Student Suspended and Arrested for NRA Shirt

April 24, 2013 at 1:16 PM

The absurdity is becoming too much.  In fact, I would hope that even leftists would begin to see the ridiculous aspect of their own behavior, but maybe that’s too much to hope for altogether.

A week or so ago, a 15-year-old student wore a shirt featuring the NRA logo and an AR weapon.  The slogan on the shirt stated, “Protect Your Rights.”

We have been able to independently confirm that the gun pictured on his shirt was not loaded and was therefore, not a threat to anyone.  Apparently, upon seeing the shirt, his teacher demanded he turn his shirt inside out.  Upon his refusal to do so, he was promptly removed from the class and suspended.  He was then arrested and “charged with obstruction and disturbing the education process.” [1]

Frankly, I do not understand the left at all.  Those on the right believe in liberty based on the rights that are guaranteed to remain free under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The shirt falls under freedom of expression, but for eighth grader Jared Marcum, his teacher begged to differ and chose to squelch that right.

After a video went viral, showing Jared’s teacher yelling at him to turn his shirt inside out, with students chanting his name in support, all of a sudden the hierarchy at Logan County Schools must have realized they had overstepped the boundaries.  Whoops.  This is especially true since there was nothing in school rules and policies about wearing the kind of shirt Jared wore to school that day.

That’s the interesting thing about liberals.  They are the ones who often create problems out of nothing.  Then when they are caught, they simply pretend as if nothing happened.  It’s part of the modus operandi of the left.  They yell, stomp, and cry like babies until more people than they wanted notice the situation.  At that point, they crawl back into their hole and go on about their business.

What situation?  Oh, something happened over there?  That’s odd, because I didn’t see anything.

Fortunately, Jared has a few people on his side.  When he returned to school after his one-day suspension (that should not have happened) and booking in the county jail, he did so wearing the very same shirt that got him suspended and arrested in the first place.  Not only that, but 100 other students also wore the same shirt in solidarity!  The shirts were provided to the students by the gun rights group, Sons of the Second Amendment.

Funny thing here.  No one was either suspended or arrested this time.  Gosh, I wonder why?

Jared, who is now represented by lawyer Ben White, is glad he stood up for something he believes in.  His lawyer believes the charges will be dropped and his suspension will be expunged.

Why is it leftists will do something illegal because they think they can get away with it, only to be forced to obey the law when taken to court?  The same thing is now happening to Janet Napolitano with respect to her decision to stop deporting illegal aliens.  She was taken to court by ICE union officials and the judge is siding against Napolitano saying she cannot simply set the law aside because of some new policy put in place by the Obama administration.  I guess that’s another story though, but it simply proves that many on the left feel they are above the law.

The tragedy here is that this is simply another situation created by leftists who do not agree with the 2nd Amendment in this particular case.  I guess they also have a problem with the 1st Amendment as well, since they tried to curtail Jared’s right of expression.

Jared was wearing a shirt.  He was not breaking any written rules or policies of Logan County Schools.  He was not showing more skin than he should have done.  He did not have a shirt that showed gratuitous violence or sexism.  He was not advocating violence.  His shirt simply expressed what is already stated in the 2nd Amendment.

As one blogger put it, “Jared’s suspension should be revoked, all charges should be dropped and the teacher that went after an 8th grader for wearing a NRA shirt should be unceremoniously fired.”

One can only hope that this will be the case.  Of course, do we need to discuss the fact that had not a leftist educator stuck her nose where it did not belong because of her own personal bias, this whole event would not have even occurred in the first place?  Leave it to leftists to go outside the boundaries of the law in their quest to remove your rights and mine.

This is the world the left wants to create.  I hope you’re ready for it.



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