Games the Left Plays to Run Out the Clock

June 16, 2014 at 8:07 AM

KoskinenIt’s amazing. When you see/hear testimony of numerous leftists before a particular congressional committee, it’s so easy to follow and know what they are going to do. Ultimately, their goal is to run the clock out. They do this by pretending that they heard one part of the question and while answering that, they ADD to the question. This means that the questioner needs to stop the process and repeat the question. Hilarity ensures, except it’s not hilarious. It’s a complete waste of the taxpayer dollar and a waste of time for those in Congress who want to get to the bottom of a situation.

We know the game that Lois Lerner played. She went before a committee, read a statement insisting that she had done nothing wrong, then when asked questions, plead the 5th. A person cannot do that. Either they answer questions or they plead the 5th. Since she essentially began her testimony by answering a question (implied) as to her guilt or innocence, she showed that she was very willing to speak to the issues. However, after saying what SHE wanted to say, she responded to each question posed to her by claiming the 5th Amendment. As Trey Gowdy rightly stated, you cannot do BOTH. Yet, she did and she got away with it for now.

Move up to more recently when the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen sat before the House Oversight Committee and responded to questions posed by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah). If you look carefully at the transcript, it is very clear that Koskinen simply did what he could to muddy the waters. It’s classic Alinsky and Koskinen has it down, whether he knows it or not. The double talk, the answering of questions by adding to the questions – all of it – was done purposefully to simply run the clock out.

Here is the video where Chaffetz grills Koskinen. Koskinen wastes no time lying about how long it will take to compile all the information that has been duly requested by the congressional committee. That is his sticking point and he does what he can to drive it home. Unfortunately, not only is Koskinen completely misinformed, but like most leftists, he expects people to believe him simply because that is what he has stated.

Notice also that even though the IRS received this legitimate subpoena from the House Oversight Committee and even though Koskinen wants the world to believe that meeting the deadlines included in the subpoena is impossible, apparently no attempt by the IRS was made to communicate that information to the Oversight Committee since receiving the subpoena. I’m basing that on the fact that at no point does Koskinen declare this – that he responded to the committee asking for more time, etc.

The reality is that the IRS clearly works by its own rules. One of the biggest things that leftists will attempt to do when cornered is to stretch out the time. This type of subterfuge is a common ploy of lawless leftists. They do this by any means necessary and even though they know they are lying, since it cannot be proven at that moment beyond doubt, they feel they are relatively safe. If it turns out that they are proven to be liars later, the response will be something like, “I was unaware” or “I was misinformed and I realize that now.”

Remember James Clapper (NSA) who essentially like to Congress in sworn testimony. Then later, outside of that meeting, he stated publicly that he probably should have used a different word to describe the situation? That word made all the difference so why didn’t he use that during his testimony? He made it appear as though it was a simple mistake of using the wrong word to describe the situation about which he was being asked. Human error, not intentional lying.

The idea that it would take months or years to allow a search engine to search for specific emails is absolutely and completely untrue. You can try it on your own computer. Sure, the IRS has 90,000 employees and tons of emails. Even if they were stored on the same servers, are we to believe that the IRS uses extraordinarily slow computers and any attempt to search for any emails connected to Lois Lerner would take months or years?

More to the point, would the IRS be okay if you or I kept putting them off?

What has been the result of all of this? Gee whiz Wally, apparently, now there has been a computer crash and the only emails that were essentially lost were…wait for it…Lois Lerner’s. Wow, think of the odds on that one and we are to believe it is fact. I mean, my goodness, why would the IRS lie about something like that? After all, President Obama stated that there is not a “smidgen” of anything that even remotely appears to be corruption in the situation. How would he know? Did he read ALL of Lois Lerner’s emails? That’s the only way he would know for certain. Yet, even the IRS tells us that it would take months/years to gather all of those emails.

Then of course, Koskinen states that part of the reason it would take that much time is because the emails would have to be redacted. Chaffetz corrects Koskinen, but he keeps coming back to that point as if it is correct and Chaffetz had said nothing.

Again, this is the mark of leftism. It is a disdain for the truth and anything they can do to keep the truth buried is what they will do.

Now that the IRS is stating that Lois Lerner’s emails have been “lost,” apparently we are now supposed to follow this new “truth” without question. Well, Sharyl Attkisson has some excellent questions she has posed to the IRS about these “lost” emails and they deserve responses.

Imagine if you were being audited by the IRS and they demanded to see certain documentation and you came back to them essentially telling them that the documentation is “lost.” Do you honestly believe that would be good enough for the IRS?

Well, apparently, the IRS believes it’s good enough for Congress. Again though, this is all being done to run out the clock. Time is on the side of the IRS because so far, who has been indicted and/or jailed? No one and they likely won’t be either.

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