Politically Correct Race War & Reparations

April 6, 2013 at 10:40 AM

I know.  The title of this chapter is certainly nothing that intelligent people want to discuss.  But, some things need to be discussed.  Previously, we’ve quoted several people that have become known as leaders within conservative circles, who also happen to be black.  They speak of things that have affected the black community in a very negative way.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson speaks of the fact that Louis Farrakhan is someone who hates America and white people.  I’ve quoted from Colin Flaherty, who has written about the black and white crime that is growing throughout many places in America.

Since Obama took office and in spite of the fact that his administration would be the most transparent one in history and that he would do what he could to heal the division between races, he has not lived up to those promises.  If anything, problems between races have increased and at least some of that has to do with the racist policies of Eric Holder’s so-called Department of Justice.  Obama himself has taken pains to hide many things about himself and the daily workings of his own administration.  Far from being transparent, he is extremely secretive and often duplicitous.

One author states, “This nation is poised for a battle that will divide us like never before.  We have reaped destruction from welfare, affirmative action, Rodney King and the L.A. riots, and O.J. Simpson, but there is one battle that I’m afraid we may not recover from as a nation.  That battle is for slavery ‘reparations’.”[1]

These words are from Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a black leader who is routinely criticized by the Left because he is not in step with their agenda.  Peterson further states, “The whole idea of reparations is racist and divisive in and of itself.  It is racist in that it unfairly burdens white America with the mistakes of the past – mistakes they had nothing to do with!  It is divisive because it foments rage that should have been discarded years ago.  In short, the reparations movement is just another misuse of the slavery issue by the civil rights establishment to gain power and wealth.[2]

If we stop to consider that these words come from the pen of an intelligent, conservative, black leader, we then have to stop and wonder how and why people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and too many others like them do not feel the same way.  Why is their hatred of white America allowed to grow to the point where their demands for reparations are actually seen as an intelligent response to a problem that occurred generations ago in this country and no one living today ever owned a slave or was a slave?

Maybe the problem is not so much that these individuals want reparations for blacks in general.  Maybe the problem is in what they can gain from the system for themselves.

During the last forty years, black leaders in this country seem to have grown in wealth, power, and fame, while the grievances and complaints of average black Americans have only worsened.  What we need to realize is that these leaders are not working for the black community, but against it.  By keeping blacks enraged at whites, their status continues to grow.  But if blacks were to give up their rage, these ‘leaders’ would no longer be necessary.  That is why they drum up insidious ideas such as reparations – a plot of which, I believe, will be the most destructive blacks have ever faced.”[3]

Peterson asks who would pay these reparations and he answers his own question by stating that it would be the people who do not have a racist bone in their body and immigrated to this country well after the Civil War took place.  He also notes that black taxpayers would also be part of that process (since payment would come from the federal government).  They would, in essence, be paying their own reparations.

Peterson affirms that “White America is not guilty of the sins of the past, and they must be careful not to fall to the anger of these socialist, destructive black leaders who want to racially divide and conquer us.  Black Americans must drop their anger and realize that it is not the white American who is causing their destruction but their own so-called leaders, whose evil machinations know no end.[4]

Of course, if these leaders were to do what Peterson is demanding, they would, in essence, be out of a job.  If they stopped inciting anger among blacks, if they stopped leading their own personal revolutions against white America, and if they ceased their anger-filled torrents of racist diatribes against white Americans, they would have absolutely nothing to do, would they?

It is their anger that keeps them going.  It is their anger that prompts their actions.  Sadly, both Sharpton and Jackson have the initials “Rev” in front of their names.  We are to believe that they are Christian as they whip up the troops into a frenzy-filled hatred for white America.  The only whites they can stomach are those who are filled with the same type of loathing for other whites and who side with blacks (and other minorities) against whites.  However, when push comes to shove, these black leaders would dump their white, liberal “friends” quicker than a fox can outrun a chicken.

Ultimately, the only people these black leaders care about are themselves and they are using the black community for their own personal gain and privilege.  It is no different from what Margaret Sanger did when she became associated with the Rockefellers and their eugenics program.  The desire was to rid the earth of what were believed to be “unfit” individuals and that included (for Sanger), those of the “Negro” race.  We’ll get into her life in an upcoming article.

