Everyone’s Talking About a Coming Collapse. Could It Happen?

September 12, 2013 at 12:25 PM

They say a crash is coming. Are they right?

They say a crash is coming. Are they right?

I will get back to the Tribulation – promise! 🙂 But there are a number of things happening in society that give me reason to pause and consider.

I haven’t invested in the Stock Market or Commodities. I don’t even have any real interest in watching the Stock Market. However, I do watch the price of gold, silver, and other precious metals. I guess the fact that the dollar is supposed to be backed by gold makes me want to keep track of its value.

When I was 13 in 1970, the price of gold was $36.02 per ounce. It began to rise in cost and value after that in much greater increments starting in 1971 and I believe that was due to Nixon’s deal with the Saudis that caused the dollar to be backed no longer by gold, but by oil. It began making huge jumps from that point onward.

In 2011, it reached $1571.52 per ounce. Since then, it’s gone down and currently hovers between $1350 to 1410 per ounce. Today, it’s at $1326.90, but that could change by the time things close. It’s been fluctuating for quite some time.

You can go just about anywhere on the ‘Net and read articles that talk about a coming collapse. Years ago, I really didn’t pay any attention to them, but within the past year or so, I’ve started taking stock. I do not automatically believe what everyone writes, especially when they start listing specific dates. The articles I pay attention to are those who talk about “what if” scenarios. Many of these seem to have a certain reality to them because of the logic invested in the article itself. Rather than simply using scare tactics to freak people out, the authors will normally note authentic trends in the market and what this might mean for the consumer.

For instance, according to King World News, Hong Kong hedge fund manager William Kaye has noted some big concerns with what he sees happening in the markets. Kaye stated,

Investors have a number of things to be concerned about at this point. One such problem is the Middle East. Things aren’t going very well in Syria, and I think it’s pretty apparent that it’s the rebels, and Western forces are backing them, who are causing most of the mischief.

Even the U.N. report correctly said that its own task force determined that the rebels were responsible for whatever chemicals were used against the Syrian population. Again, this is the United Nations and their own experts who were sent in to examine the situation….

While most of us think that Syria is pretty much behind us, that may not be the case. Personally, I believe Obama is under orders to get into war with Syria. I’ve stated this before with other articles I’ve written for various web blogs. According to Dr. John Coleman, the Global Elite has never been able to gain the upper hand where Syria is concerned. They need to and if history tells us anything, it appears as though the Global Elite is quite content to use the resources at their disposal in America to topple Assad, loot Syria, and gain control of that country’s natural resources.

This seems to be what they do and it is how they have not only gained so much wealth, but have used their tremendous wealth to gain power over sovereign nations (including the USA).

Kaye goes onto point out that if there is war (or peace), gold will be affected. Personally, from what I have learned from others, if war breaks out in Syria, prices of gold and silver will skyrocket. It will also play havoc with the Stock Market and the rippling effect will immediately be seen in consumer products (groceries, gas, etc.).

Kaye also noted the following. “I strongly believe that things are going to take an ugly turn in the fairly near future. The policies that are in place are doomed to fail. At that stage, there is going to be a ‘New World Order.’ It’s not going to be something that I’m probably very happy about. or that your readers are going to be very happy about, but the harsh reality is there are going to be major changes.

“Part of that change will involve the gold price being reset to a much, much higher level. Silver will obviously migrate higher as well — it has to. And investors who have positioned themselves appropriately, as we have, will be rewarded for their patience and their endurance from having dealt with all of the nonsense (manipulation) that we have had to deal with over the last couple of years.”

To my way of thinking (and I’m not an economic expert), things will have to arrive at a point of complete collapse because our artificially propped up economy cannot go on like this forever. The fact that gold and silver prices are fluctuating as they are tells me something is also going on behind the scenes.

In spite of all of this, I am amazed that so many people can blithely go through life looking as though their eyes are open, but they are obviously not seeing anything at all. It boggles my mind.

A friend of mine on a social network page commiserated that she will now begin having to pay about $400 per month for her health care that she previously received free of charge and she says, it’s due to ObamaCare. Another person said that cost increase had nothing to do with ObamaCare and she tried to explain why. This is an example of blind people who cannot (or will not) see the truth.

Logic should tell us that things are not getting better, but they are in fact, getting worse. We have a government that is, for the most part, sold out to the Global Elite. Because of that, those who are puppets in DC are there to simply do the bidding of those who placed them there. There is no intention on their part to fix our economy. Their intention is to further destroy it because the Global Elite needs that to happen. This will create a greater dependence on the government, which will in turn, remove more of our freedoms.

Once the Global Elite have enough of what they want, they can then pull the plug on everything that is artificially propping up America and go in for the kill. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, but I think you owe it to yourself to do some actual research.

What I find most interesting is how the media is even starting to turn on Obama and his administration. But they did their job of getting him re-elected so now maybe they’ve been freed up to try to get back to work by pretending that they’re not biased.

America has more to experience. The signs are all around us. I hope and pray you will not continue to ignore them if that’s what you’re doing. Open your eyes. Ask questions. Research the situation. Take precautions. Before long, we may wake up the same situation that Russians woke up to during Yelstin’s reign. Their bank accounts showed a zero balance and the banks themselves were closed. Their debit/credit cards no longer worked and many starved to death.

It could and likely will happen in America.

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