Why Has Left Always Attacked and Attempted to Dismantle the Family?

April 18, 2015 at 8:17 PM

bftg-satan-defeatedWe just finished up a couple of articles on “Satan’s Attempt to Be Like the Most High God,” Part 1 and Part 2. The reality is that everything that happens in the world that we would define as “evil” is Satan’s attempts to bring his promises of Isaiah 14 to fruition. If you read those articles, you’ll recall that Satan’s ultimate dream is to be “like the Most High.” The idea that a created (therefore finite) being actually believes he could make that happen is astounding. It is clear that his completely egotistical view of himself has created within him this megalomania and ego-maniacal complex where he honestly believes he can do anything. Even when he has setbacks, these are nothing more to him than mere bumps in the road.

We’ve likely all read about rulers and dictators who believe themselves to be fully above the law. It simply does not apply to them. This is also said of many of the elite. For instance, rumor has it that David Rockefeller travels without a passport. He has no need for one because of who he is and the wealth/power he has accumulated. There are many people like this in the world. The ones who are dangerous are the ones who believe that they can and should control us – the serfs of society – because they honestly believe they know what’s best for us.

But Satan has become the epitome of everything related to ego. He truly is the best “lover of himself” as Paul would tell us in 2 Timothy 3:2:

“For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy…”

Unfortunately for most of us, it is extremely difficult to fully appreciate all of those adjectives. Most of us have difficulties with possibly being selfish from time to time, yet, we would not consider ourselves to be so egotistical that we cannot see the plight of other people or animals and want to help them. The person who is so taken over by their abject love for themselves are completely unable to see anyone else’s pain. In fact, those people might actually get a bit “off” on it when they can see another’s pain or deprivation. It makes them feel godlike and that is essentially the type of person Paul is referring to in the above statement.

The interesting thing about people like this is that they actually believe that socialism (or communism) is what is needed for humanity. They believe that there needs to be caregivers or overseers of global society because if people are left to themselves without structure, without rules or regulations, life on earth will become thoroughly unpleasant and wasteful. People will waste energy and resources. They will ultimately destroy the planet and not take care of other human beings or animals.

This is why the elite believe they were put here. They are the ones who are godlike and have the capacity, wealth, and resources to help the rest of us. Never mind that most of the wealthy elite got that way by stealing whatever they could from societies and/or governments. Never mind that they want to be in charge because they want to control which resources of the planet are used, how much are used, and when they are used. That cannot happen if no one is in charge of everything.

It really comes down to everything. All aspects of life must be controlled. Especially education. This is the reason for Common Core. I would like to state that at its root or center, Common Core seeks to have all schools in all states use the same standards for all students. I don’t think there is necessarily anything wrong with that. Why shouldn’t a fifth grader in one state be expected to be taught the same strands of math in all other states? Unfortunately, too many states do their own thing and they also find ways to manipulate scores so that it appears on paper that everything is great when it’s not.

Common Core really goes beyond this though in many ways. Dr. Dennis Cuddy is currently writing a series on Common Core that would be wise for people to read. In his third part in the series, he quotes Arthur Calhoun, who (in 1919) stated the following:

“the child passes more and more into the custody of community experts”

One of the overriding themes of people like Calhoun is a socialistic outlook on global society. We’ve all heard that statements like, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The problem is that it means different things to different people and it gives the false impression that the whole neighborhood should be involved in raising kids. Today, it generally means that schools, psychotherapists, and a plethora of educators should have more input in how families get to raise kits. In effect, the entire definition of family has been changed.

When I taught in California’s public schools, there were too many parents who did absolutely nothing for their children by way of educating them before they enrolled them in Kindergarten. They believed it was the school’s job to educate their child. So, for five years, the child was never introduced to books, or being read to, or any other things the parents could have done to help the child absorb all that information. They were basically five years behind by the time they got to school! Instead, parents would sit them in front of TVs or have the younger siblings play with them, but nothing of real educational value was happening. Five years of pabulum via TV and we wonder why children in America today are so far behind. It’s what the elite want because it’s far easier to control people who can’t think for themselves, isn’t it?

Why is this happening? It’s solely due to the fact that Satan is doing his level best to undermine (and therefore destroy), everything God called “good” or “very good” when He first created it. That included man and woman, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve began to have children and formed the first family. It wasn’t long though before Satan pushed Cain to kill Abel. The destruction of the family unit began then.

Today, the destruction of the family unit continues through redefining it and also removing the inherent rights and privileges of parents. More and more schools are making parental decisions on behalf of children without even involving their actual parents. This should be cause for alarm. Instead, few seem concerned at all. The ones who are concerned do what they can to warn others but are often ignored.

Satan works through the leftists, the liberals, those who believe that socialism is what this world needs. Socialism is the belief that if everyone had the same things in life – eliminating “classes” of people – then wars would become a thing of the past. Society is told that greed would disappear, that crime would reduce all because people would be satisfied with what they have and would know that the next door neighbors have the same things they have, therefore, competition is eliminated.

This is a fantasy that will never come to fruition. Oh, one day, there will be a socialist government, whose job it will be to see that everyone is on the same playing field. But the only people who will be satisfied will be the lazy people who believe the government should simply take care of them.

Of course, when that happens, they will be rudely awakened when they realize that they will have to work and there will be no need in society for people who don’t work. The other problem is that someone needs to be the overseer, who controls the regulators, and therefore controls society. Who will that be? The same people who are controlling it now but remain in the shadows. The elite will one day walk out of the shadows and into the public eye when everything has been taken from global society.

Satan must gather all of his resources and put them in one basket so that when the day comes to prove that he will become like the Most High, he will not prevail. In fact, it will take one world from the returning Lord Jesus to vanquish him and there will be not one thing that Satan can do about it.

Satan is a defeated foe (from the cross), yet he continues to maneuver global society toward the day when he will have absolute control. He will use that to try to overcome God Almighty. This is the epitome of ego. Satan so loves himself that he takes everything he can in order to attempt to overcome the God who so loves us that He GAVE so that we might live.

Satan offers nothing but misery and an eternal death, separated from God forever. But that is really beside the point for Satan. His one goal, his mania, everything he is about and strives for is to become like the Most High so that he will be able to overcome God Himself.

Certainly, my desire in writing this is not to glorify Satan, but to show that his hubris knows no bounds. But one day, God will clearly inform Satan of his complete lack, his finite nature, his failures on all levels. That day is coming and for people who love God, for the animal and plant life on planet earth, it really cannot happen soon enough. Amen? Amen.

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