Wherefore Art Thou Benghazi?

April 30, 2013 at 10:36 AM

Thought you’d heard the end of Benghazi?  We may have been wrong.  Recently, Darrell Isa has promised to move forward and bring out the facts.  Since then, we have learned that people who are in the know about what actually transpired with Benghazi (called “whistleblowers”) have alleged they have been threatened by key people in the Obama administration.  They haven’t been threatened with physical harm of death, but with the ending of their careers.  If true, then this is amazing, isn’t it?  Apparently, the administration has something to hide.  Who knew?

Moreover, information is coming out that also apparently will show that Hillary Clinton lied before a Congressional committee.  Tut, tut.  I see her bid for president in 2016 fading, although is lying to Congress really even a crime anymore?  Let’s be realistic.

So what is the actual problem with Benghazi anyway?  Clinton, in a show of angry desperation, yelled “What difference does it make?” in response to what she probably considers to be badgering when she testified before Congress.  Is it really that important?  So four Americans died.  So what?  Isn’t that simply part of the legitimate problem faced by Americans when they are in hostile areas?  You can certainly think that if you’d like, but we need to remember that these murdered individuals were there on behalf of and representing America in official capacities.

What was the actual problem with Benghazi (aside from the fact that four Americans died, which is a big enough problem that this administration wants to ignore)?

Some say it has to do with gun-running to Syrian rebels.  Others say it has to do with Obama wanting to look the hero by swapping the blind sheik for Ambassador Stevens (who was only supposed to be kidnapped, not killed).  Still others say it was simply a huge mistake that visited the Obama administration and neophyte Obama was completely unprepared for it and did not know how to respond.

Whatever the real reason, facts are beginning to come to light.  Here is a video from FOX that highlights some of the allegations against the Obama administration and their seeming lack of concern regarding the problems that occurred in Benghazi.

Special Operator Claims US Could Have Intervened in Benghazi

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