Will You Succumb to the Coming Great Deception? I Pet Goat, II

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Satan is the puppeteer

In the viral video “I Pet Goat, II,” we see a number of things that stand out. First, we see a set of black hands with long red nails and an insignia ring on the left hand with the letter “S.” Obviously, this puppeteer is Satan himself. But who is (or are) the puppet?

petgoat_bushAs the virtual camera pans down, we follow the strings to learn that the puppet being controlled is George W. Bush who wears a dunce cap. The Bush puppet certainly acts like a dunce, doing a tap dance, unable to get the old adage about “Fool me once” correct, and essentially doing what he can to redirect everyone’s attention. The scene takes place in a classroom because this is where George W. Bush was when the WTC was attacked. He was there reading a book (“I Pet Goat”) to the children in that classroom.

petgoat_blackboardWhile Bush is doing his soft shoe routine and forgetting how the adage goes, we see the blackboard behind him which has some really interesting imagery. I won’t got into all of it, but please note the set of images across the top of the board. The set starts with a fish, then goes through the routine evolutionary changes that we are all familiar with except for the last one. That last figure on the right is outlined by a yellow burst surrounding the head. I believe this represents illumination or self-actualization. It is when the person unlocks their own deity.  There are other things on the board that are really interesting as well. But let’s move onto the next “puppet.”

petgoat_obamaAs George W. Bush continues to act weird, he spins on his stool and then becomes Obama. We can then assume here that Obama is still the same puppet but with a different personality. It’s important to remember by the way, that the group that produced this video (Heliofant.com) is not a Christian group, but a secular one.

Obama is shown in a different light from Bush. Obama wears a mortar board and white gloves. The mortar board is there to give the illusion that President Obama is an intellectual, someone who is smart enough to take this country out of its economic depression. We know this is only an illusion that President Obama is far different from George W. Bush because at one point, Obama looks directly at the audience and gives a huge wink with a smile.

petgoat_obama2Notice that during Obama’s smile and wink, his mouth is open and we see an elongated incisor. This reminds us of a vampire’s bite. Obama will be used to suck more of the life out of the United States. It’s all a set up.

As things progress, Obama begins chuckling. He’s in on that part of the secret and of course, the wink proves it. He thinks it’s funny that he’s been put in place to stick it to the people he hates: Americans.

In his books, he spoke of hating American imperialism. He also stated in interviews later that he specifically dealt with and put his anger toward whites aside. This is clearly not the case if we view his actions since being in office (which speak louder than words). It is clear that he has done what he can to create much larger rifts between the races and via Eric Holder, has instituted policies that ignore justice for all.

As Obama laughs, the virtual camera pulls out and we see the teleprompter which has “lol” on it. Interestingly enough, the “lol” is written in small letters so we don’t know if this is for him only or for the audience as well. In either case, Obama does what he’s told in spite of how it makes him appear.

petgoat_obama4It is while we see Obama laughing, the scene segues to an Alice in Wonderland character. She sits inside a “golden” circle, surrounded by faceless beings. She holds an apple. At one point, she goes into a trance, the apple falls from her hand and rolls over to Mr. Obama’s shoe. Once there, the apple neatly splits into two equal halves and then a lotus flower blooms from both sides as one.

The lotus flower has been associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, and the occult of Ancient Egypt’s mystery religion for a very long time. It represents beauty, purity, and spirituality. Many hieroglyphs found in Ancient Egypt include the lotus flower.

A terrified Obama reacts to the blooming lotus.

A terrified Obama reacts to the blooming lotus.

The fact that it is blooming at the same time Mr. Obama is president is significant. I believe it tells us that something or someone will come to the fore during his presidency. Proof of this is seen in the huge drop of sweat that forms on Obama’s brow and runs down his face after he sees the lotus flower bloom. He is obviously petrified, but we don’t really know why. Does he understand that someone who will be far greater than Mr. Obama will enter the world’s stage and because of that, Obama himself will rapidly diminish? We are left to guess, but obviously, President Obama knows something that does not at all sit well with him.

As we pull back from Obama, we see the American flag torn in two. Obama's objective is to destroy America.

As we pull back from Obama, we see the American flag torn in two. Obama’s objective is to destroy America.

