Politically Correct Pecking Order

March 28, 2013 at 8:37 AM 2 comments

To hear some tell it, a girl who drinks too much and passes out is “asking for it.”  I’m referring to the rape case that occurred in the town of Steubenville, OH, in which two star athletes were put on trial and found guilty of rape.  As expected, there are mixed reactions to the story.

What is a bit shocking is how much fervor there has been since the verdicts were handed down by those who support – not the victim – but the young men.  In fact, it seems as though a good deal of support extends to one of the perpetrators specifically, Ma’lik Richmond over the other, Trent Mays.  Could it have something to do with the fact that he is black?  NAACP chapter president Mayo Royal believes that because he’s black, Richmond got railroaded.  The other perpetrator in the case – Trent Mays – is not black received two years in juvenile detention, compared with Richmond’s one year.

Royal would have us believe that the evidence is severely lacking, but he seems to have his eyes wide shut.  “Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl on the night of Aug. 11, 2012. The two football players brought the victim to two separate parties as other teens photographed and documented the sexual abuse. The victim had been drinking heavily and was unconscious during the attacks. Videos and photos were shared by teens who attended the party, which would be later used as evidence against Mays, 17, and Richmond, 16.”[1]

NAACP chapter president Royal Mayo believes that the victim “might have been a willing participant.”[2]  Of course, if a white person said this about a black person, we can only imagine the firestorm that would be ignited because of it.  When you are thought to be the “victim” (as in a person of color), remember you can do (or say) no wrong.

Because of the history of racism that a person (or his/her race) may have experienced, persons associated with that same race have permission to say things that others cannot say.  The “victim” status allows that person to make sexist (or simply revolting) statements and those statements do not make them appear to be a sexist (in this case).  That person is simply speaking his/her mind based on past experience.  In this case, the experience has to do largely with the alleged corruption within the Steubenville Police Department and its alleged racist profiling against minorities; specifically, blacks.

Certainly Royal Mayo has his reasons, but everything I’ve read about the incident (and Mayo’s beliefs) are not persuasive enough to warrant a verdict of “innocent,” or to have thrown the case out.  The reality is that there was evidence, but that doesn’t mean much when you are a person of color who simply doubts the “official” story and points to a number of circumstances to draw conclusions.

Mays was videotaped digitally penetrating the victim. At a third party, the victim was unable to walk on her own, and, according to testimony, Richmond was seen digitally penetrating her from behind.”[3]

If there is conclusive digital evidence that shows what is alleged to have occurred between the unconscious rape victim and the perpetrators, you would think that would go a long way in convincing most that something illicit and illegal occurred.  For many, that is simply not good enough.

Royal Mayo asks the question about immunity.  “If none of these guys had immunity from the beginning and one of them made a pornographic movie with his phone with two teenagers, the other two admitted to taking pornographic photos or nude photos of the girl, if they had no immunity or no deal with the prosecutors or police, how come they are not under arrest?[4]

Mayo’s point is that these guys allegedly broke the law by videotaping a crime, instead of intervening to keep it from happening.  The point is well-taken, but it still does not absolve the two defendants in the case since the videos are on record as evidence against the perpetrators (and also prove that the young victim, at one point, was unconscious).  It seems more like Royal Mayo simply wants as many people as possible to be arrested.  The fact that they’re not makes him believe that either a “deal” was done that included immunity or his point is simply voiced to add fuel to the fire that the whole situation is very unfair.

Of course, it goes without saying that Mayo is concerned only for Richards, the lone black defendant.  This brings up the question of whether or not people like Mayo would even be involved in this case if both perpetrators were white.  Moreover, what about the victim herself?  What would Mayo’s involvement be if the victim had been black?  At this point, we do not know the victim’s race or her name because she is only 16 years-old.  Unfortunately, because of the way things work, we can likely safely conclude that the young woman is not black, but likely white (or maybe “light-skinned Hispanic”).

If you are black, according to the unwritten laws of political correctness, you are a victim solely because of your race.  Due to this, when something “bad” happens to you – whether deserved or not – you are still seen as a victim.  Ma’lik Richards is a case in point.

There was enough evidence to secure a conviction of rape against him (along with co-defendant, Trent Mays, a young white male).  Yet, because he had good grades and was a star athlete and black, many feel saddened for him.  They blame the young victim who some like NAACP chapter president Royal Mayo says was “asking for it.”  The assumption here is that either her words, actions, or both were sending out signals telling young men that she was sexually available and they should take advantage of that fact.

This whole thing is absurd.  I read nothing from any women’s group defending the young victim.  If it’s there, I was unable to find anything at all.  What I did find was a flurry of harassment, threats, and vile comments directed to the young victim and her family.

Why is that happening?  Because it is the pecking order of “victims” that is in play here.  In America, if you are black, you are essentially at the top of that pecking order.  Other minorities (including women) come after that.

What this means is very simple.  Even though women are considered “victims,” they are only truly victims when compared to white (Christian) males.  In fact, that’s how a victim is determined; by comparing them with white (Christian) males.  In that case, everyone other than white (Christian) males is a victim.

The difficulty though occurs when two individuals – both carrying the “victim” status – are up against one another.  Then, how do we choose the “real” victim?  We need to remember that being black trumps all other “victims.”

In this case, the young woman is likely white.  Therefore, even though women in general have “victim” status, when compared and contrasted with blacks (even black men), blacks are seen as the greater “victim” and therefore, they will receive more sympathy because of it.

If the young victim had been black, there is a likelihood that sympathy still would have gone to the young black man (not the white one). But criticism of the young victim then, would not have been as severe.

There is a true pecking order within the overall system of “victims” as recognized by the politically correct Left.  It is a nuanced system, in which certain victims always maintain a greater status of victim hood than others.

Because blacks are considered to be the greatest victims in America – all because of the slavery issue – no one can trump them.  When push comes to shove – black women against black men – the black man is still the greater victim.  The only situation in which this is not true is in a situation where the black man is understood to be a conservative (as in the case of Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas).  To make matters worse, Thomas is married to a white woman, which some in the black community see as an attempt to throw off one’s blackness.

Political correctness is a true scourge on society.  It can do nothing except to bring society down and this is exactly what is has done.

As I’ve said before, anything good that might have come from politically correct thinking has long been overthrown by the fact that its negatives far outweigh any positives associated with it.

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  • 1. Lester  |  March 29, 2013 at 8:43 AM

    This may be a little off the subject, however when it comes to all this “people of color” issue, I wonder what would it all have been like if the Europeans had painted Jesus as a true mid eastern person of color?
    Think about that. 2000 years of history would have been so much different in my opinion.There would be no white mans God but a God of all people that they could relate to. Of course the white man, European, went about it all wrong in a forced manner whether it was an Indian tribe, African slaves free or bound. Just as Islam converted by the sword so did the “Christian” crusader catholic or protestant. I feel allot of this problem we have today came from the seeds planted long ago in our American soil.I remember a book called “Armed Camps” and even though it has a different subject matter the words describe the situation we are facing today. I weep for the stupid Europeans that messed things up from the begging and I weep for the people that are being manipulated for political purposes and they have a wrong attitude that is harming America.


    • 2. modres  |  March 29, 2013 at 9:13 AM

      You make some valid points. Of course, it all goes back to the Garden of Eden, doesn’t it, when man chose to believe the lie the Tempter uttered?

      We reap what we sow. There are too many people today who continue to believe lies and society is being affected because of it.


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