Political Correctness and Its Judgmentalism

March 23, 2013 at 8:38 AM

Here is an interesting situation; one that clearly highlights the illegal antics of those who are firmly ensconced within the Politically Correct Arena.  In this video, you will see two pro-Israeli individuals who were quietly protesting a terrorist organization – Hamas – by writing things in chalk on the sidewalk.  This is politically correct and therefore, socially acceptable because the Hamas are seen as “victims” over and against the more powerful state of Israel.  This how political correctness arrives at its decisions; it is based on who is the perceived victim, whether they truly are or are not.

As you’ll see in the video, the trouble all starts when one young woman takes umbrage at what the young pro-Israeli girl is writing on the ground in Hebrew.  The individual who began the altercation is Gabby Silverman and whose mug shot can be seen here:  Gabby’s Mug

I will warn you that if you choose to watch the video, you may wish to turn the volume down or off completely because young Gabby possesses knowledge of the “F” word and likes to use it.  On her social network page, she later gives an account of what transpired and you can read her version of it here:  Gabby’s Explanation

Note in her version, she indicates that the two young pro-Israelis were writing over the names of Gabby’s friends and comrades, which is absolutely not true (unless they actually erased the names first).  It’s as if Gabby and her buds believe that there is not enough room for dissenting opinions within earshot or eyesight of their own.  Oh wait, that’s exactly what they believe because that’s one of the main, unwritten tenets of political correctness.  No dissenting opinions allowed.

As you watch the video, you will see – quite clearly in fact – that Gabby has a problem with the young pro-Israeli woman writing on the ground.  Gabby’s consternation causes her to express her disdain verbally, but of course, that’s not enough.  Soon, she is physically pushing and shoving the young woman repeatedly telling her to “Get the “F” out!”  Ah, such tolerance for the opposing opinion.  Warms your heart, doesn’t it?  Can you feel the love?

The young pro-Israeli man tries to intercede by keeping the huffing, puffing, and expletive shouting Gabby away from the pro-Israeli woman.  Then political correctness really comes to the fore because very soon, others join in to verbally attack, shove, and essentially shut down the two young pro-Israeli people.  Soon, the two are literally pushed out of the area and two security guards enter the picture to break things up.  Mission accomplished for political correctness.  Whew! Another opinion successfully shut down.

These two young pro-Israeli people shown in the video had every right to say what they wanted to say.  In fact, they had just as much right to express themselves as the anti-Israeli forces had every right to express their view.  Had the situation been reversed and two young pro-Israeli people started physically attacking people who were anti-Israeli, they would have been just as wrong in their actions.

It’s the same with anything.  SNL has a right to portray a terrible attempt at satire by doing a skit called “DeJesus Uncrossed,” and I have every right to voice my dissent over it and to even boycott the companies who support SNL.  They have their rights and I have mine.  I do not have a right to get physically violent with anyone over the issue though.  That breaks the law and we are warned throughout the NT alone to support the rule of law. But since Christianity is often seen not as the “victim,” but as creating victims, it is fine to malign it.

But ultimately, Gabby Silverman and her buds are guilty of infringing on the rights of the two pro-Israeli people, not to mention physically assaulting one of them. The latter is an arrestable offense, which the politically correct wear like a badge of honor.

This is what it comes down to for the politically correct.  In essence, only their opinion is valid and should be allowed to air.  Opposing opinions should not be aired.  Society has come to the point where the politically correct appear to hold more sway than those who are considered to be outside the arena of the politically correct camp.  In essence, they are holding the rest of us hostage and that should not be.

In yet another example of misguided political correctness, a verdict was handed down in the Stuebenville rape trial.  Two young men – star football players and good students by the names of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond – were found guilty of rape.  Their lives are ruined, but some would like us to believe the fault lies with the victims, not the perpetrators.  These guys had no criminal past.  They’re not “gangstas.”  They’re “good boys” (referring to their youth, here, not as a racial slur against the one black, defendant).

What should be at the very least, startling to people, is the amount of sympathy that is being extended to these two young men.  CNN got into the act (who knew that CNN was more interested in political correctness [he asks sardonically] than truth in unbiased journalism?) with Candy Crowley (yes, that Candy Crowley from the 3rd presidential debate in which she – as moderator – went to bat for Obama against Romney in spite of the rules that prohibited it.  Rules do not apply to the politically correct.).

In the above video, the main thing that sticks out is the sympathy evidenced primarily for the perpetrators of the crime.  There is really nothing here that extends any real sympathy for the women, who were, let’s not forget, the victims in this case.  If not for political correctness, I would not understand this at all.  But knowing what I know about how political correctness has made good evil and evil good, it is now very clear and simple to comprehend.