One of the other things about the way President Obama is portrayed is that while he enters the stage (the classroom) full of seeming integrity and assurance, as well as intelligence, he quickly becomes a bit of a fool. It seems to me that the global elite who placed Bush and now Obama in office are allowing President Obama to be seen as the court jester. Because of everything the global elite has done through many presidents, but especially via President Obama, many scandals have been the result, one after the other. Mr. Obama’s approval rating has really taken a nose dive and it would appear that except for die-hard leftists, no one really takes him seriously anymore. He is being laughed at and has become a bit of a joke. Why? President Obama, like President Bush before him, is a puppet. The puppeteer(s) do not care how their puppet looks to the world, as long as the puppet gets things done to their liking. They remain in the safety and anonymity of the shadows.

Let’s go back in history a bit to the very early days of America when Margaret Sanger lived and the Rockefellers were even then one of the wealthiest families in America. It was also during that time that the Rockefellers were very interested in the study of eugenics, the scientific practice of improving humanity’s genetics. It’s a way of “helping” evolution. Because of Rockefeller’s interest, a great deal of money was provided to Sanger, whose foundation was the forerunner of today’s Planned Parenthood. The only people who deny that Sanger was a racist and wanted to eliminate blacks especially from the gene pool are those on the left. Rockefeller was seriously involved in that from behind the scenes. Interestingly enough, once Rockefeller was done with Sanger, she was left to her own devices and died a penniless alcoholic. No one cared.

But if Rockefeller was involved in using Sanger to further his goals and understanding of eugenics, why have a black president at all generations later? It has to do what the left has always done when it comes to minorities. It’s to use and abuse Obama for their own gains. Does it matter to the globalists that the world sees Barack Obama as a fool, with no backbone or fortitude? Does it matter that the world laughs at President Obama, ridicules him for his lack of foreign policy? Not only does it not matter, but I believe the globalists encourage it by what they have President Obama do. I’m sure they tell him to flaunt the law, ignore it and go around it as often as possible. They give him his weekly “to do” list. It doesn’t matter to President Obama what he’s told to do. His loyalty is to himself and if doing what the globalists want keeps him in power, he’ll do it. What is the alternative for him?

I can even imagine many within the global elite referring to him with the “N” word behind his back. Just consider what Bill Clinton is alleged to have said to Ted Kennedy about Barack Obama. The globalists are merely using him. He does not have the deep and lasting connections that the Bush Dynasty has with the global elite. President Obama is basically an outsider, being used for this particular season by the globalists. When his term is over and they no longer need him, they will throw him away just like they did with Margaret Sanger and too many others to count.

Mr. Obama likely believes he’s part of the elite. He’s not. He’s only allowed to think he is so that he will continue to do what is expected of him. There will come a day of rude awakening for Mr. Obama and it may be soon. For now, the globalists that placed him in office and have been using him to accomplish what they wish to be accomplished still have things that need to be done.

“I Pet Goat, II” highlights the fact that something or someone comes to the fore very likely during Mr. Obama’s presidency, which will likely push him back to the shadows while another takes the spotlight. There will be nothing Mr. Obama can do about it. It is very reminiscent of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 where Paul describes the revealing of the coming man of lawlessness, whose introduction to the world will be accompanies by demonic supernatural signs and wonders as well as a powerful delusion sent from God to overwhelm the world’s population with deception so that they will come to believe that this man of lawlessness is Jesus at the 2nd Coming.

It’s all one huge set up by the ultimate puppet master, Satan, who is allowed to do what he can do in a final effort to stand against God. It will fail, but the world has to go through it because God is allowing it for His purposes.

If you are not awake now, I pray that you will allow God to work within you to wake you to the truth so that you will embrace that truth. That’s your only hope. There is nothing else.


Side Note: I am aware that the director, Louis Lefebvre, of “I Pet Goat, II” has offered his own interpretation of this video. It’s hilarious for its obvious absence of any real explanation as to the amount of inclusive occult symbolism. If someone wants to redefine images that all have understood to mean one thing, into something else, that’s up to them. The problem though is that redefining causes a great deal of confusion and really cannot be taken as legitimate. That would be like me simply deciding to redefine common words that everyone already knows the real meaning to. While it might work for “slang” to a degree, it has no lasting value.

The producers’ attempt to redefine what is patently obvious to mean something else entirely is what occultists, New Agers, and many on the left do routinely. It’s their stock in trade but it fails to be accepted by intelligent people who have and use critical thinking skills, something that too many lack. The fact that Lefebvre attempts this ruse simply tells us how stupid he believes most people are.

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