Dishonesty of a PostTribber Comes Home to Roost

March 21, 2015 at 7:03 PM 3 comments

I’ve talked about “boldncourageous” before. He is an individual who believes he has and knows the truth. Instead of being humbled by it though, he has chosen the path of abject arrogance. What I’ve learned in the past few days is that his own dishonesty has come to the fore and will not allow him to deal with truth, or at least something that is far more logical and biblical than what he attempts to present on his own blog.

In my last article – Will The PHYSICAL Jewish Temple Be Rebuilt During the Tribulation – I noted that he and I were having a bit of dialogue. I went to his site and posted a number of things and he responded. Then I would respond. All was going well until I responded to his claim that the Bible is very clear that there will be NO physical Temple built in the future. Why? Because he referred to Paul saying that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. He then took me to task over it and threw in some other Scripture he also yanked from its comfortable context and let me have it.

I took the time to respond in what I thought was a good reply, addressing his concern that he had (sarcastically) missed some part of Scripture. Interestingly enough, my response to him was not allowed. I posted it, but it was gone when I looked for it later. Some time later, I posted another very short reply simply asking where my response had gone. Though I posted it, he removed it. Interesting. At any rate, his response to what seemed like my inability to respond was set forth in this statement from him:

As you can see concerning modres… pretribbers cannot point a person to the bible, they must spend hours indoctrinating you with their doctrine. It is no surprise that the scholars today have missed the second coming of Christ. The scholars in Jesus day also missed His first coming. They cannot explain it to you, because they don’t have the Word of God to back them up. It is a work of speculation, assumption, opinion, and conjecture, as modres has proven. He cannot and will not address the Word of God, rather, he pretends to know and speak it, when all he knows is schollarly talk. Jesus and Paul both warn us of these folk, “…be careful that no man deceive you.” Although we are commanded to be ready in season and out to give account, the pretribbers ALWAYS fail. They are cowards and will back down when it comes to the Word of God. If I were in his shoes I would too. I am confident at where I stand and where I am seated concerning this matter. I will not throw away my confidence as I am told in Heb. 10. I have every reason to be confident. God’s Word is backing me up. I have no problem being able to answer every question that is sent my direction from the pretrib folk. However, they seem to ALWAYS sidestep any question posed to them. The reason for this is simple, the Word of God does not support their view. You’d think someone who brags of their education in the matter could educate. The cannot, for the simple matter that they greatly error and do not know the Scriptures as Jesus pointed out to the Saducees in Matt. 22.

The fact that he portrayed me as not having the ability and biblical knowledge to respond to him is deceitful. It is duplicitous. In effect, he is LYING to those who read his blog (if anyone reads it, that is). Since he would not allow my response, I chose to create an article out of it in the above linked article. For more information, I suggest reading that article before this one.

My goal in pointing this out is to simply show him for what he is – filled with deceit. Instead of allowing me to respond to him and allowing those who may come to his site to read it as well – he chose to not even give me that opportunity. Instead, deceitfully, he pretended as though I had never responded, which was not true.

I pray that the Lord will help him see his own duplicity. He will certainly be better off for it and the end result will be that the Lord will be glorified. It will be a win-win situation. Pray for him, will you?

In the meantime, there are other articles that he has written about – all of them have to do with attacks against the PreTrib Rapture position – and I may take some of those issues up here as a matter of education for people who would like to know if or how many holes there are in his way of thinking. We’ve obviously found a huge one, which he chose to unscrupulously attempt to play off by making it appear as though I had never responded to him.

This is one of the reasons I don’t “debate” people. As far as I’m concerned, there are no winners in a debate. It’s a game that allows one person to puff themselves up if over another. I have never seen anyone change their opinion after a debate. It’s entertainment at best, nothing more.

Our friend talks repeatedly about his so-called “confidence” in the above diatribe. Apparently, he was so “confident” that it was better for him to allow people to think I had no response to him than allow my response and try to respond to it. That’s not confidence at all, although it is what con men do.

Here’s a list of articles that he has written. I’ve read through a few of them and the way he mishandles God’s Word is atrocious. I can only hope and pray that anyone who has read any of his articles will see exactly where he’s coming from. As I have time, I may deal with a few issues here and there.

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Will the PHYSICAL Jewish Temple Be Rebuilt During the Tribulation? Understanding Daniel Relies on Jude and Enoch? Really?


  • 1. Sherry  |  March 23, 2015 at 10:59 AM

    Actually, debate is a good thing as it like iron sharpening iron. The early church had their debates and it came down to God’s opinion, er, word, winning out.

    Debating deceivers, of which this blogger is, does no good, however. For they are deceived and will go on deceiving, being deceived themselves. Then they will call you deceived! This is why I make it a practice to pray for discernment and also that the Lord will expose all of the lies I’ve been believing as truth as the lies that they are (which is why I don’t celebrate the pagan/papist traditions of men “holy” days under the guise of giving God the glory! ).

    If one has to sin against God to make people believe His, no, not His but, their “truth” than something is amiss! The only reason your comments should have been deleted were if you had been insulting or just plain waaaay out whack scripturally. Its his blog, though. Let the blind lead the blind…He has my prayers, along with every post-tribber who cannot debate their position honestly. I can’t respect a person’s view, true or not, when the insults and accusations are flying.


    • 2. modres  |  March 23, 2015 at 11:37 AM

      Thanks for the clarification, Sherry. I agree. I think discussion born of mutual respect is one thing. Formalized debate is what I’m talking about as well as debating people who are convinced that their mission is to change your mind. Because of that, they are unable to see any holes in their own arguments.

      I have come to realize that most people don’t want to discuss something that they are opposed to because they already have a solid opinion about it. Knowing this helps me to understand what my involvement should be in that conversation. I also find it fascinating that when Jesus interacted with one or several individuals (as opposed to preaching to entire crowds), those conversations were normally very short and to the point. Jesus didn’t belabor things and try to convince people of their error. He pointed it out and waited for their reaction. Sometimes they embraced truth and sometimes they rejected it.

      I believe our job is the same. Getting into lingering debates with atheists or those who have embraced questionable doctrines often creates more confusion than solution.

      I have no problem discussing things that I may not be clear on with others. That’s where the iron sharpening iron comes in. You pointed to using discernment and I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

      Thank you for praying for “boldncourageous.” I appreciate it and maybe the Lord will open his eyes to the doctrinal problems he has embraced.

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