But It’s All Just Conspiracy Theory Isn’t It?

June 17, 2014 at 10:13 AM

conspiracy-theory-tc-DI-to-L8The fact that we have big rigs transporting brand new UN armored vehicles from Alabama through Georgia to goodness knows where isn’t supposed to concern anyone, I guess. This is supposedly perfectly normal, just like when UN “troops” were here during the last election wearing their blue helmets. What a joke. The trouble is that those on the left want us to believe it’s normal and we shouldn’t ask any questions. If we do, we might be labeled an “extremists” or worse.

I have a problem with the UN having armored vehicles and blue helmet wearing people on American soil. Yes, I’m aware that the UN headquarters is in the US, yet technically speaking it has diplomatic immunity and so do all the individuals who are part of the UN.

Why are UN armored vehicles in the US? Are they simply being produced/converted here and shipped overseas? That I can buy because there is a tremendous amount of need for many troops from a variety of individual countries to help quell the violence throughout numerous parts of the world. Again though, the UN is a “country” in name only. It’s a technicality that allowed the UN to be branded a “sovereign nation” though it is not a nation at all.

But what if these armored vehicles are going to stay and be used in the United States against Americans? That’s something that goes against the United States Constitution, but don’t tell leftists that because you may then be accused of being an “extremist.”

The only power that the UN has is what it is given by nations like the United States. If no nation gave the UN power (or money), the UN would be nothing. Yet, leftists look to the UN to be the bridge to peace in this world, with an army that can back that peace up. What that means in order for that to happen is that sovereign nations will indeed be required to give more of their sovereignty to the UN by giving up sovereignty. That is the only way the UN gains any sovereignty at all.

But what else is going on in the world that people like to refer to as conspiracy theories though in reality there may be something very real connected to those “theories”? There’s quite a bit happening in reality. Let’s look at a few things.

We all know that most on the left view Benghazi as a non-event, right? Nothing to see there. Of course, if it’s such a non-event, why does the left work so hard to keep things buried? They’re doing the very same thing with the IRS situation allegedly involving the clamp down the IRS made against conservative political action groups under Lois Lerner. We heard from IRS Commissioner John Koskinen that it would take months or years to compile all those emails and now of course, interestingly enough, the emails in question were allegedly on a server that crashed. What an absolute joke that the IRS expects us to believe to be true. We’ll see what Congress does, if anything.

You also may have heard that Bowe Bergdahl is likely going to receive $200,000 in back pay for the five years he was held in “captivity.” Amazing. But not to be outdone, the US – under the left’s “leadership” – is now $60 TRILLION in debt. Yep, you heard that correctly. Obviously, this is not a good thing for the United States, but the left doesn’t seem perturbed at all.

Here’s the reality: extremely intelligent people like Jim Rickards believe that within the 24 months, there will be some type of catalyst that creates a complete collapse of the current monetary system. Logically, one can only wonder how long this type of spend, print money, spend, print money cycle can continue without the bottom falling out? Add to that the fact that Russia, China, and other countries are actively discussing ways to sideline the US dollar as the global reserve currency and the picture becomes all too clear. The US is headed for a financial disaster that will make the Great Depression of the early 1900s look like a picnic. This is not good news at all, but our fearless leaders do not appear to be concerned. Is it all just conspiracy theories? Jim Rickards does not appear to me to be given to conspiracy theories. In fact, as I read through his latest book – The Death of Money – I don’t even recall him mentioning the subject. He deals in facts and figures.

Jim Rickards tells us how the housing bubble was burst by the Federal Reserve policies under Alan Greenspan. Bernanke adopted a mess but hasn’t made things better and now with Quantitative Easing (QE), things are bound to get worse. We will begin to see great amounts of inflation affecting the products we buy though our paychecks will not increase. Of course, this means far less buying power.

These are very real scenarios and it is worth your while to engage yourself in them so that you can make intelligent decisions concerning yourself, your family, and your way of life. Or, you could reject all of this as simply a set of conspiracy theories that are ultimately worthless.

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