If we are to believe CNN, the only thing to talk about here is how the lives of these two young men are over.  Apparently, there are plenty who are also willing to blame the victims outside of CNN (like those who tweeted things like “The Steubenville story is all too familiar. Be responsible for your actions ladies before your drunken decisions ruin innocent lives” and “So you got drunk at a party and two people take advantage of you, that’s not rape you’re just a loose drunk slut“). [1]

Wow, people still think like that today and that’s okay?  Somehow, it’s the woman’s fault?  Where are the feminists to stand up for the women victims here, or is that only when they need to find someone like Sandra Fluke to complain that she has to pay for her own birth control?  Apparently, taxpayers are supposed to pay for that.  Now that’s something feminists can get behind!

One female blogger – after watching the CNN report – immediately took to the blogosphere to send a message of her own.  She stated, “Their dreams and hopes were not crushed by an impersonal, inexorable legal system; Mays and Richardson raped a girl and have been sentenced accordingly” and this one, “Reporting like this presents viewers with anonymous female victims and dynamic, sympathetic, complicated male figures.” [2]

This is something that feminists have long fought against; that women are somehow to blame if men take advantage of them.  The old saying, “She was asking for it” was thought to have gone the way of the dinosaur, but I guess it’s back and given new respectability.

Here’s the truth, which may be hard for some to accept.  Even if a woman walks down the street nude, she is not asking for it.  She may get arrested for being nude in public, but she is not necessarily asking for someone to rape her.

Men do not have the “right” to molest or rape a woman because to them, it appears as though she is asking for it.  A woman “asks” for it, when she actually consents willingly to a sexual liaison.  Anything less than that is rape, regardless of what many men (and even some women) prefer to believe.

Justice has done its job in this case.  If the verdict is wrong and these young men were unfairly found guilty, then they need new lawyers and a retrial.  Hopefully, they will have opportunity to prove their innocence, if they are in fact, innocent.  However, at least one of the perpetrators offered what may certainly have been a heartfelt apology for his actions, ending with tears and an inability to finish his apology to the victim.  If he wasn’t guilty, why was he apologizing over what he had done, especially considering what he said to the victim during his apology?

The young men’s lives have taken a turn for the worse.  Whose fault is that?  Apparently, in CNN’s politically correct world, the young female victims are to blame.

God holds the young men fully accountable for their actions.  God doesn’t check with Candy Crowley or CNN before arriving at His inviolate decision.  All of God’s judgments are based on justice, reason, and truth, not political correctness or the changing motif of emotional virtue.

The fact that these young women were victimized not once (when the rapes first occurred) but a second time in the social media and in the news is testament to the fact that political correctness has captured America and shows little signs of letting go.  However, it needs to go and people who understand the difference between absolute right and wrong should be the ones who help it go away, permanently.

It amazes me how often those within the Politically Correct Arena actually believe they are intellectually superior to those outside of the PC-arena.  The name-calling, the labeling, the shouting – it’s all such a joke, but it so easily builds their tiny, frail egos.

Unfortunately, they simply do not realize how foolish they often sound (and that’s putting it nicely).  So Candy Crowley and other CNN “reporters” take time out to sympathize with the men who were actually found guilty of raping young women?  They raped women!  How does Crawley live with herself?   She is obviously only concerned about keeping her job, not dispensing the truth.

Or take Gabby Silverman, who believes it is perfectly fine to shut down someone with whom she disagrees, effectively removing their right to free speech.  I have no problem with Silverman saying what she wants to say or using chalk to write what she wants.  She has that right under the same Constitution that also guarantees the right of others to disagree with her.  She has no right to attempt to take away another’s right to express herself using the same freedom of speech simply because Silverman doesn’t like the message.  That’s tyrannical demagoguery and it’s what the PC-police are so good at these days.

These people end up continually fulfilling Romans 1:22 where Paul tells us that they are ultimately fools, merely pretending (and believing themselves) to be wise.  They’re not wise.  They are the opposite, but they fail to see it because they believe they are part of something that sets them above everyone else.

Maybe people are starting to wake up.  Some appear to be taking the time to resist this type of mental and emotional tyranny.  Maybe they’re getting sick and tired of the pretentiousness and falseness of political correctness, which hides the truth at every turn, replacing the truth with nothing but lies. Certainly God will end it one day, but I believe authentic Christians have an obligation to resist it now as well.  Too many don’t because it is much easier to go along with the world because of all the “high-fives” they receive in the process.

Maybe people are coming round to realize that political correctness – no matter how well-intentioned it was at the start – has become a millstone around the necks of civilized and intelligent people.  If that realization has started taking root in good people, that’s a good thing.

[1] http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/03/cnns-not-only-one-peddling-sympathy-steubenville-rapists/63204/

[2] Ibid

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