Rev. Peterson relates in his September 1, 2012 newsletter from BOND, “Twenty-five years ago, when God took away the anger I harbored for my parent’ failings, many things about me changed.  One was that I ceased being a liberal Democrat and became a conservative Republican.  That bothered my family!  Though my family disagreed with me, they respect me, because through my new maturity I’ve helped many of them with their challenges.

Yet, what is troublesome is the amount of white (especially young) people who are avowed liberals and who also call themselves Christian.  I’m not judging them as to the validity of their Christianity.  I’m simply saying that as far as I can see, Jesus does not agree with the planks of the Democratic Party.  After all, most of them boo’d when they voted to add “God” back into the platform at the Democratic National Convention in 2012.  Not only that, but most are also pro-choice, which really means pro-murder in this case since abortion stops a beating heart and it is done intentionally.

There is very little (if anything) within the liberal policies of the Left that mirror or related to biblical Christianity, yet you can’t tell this to people who claim Jesus as Lord and Savior (especially young people).  They know everything and believe that because they are “helping” poor and underprivileged (by keeping them on the “plantation” as Ben Carson and others would say), then they are living Christianity.  It’s simply not true, but they obviously do not see that.  Unfortunately for these folks, when you take the time to really compare biblical truth with the policies of the Left, there is little, if any, commonality.

But regarding reparations, Peterson asks where the idea came from in the first place.  “As you might expect, the absurd idea of paying blacks for the sins of slaveholders more than 150 years ago comes from the fevered minds of socialists and racist Afrocentrists who hate America and whites.  Today, this whole idea of reparations is being headed by racist leaders of the black community such as Randall Robinson, former executive director of TransAfrica Forum and author of The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks.  It is also being pushed by U.S. Representative John Conyers (D-Michigan), who, since 1989, has unsuccessfully presented legislation calling for a study on reparations; Leonard Jeffries, a racist political science professor; and Ebony magazine Editor Lerone Bennett Jr.

“These are just a few of the black liberal ‘leaders’ who would rather keep blacks angry than demonstrate to them how they themselves have become successful in life.  As the rest of the black community is going to hell, these men are becoming wealthy and powerful and are not thinking twice about us.  If – God forbid – blacks were to receive so-called reparations, I am convinced that this money would end up in the hands of these black leaders, politicians, and lawyers, as well as many of the black ministers.  In addition to solving nothing, reparations would only fuel the anger of the black community because reparations would be another failure – just as affirmative action and welfare have been.”[5]

If, by “failure,” Peterson means that programs like affirmative action and welfare have not benefitted the black community, then he’s absolutely correct.  Many within the black community have become accustomed to receiving these entitlements and have come to believe they are “owed” something by whites.  However, as far as racist, liberal whites are concerned, these programs have been an outstanding success because it keeps blacks “on the plantation” and therefore controlled.

Of course, it needs to stop and there are plenty of blacks in communities who want to be free of government-sponsored poverty.  They want the government to simply provide funds, expertise, and people to help improve their living conditions, as a place to start.  They will then be able to move away from the cycle of poverty that exists for them.  This is certainly reasonable and it is something our government should be doing.  Yet, this same government apparently doesn’t have enough money to go around after sending millions and billions of American dollars overseas to help Egypt, Libya, or some other foreign government.  All that our government is doing (through the global elite) is creating a debt for these foreign governments (like Egypt), whereby they will be beholden to the global elite (through the United States).  This is because we hold the purse strings.

If our government really wanted to help blacks, they would do things that did help.  Instead, they are merely doing things that foist enslavement on them, while using black leaders to accomplish it.

Our government wants to keep blacks “in their place.”  They believe that simply giving them welfare and other entitlements will pull the wool over their eyes into thinking they are self-sufficient.  In truth, our government continues the practice (started in earnest under Lyndon B. Johnson), of keeping blacks enslaved.  They have hand-picked racist blacks who do the bidding of their white, racist “masters,” who do their part to keep the blindfolds securely over the eyes of the black community, otherwise they might wake up to the truth, as Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has done.

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