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April 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM 2 comments

It appears that a deal may be in the offing regarding gun control.  “The compromise proposal put forward by Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey would mandate them for sales at gun shows and on the Internet as well, yet make an allowance for transfers between family members.” [1]

Once again, MSNBC has it wrong.  Background checks are already mandatory at every gun show that takes place throughout the United States.  It’s the law.  I don’t care how many Leftists lie about it either, saying that it’s not.  They are wrong.

It is also required by law that every gun sale on the Internet be done with a background check.  Let’s say I buy a gun from Acme Gun Sales in another state.  I pay for the gun over the phone (or via their website).  I must also submit the information of the licensed gun dealer in my area where Acme Gun Sales will send my gun.  Acme Gun Sales will not – under any circumstances – send the gun that I just paid for, directly to me.  That is against federal law. They do not want to lose their license, I guarantee it.  (This is even why some gun dealers refused to let guns walk to Mexico during “Fast and Furious,” even after the feds said to do so.)  How would they know that I was not an undercover federal agent posing as a private citizen?  It’s too risky.

So, I’ve paid for my gun.  I notify my local dealer that I have just purchased a gun and have them fax Acme Gun Sales their dealer information.

The gun is then shipped via 2-day to my gun dealer.  My dealer receives the gun.  They contact me once they check it into their system and tell me I can come in to fill out all the paperwork and have a background check completed.

I head off to my local dealer to pick up a gun that is being legally “transferred” to me.  They give me a multiple page form to fill out.  The form asks me all sorts of questions like “Am I buying the gun for myself?”  “Am I a felon?” “Have I been dishonorably discharged from the military?”  “Am I an illegal alien in the USA without a green card or passport?” etc., etc., etc.

I respond truthfully to all the questions and sign on the dotted line.  They take my photo ID (you know, the one you do NOT need in order to vote in many states) and make a copy, then affix it to the application form.  A phone call is made to the feds to determine if I am who I say I am and have no criminal activity in my background.

According to MSNBC, this new bill is going to do what MSNBC says is not being done now.  But it is being done now, so something is not copacetic here.

The article by MSNBC says, “Right now, only California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island require background checks at gun shows, according to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.” [2]  This is patently false and MSNBC should check their sources.  Then again, we are talking about MSNBC.  All gun shows require background checks by those who sell guns.

The Demand Action website lists “facts” that are not facts at all, including their “40%” fact, which has been shown to be false, but they still repeat it as if true.

The following statement from Demand Action is deliberately misleading:  “For example, in December 2012, more than 20,000 guns were for sale on, which allows buyers to choose between unlicensed and licensed sellers. More than 85% of the listings were placed by private sellers who are not required under federal law to conduct a background check on buyers.” [3]

It implies that those unlicensed individuals sell directly to other people without going through a licensed firearms dealer!  This is ludicrous.  Only morons believes this; people too lazy to do their own research.

There is NO LAW that prohibits a private citizen from selling their gun(s).  However, the law DOES require that if they do sell from the Internet or out-of-state, they must use a licensed firearms dealer in the buyer’s area as the legal transfer! It is already LAW. There is no LOOPHOLE.  It’s already covered.

Very few will take a chance on sending a gun directly TO the person who buys the gun on the Internet.  It is way too risky and if they happen to be selling to an undercover law official, they WILL go to jail.  No amount of additional laws would keep a person like that from doing so if they were inclined.

But the quote above from makes it sound as though those 85% of sellers simply send the gun directly to the person buying the gun, when it is already against the law to do that.  This is a complete distortion of the truth on the part of and most people who do not own guns and have never bought one would not catch the mistake.  Then again, there is a good amount of distortion at

If there is a deal being made on Capital Hill, it has nothing to do with background checks.  It has to do with creating a database that will track every gun that is bought and sold in America.  Supposedly, this bill fully prohibits the federal government from doing that creating that kind of database though. Uh…sure.

The feds want us to believe that 40% of this and 85% of that skirt the law intentionally or unintentionally.  It’s simply not true.  But they also want us to believe that they would never create a database of gun owners.

Here’s another “fact” from  “Gun owners nationwide strongly support this common sense proposal: a 2012 survey by Douglas Schoen found that 88% of gun owners — including 86% of NRA members — support criminal background checks for all gun sales.”

That’s another whopper of a lie.  The NRA already dealt with this in a detailed article.  I guess their big question is how would anyone know what NRA members think since the NRA has never sold, given, rented, or loaned their member list to anyone.

In other words, unless you have an NRA sticker on your car or home, no one outside the NRA and your friends will know you are a member.  So, how did Douglas Schoen manage to survey NRA members and come up with that 88% total?  You think they lied?

The federal gov’t seems to want one thing and the loons on the Left seem poised to give it to them.



[2] Ibid


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  • 1. mikeyritter  |  April 10, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    The very beginning of your blog is incorrect. Background checks at gun shows are not required, except by licensed gun dealers. Many booths at gun shows are not licensed dealers. I could go on and cite you exactly what it is.. but would be a waste of time. But I will say this, I was at a gun show, almost bought a .357 and there wouldn’t have been any background check.. I don’t buy it because the price was $50 higher than what I wanted to pay..

    • 2. modres  |  April 10, 2013 at 7:12 PM

      I double checked and you are correct. I had originally intended to include information related to people outside gun shows who might end up trading or selling guns as well, but the article was getting too long. It’s still too long. Whether they are inside or out, if they are private citizens selling to other private citizens in the same state, they do not need to do a background check unless that state requires it for private sales.

      So then, you are saying that the person SELLING the .357 you almost purchased also legally resided in the SAME state as you. If not, a background check would have been necessary.

      The other points of my article stand as they are and the reality is this: no amount of laws currently in place (there are roughly 9,000) or those potentially made into laws would have kept the Sandy Hook (or other shootings) tragedy from occurring.

      The ONLY thing that would have kept these events from happening would be the INABILITY to obtain weapons in the first place, or if guns did not exist. Even if all guns were now outlawed for everyone in America (which I firmly believe is what Obama would love to do if he had his druthers), guns would still be available (except to law-abiding citizens) and it would take DECADES for guns to disappear from society, if ever.

      Ultimately though, I believe that this is what the Left wants. We’ve obviously won the war on drugs, so why not go after guns making them illegal? This way, the only guns the gov’t would have to worry about would be the ones criminals have.

      Wanted to add the following from “The Truth About the “Gun Show Loophole.” “According to Senator Ted Cruz’s research, 1.4% of all firearms used in crimes come from a gun show. Other research indicates that the vast and overwhelming majority of firearms used in crimes are either stolen, or purchased legally after passing a background check. So, in other words, closing the “gun show loophole” would not have any impact on the availability of firearms to criminals. None.”

      The percentage I’ve bolded in the quote above is markedly different from what people like Mayor Bloomberg would have us believe.

      Beyond this, “The truth is that the ‘gun show loophole’ is a myth. There is no difference between the laws inside and outside a gun show, at least on a Federal level. And while the idea of performing background checks on everyone that buys a gun might sound good, there’s no way that it can be constitutionally mandated in a way that doesn’t annoy the states to the point of near secession. And even if it were, there would be no noticeable impact on violent crime.”

      Both of these quotes are from:

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