The New Frankenstein?

April 29, 2013 at 10:56 AM 2 comments

We’ve all heard terms like “nanotechnology,” and possibly even the more recent, “big data.”  The former was popularized by K. Eric Drexler in the 1980s and it refers to building machines and robots the size of molecules, so that they are one or two nanometers in width.

Nanotechnology has been around for a while and in fact, many pet owners use this technology with tiny, rice-sized implants that contain information about the owner in case the pet is lost or stolen.

On the other hand, what we refer to as “big data” is “a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.” [1]

The question then is can these two seeming polar opposites be combined so that humankind will benefit?  Scientists believe that big data, though unwieldy now, will become “mainstream when nanotechnology is embedded into humans.” [2]

That’s a bit disconcerting.  Many inventions in and of themselves are amoral.  They are neither good nor bad.  It is how they are utilized that adds the moral component.

In this case, people are discussing how nanotechnology and big data could be married in order to benefit humanity in the area of health sciences.  Could this type of union between nanotechnology and big data save lives and even make lives better from a health standpoint?  There is a growing consensus that this could very well be the case.

Adrian Asher, chief information security officer (CISO) of the Skype division at Microsoft believes that life would be better “if each of us had nanotechnology embedded in us to help fight various forms of diseases.” [3] Who would not want to use this type of technology in a way that improves a person’s living conditions and quality of life?  In essence then, this type of technology would become another diagnostics tool allowing medical providers to have nearly real-time interplay with our bodies.

But therein lies the rub, so to speak.  We have long realized that anything that can be used for good can also be used for evil.  Even if the use of this type of nanotechnology, combined with big data, were somehow made useable to the human body, the risks might outweigh the potential value.  Even Asher warns of it as he points out that with the Internet, hacking is a very real and constant threat. Could this be completed avoided for human beings with a system like this in place in our bodies?  How could it when we cannot even completely avoid it with the Internet?

Ultimately, what this means is that something that was intended for our good, might ultimately be used for our downfall.  We’re not even talking about the “mark of the beast” that John refers to in Revelation 13 either.  We’re simply referring to possible dangers that come to the fore because of unscrupulous individuals who live to create havoc for others.

Think of it.  Before the Internet, the chances of getting a virus from one computer to another were extremely small.  A person actually had to take a floppy disk from another person that was infected with a virus and manually install it from that disc onto their computer.  The occurrence was very rare.

But now, think of a world without the Internet.  Can you?  It’s very difficult.  There are many things out there that can harm our computers, from viruses, to malware, to spy bots, and many other things.  They roam the Internet solely to find a way onto other people’s computers.  Once there, they do their dirty work.

The use of nanotechnology with big data inside people may not be worth the risk because of the potential dangers posed to human beings.  At the same time, society seems to be moving in that direction anyway.

So something as innocuous as nanotechnology intending to help people, could, at the very least, be used to harm people by putting control in the hands of unprincipled people.  Who would want that?

Taking it to its logical conclusion, could this type of technology bring society to a point where someone like the Antichrist could use it to his advantage?  Without a doubt.

If people come to a point where more and more individuals are willingly accepting nanotechnology implants into their bodies, could the rest, at some point in the future, be forced to accept it?  If so, the government could ultimately take control of things. How difficult would it be for Antichrist to force everyone to accept the mark of the beast, whatever that mark happens to be?

I have read a great many books on the subject of cloning methods and the end times and at least one writer – cannot remember who – believes that the mark of the beast will have something to do with a permanent physical change in our human DNA.  This, he believes, is why those who accept the mark of the beast will have reached the no going back point.  Their human DNA will have become corrupted and forever changed.  Kind of reminds me of Genesis 6 when fallen angels found a way to procreate with human women.  The result?  Nephilim, a type of hybrid angelic-human being.

Technology can be a great thing.  It has given humanity some marvelous benefits.  Unfortunately, technology can also be a terrible thing.  What is to become of something like big data being combined with nanotechnology and inserted into human bodies?  Knowing the corruption of humanity, ultimately only one thing can be the result:  the creation of a new kind of Frankenstein.

There are some things that are best left alone and this type of technology may be one of them.




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  • 1. Lester  |  April 29, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    Puts a real spin on the scripture “As in the days of Noah”!
    If we take this literally then they were in as much do do as we are today! It’s one thing to chip your pet but if it comes to humans than that’s the red flag. Of course you and many others take the mark of the beast literally. Many of us see it as a mind set and a brain washing over time. The hand speaks of works, are they of God or the devil? As you have said, these things are used for good or evil and that is the definition of Adam. The tree of life is what the human race needs to eat of again and eschew the tree of evil and good, to be the fullness of Jesus Christ tops that tree. I can see that technology is degenerating into evil. The more it changes our lives the more we depend on it and not on Father. I never would have thought in my youth that we would come to such a time as this! The year 2000 seemed a long way off in some distant future. Here we are in the dawn of the Millennium. Exciting and sad times but joy will come in the morning!


    • 2. modres  |  April 29, 2013 at 2:52 PM

      That’s the big problem with technology these days. Even when it is meant completely for good, it takes very little for it to be put to evil purposes. The larger problem here is how much control the human government will one day achieve?

      I think I’m ready for the morning… 🙂


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