Pigford is Not Just a Pig in a Poke!

April 29, 2013 at 2:37 PM 3 comments

Well, I’ll be!  Shucks!  Who would have thought?

I had not heard of “Pigford” until recently.  I thought it was a slang term invented on the streets of Chicago or some other large city.  Didn’t make any sense and I really wasn’t interested in finding out more about it.  That is, until recently.

I came across an article on the National Review, because of a “tweet” that appeared on my Twitter account noting that maybe Andrew Breitbart had been correct in his assessments after all.  That piqued my interest so off I went to read the article.

Breitbart had been researching into the “Pigford” settlement prior to his death.  Pigford is a settlement of sorts, in which black “farmers” are given money based on alleged discrimination they received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture years ago.

What started out as a case dealing with a few black farmers “had spiraled into a billion-dollar, open-ended government kickback machine for untold thousands that showed no signs of letting up.” [1]

Now that a 5,000-word report has been published in the New York Times, it’s quite possible that the whole thing will become the talk of the town, at least until the next (alleged) terrorist event.  In a nutshell, here is the gist of the situation as far as we know it.

Due to the pliability of the Clinton Justice Department and the dogged efforts of a few highly incentivized trial lawyers, the original Pigford settlement made $50,000 payments available to any African American who could merely claim to have been discriminated against by the federally deputized administrators of USDA bridge loans (loans designed to get farmers from the planting season to the harvesting season).” [2]

As with just about anything the federal government does, it became an exercise in waste fueled by greed.  There were even people who went through southern areas of the United States talking blacks (as young as four) into making their “claim” against the government.  This money – $50,000 – could be seen as reparations for slavery!  Yee haw!  Why wait?  Do it now!

The problem with the program is that it was so filled with holes and so grossly mismanaged that money kept pouring out of the federal government into the hands of lawyers, blacks, and other persons of color who had never farmed a day in their life, that it essentially became a government give away program with a huge rubber stamp with it.  “In some towns, the number of claimants exceeded the number of farms there operated — by individuals of any race.” [3]

Kind of reminds me of the way things looked following the 2012 presidential election, with many voting precincts noting that more than 100% of the people there voted for Obama.  In some cases, 140% of the people in a particular precinct voted for Obama.  Election officials looked at everything and stated that they did not see a problem.  I guess they’re about as good in math as I am.

As far as Pigford goes, “instead of closing the spigot, in 2010 the Obama administration did not just acquiesce to, it spearheaded the expansion of, the Pigford con on the taxpayer’s dime, and saw to it that not just black Americans, but any woman, Hispanic, or Native American who could so much as gesture at discrimination had access to a billion-dollar pool of easy money.” [4]  It started with Clinton and was increased greatly in 2010.  If you’re keeping track, it is now 2013.

Notice there are no white men in the above list.  Why is that?  Well, it’s because within politically correct circles, white men are seen often as “oppressors,” remember?  This means that just about everyone else is a “victim.”  The purpose of political correctness is to equalize things between the “oppressor” and the “victim.”  This is usually done by making things unequal between the two groups with greater advantage given to the “victim” indefinitely.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Shoot.

Another reason Obama would want to expand this program is because it is a great way to bring our economy to its knees.  The global elite needs to crush our economy so that America will have no choice but to climb on board when the new global currency is unveiled somewhere in the neighborhood of 2016 to 2020.

Do you remember I previously mentioned that Dr. Dennis Cuddy believes our next president will be Jeb Bush?  Is it coincidence that there have been numerous articles about Jeb Bush since this past January?  Think what you want, but I do not believe in coincidences.

If Bush is elected, he will continue to push forward with the same agenda from the global elite that Obama is pushing forward now.  The only difference will be in the way in which Bush pushes it.

The tragic truth is that there are probably many programs like Pigford that are busy wasting millions and billions of dollars and as yet unknown to the taxpayer.  While people are scratching their heads trying to figure out why this stupidity continues, there is only one reason for it.

It is to run up the bill for all Americans.  Soon, if nothing is done, America will be the next Greece with a recession so bad that people will be protesting and rioting in the streets.  They will be taking what they want to have simply because they don’t have it and you do.  Many have been used to their monthly handouts too.

It is coming and it appears that our government is inviting it.


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