properly, I’ve heard that before. It all comes down to the specific hermeneutic used and which one makes more obvious sense. For instance, the phrase Jesus used in Matthew 24, “nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom” is a well-understood Jewish idiom. It has ONE meaning, Steve. There are many Jewish idioms in Scripture that also only have ONE meaning. Hey, wait a minute! Do you think that might have something to do with the fact that God used JEWISH people to write the Bible? Could that be WHY the Bible is largely understood through the Jewish mind and NOT the Gentile mind?

      I use the SAME hermeneutic (historical-grammatico) to read and interpret Scripture as I do in normal conversation. It takes into consideration the culture as well as the language of the people who wrote the Bible under God’s direction. That makes a huge difference in understanding the actual meaning, Steve. You should give that a try. Study the culture of the individuals who wrote the Bible as well as the times in which they wrote. This will allow you to actually transport yourself BACK to those periods of time and gain a greater understanding into God’s Word. Give it a shot!

      Too many people read the Bible allegorically when there is absolutely no reason to do so. You wouldn’t do that in a real conversation, but you do that with the Bible. Why? Because through allegory, you can make it say anything you want to say, that’s why. You can change all those things with which you do not agree and give it another meaning. I have many commentaries written by allegorists and what really strikes me – aside from the general absurdity – is the complete lack of consensus. It’s as if the Bible – to them – is a book of magic, saying something different to each person. It says either one thing or it says nothing. Are you aware that nearly 100% of the symbolism used in the Bible is also EXPLAINED in the Bible? It’s absolutely amazing.

      Thanks for writing, Steve. May the Lord open your eyes one day to His truth. 🙂


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