ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack During Muhammad Art Contest

May 5, 2015 at 1:18 PM

garlandtxI write numerous blogs, one of which covers much more of the political aspect of things, not only in America, but throughout the world. I firmly believe in a global agenda of those on the left and we can see this ongoing by what happens on a near daily basis.

I wrote about two Muslims Texas who, yesterday, headed to an event sponsored by Pamela Geller – a Draw Muhammad Art Contest. Many from the surrounding area attended including two individuals who are part of the religious ideology of Islam. The problem is that these two Muslims had murder on their minds. Once they arrived at the event, they opened fire on the lone security guard, injuring him, but not critically. Garland, TX police then opened fire, killing both perpetrators.

As I also noted, it wouldn’t be long before the media and individuals came out to condemn not the actions of the two Muslims, but Pamela Geller for putting on the event in the first place. Those on the left would have us believe that remarks or actions deemed offensive to specific individuals or groups of people should be disallowed. Regardless of what we might think of Pamela Geller’s action or intents on putting on such an event, the reality is that the 1st Amendment should not be tampered with and that is the issue at hand for most on the left.

They will give lip service to the fact that these Muslims should not have stepped over the line, murdering (or attempting to murder), people whose words or actions offend them. But just as I’ve stated before, the people on the left are doing their level best to blame the victims. In this case, had Pamela Geller not put on such an event, she would not have invited the wrath of those particular Muslims, who did what they did in honor of ISIS.

Again though, this is like blaming the victim of rape because her outfit made it appear as though she was “asking for it,” which makes her “crime” worse than that of the rapists. This is what the left does and continues to do in an effort to push their agenda.

Let’s remind ourselves of that agenda once again. The left is doing all they can to move America further and further away from the traditional backdrop created by our Founding Fathers who penned the U.S. Constitution. In essence, at least some of the Constitution is biblically based as are many of the laws that helped establish America. Leftists – the people who boo’d God at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 – want America as far removed from the Bible and conservatism as possible.

This is exactly why the left is willing to seemingly kowtow to Islam, at least for the time being. Both leftists and Muslims want the same thing and that is for America to be less like a Constitutional Republic and more like a socialist state. This is exactly why the left puts up with (while using), Islam even though on many other things, leftism and Islam are worlds apart. You never hear of a gay couple going to a Muslim bakery and requesting they bake a cake for their upcoming same-sex ceremony. Because of that, you never hear of these Muslim bakeries being the recipient of a civil rights suit or gay activists trying to shut them down. The left is well aware that Islam does not tolerate homosexuality and Islamic countries today continue to execute gay people for being gay.

It’s one of those “pick your battles” situations. Right now, the larger, overriding picture for the left is the destruction of any sense of conservatism in America, of overthrowing the established order in order to move this country toward the left and socialism. In a real sense, Muslims are helping with this because of their hatred of anything that is not Islam. Because of this, the two groups make strange bedfellows, but on its face, it is working.

What will happen when the left believes it has won the day against conservatism? Quite simply, the powers that be (otherwise known as Technocrats), behind the left will find a way to dismantle Islam completely. This will likely be accomplished through a divide and conquer mentality. When Muslims live together in small groups, while they are somewhat cohesive, they are not as powerful as when they are in large groups. Years ago, Dearborn was just an American city where some Muslims, along with many other races/ethnicities/religious people lived. Today, Dearborn is sadly referred to as Dearbornistan because not only has it been overrun with Muslims who are devoutly synced to Islam, but have gained enough of a voice to be quite a presence politically as well.

In order to dismantle Muslim communities, the left will need to go in and move people around or use false flags as an excuse to decimate the Muslim population in America. If you don’t think this will happen, then might I suggest reading through the book of Revelation to see what is in store for this world?

Regarding the Garland, TX situation, the media tried several times to hijack the situation, focusing not on the issue of radical Islam in America, but on free speech. Once CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota went head-to-head with Pamela Geller – and lost big time! – other anchors pulled back and began focusing on ISIS, the threat of jihad in America, and even how to determine if one Muslim is a jihadist and another isn’t (you can’t until it’s normally too late).

Camerota is quoted as saying this as she interviewed Geller:

“No one is saying this warrants the violence you’re saying. Now, I haven’t heard anyone in the media say that it’s OK for gunmen to show up at an event like this. But, what people are saying is there’s always this fine line between freedom of speech and being intentionally incendiary and provocative.”

Geller responded with the following:

“Intentionally incendiary and provocative by drawing a cartoon. This is the low state of freedom of speech in this country. I disagree and I disagree most vehemently. The First Amendment protects all speech not just the speech that we like… When Jesus Christ was put in a jar of urine it was called art. Did Christians like it? Of course not. slaughter people? Did they burn embassies? Did they kill kill (sic) whole communities? Of course not.”

I’d like to thank Geller for bringing up the incident of the “art” that portrayed Jesus on a crucifix sitting in a jar of the artist’s urine. Interestingly enough, when the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre took place in France not that long ago (because of the cartoons that regularly ran in the magazine, which Muslims found offensive), the world was in solidarity it seemed. Journalists and artists got together and vowed not to be cowed.

Yet, when Geller puts together an art contest, all hell breaks loose and it’s Geller’s fault? This is the duplicity that exists with the left toward Christianity, toward Jews, toward those conservatives who stand for continuing freedom in America. The same freedom the left wants to destroy.

This is why individuals like Haroon Moghul spreads his propaganda (and CNN allows it), where he states that “American Muslims — our mosques and our leadership — reject radicalism out of hand.” He would say this even if 99% of all Muslims in America were radical and bent for physical jihad. Notice his words though where he only includes “mosques” and “our leadership,” which really says nothing about the individual Muslim. He is saying that jihad is not supported or taught in American mosques and he’s lying when he says it. Leftists like Moghul are well-versed in using propaganda to sell their false narratives.

Please remember, for now, the left and Muslims can work together as they attempt to destroy America from within. Once they have done this, the two factions will have no other enemies except themselves.


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