Author David James Hits It Out of Park with New Book on Shemitah and Blood Moons

August 19, 2015 at 12:46 PM 2 comments

shemitahThere is a tremendous amount of hype and even sensationalism from certain sectors related to the “Shemitah” (aka Sabbatical Year cycle) and the blood-red moons. I have read much of it and am appalled at the complete lack of discernment exercised by Christians today. It truly is atrocious and disgraceful, yet it marches on, gaining momentum as it does.

I’ve read everything from the “fact” that by September 13, 2015 (the end of this current Sabbatical Year cycle), a major, catastrophic financial crash *may* take place. Of course, it may not either. Then, there has been the birth of a cow with a “7” emblazoned on its forehead and supposedly, its birth occurred just prior to the beginning of this current Sabbatical Year (Shemitah). This of course prompted one author to virtually shout that this was God speaking to us as like He did in Genesis 41 to Pharaoh about the famine that was coming to Egypt represented by 7 cows.

Prophesy conferences are now all the rage and I don’t mean quality, serious biblical exegesis either. I’m talking about grown men getting together to discuss things like “Nephilim,” “transhumanism,” etc., and using them as a template that is placed over Scripture. In other words, events throughout the world are once again being used to point out biblical truth, whether these events are actually connected to Scripture or not. Again, this is appalling. But these prophesy conferences sell books and religious paraphernalia to the masses. They also create an air of excitement, the same air of excitement that happened in the 1970s when people (like me) ran to and fro trying to gain as much “knowledge” as possible about what God was allegedly doing. The same holds true today and in fact, it appears to have an even greater impact than it did 40 years ago.

I’ve tried talking to people about Jonathan Cahn’s false claims related to the Shemitah and how America is connected spiritually to Israel, therefore, what happened to Israel also happens to America. The entire premise is so faulty that it is extremely laughable. Unfortunately, it’s not funny because so many seem to be captivated by it.

I was told recently that I needed to get on board the boat that people like Jonathan Cahn are building. The implication is that if I don’t buy into their mistaken theology, I’ll be “left behind.” No, I won’t be left behind. I’m trusting God for His provision. I’m making what I believe are intelligent decisions based on the finances that I currently have. Is God willing and able to take care of me? I think so. In fact, I know so.

The current drama that is being played out in society allegedly connected to the Shemitah is palpably arrogant and wrong. For the past 10 plus years, “experts” have been predicting a crash. They’ve warned that we need to take our money out of the banks. I just read another article today where the expert there stated without equivocation that most banks in the world are bankrupt. He also went on to say that a global financial crash is coming like no other and we should prepare for it. How? There are some things people can do but most people are not in the position to take their money out of the bank because they have so little of it. They cannot afford to buy huge stores of food and such because they don’t have the financial ability.

The fear that is being promoted in God’s Name is sickening. Are things going to become worse and worse? Yes, this much is clear from God’s Word. We should do what we can to get our houses in order. Pay off bills if you can. Don’t waste money. Don’t over spend. Be practical and logical. Use common sense.

davidjamesEnter David James, author and biblicist. His latest book – Biblical Guide to the Shemitah and the Blood Moons – goes a long way in clarifying the muddy waters that I believe Jonathan Cahn’s inexorably terrible exegesis have created. This guy is sound, logical, and biblical. He doesn’t go for the sensational jugular to sell books. He seeks truth, truth that can only be found in God’s Word. Does the Bible discuss Shemitah? Does the Bible highlight strange signs in the heavens like blood moons? Are these things only connected to Israel and Israel’s fate or do they somehow speak to America as well?

James’ book is just over 200 pages. The book itself is split into three sections with the following table of contents:

  • Section 1: The Mystery of the Shemitah: Is It Biblical?
    • Origin of the Shemitah
    • The Theory of Shemitah Cycles in America
    • “The Revelations Came Rapidly”
    • America as the Second Israel
    • The Hebrew Calendar
    • “Non-Date-Setting” Date Setting
    • What’s in a Title? The “Mystery” of the Shemitah
    • The Blood Moon Tetrad
    • A Surprising Lack of Documentation
    • Marking “Fear”
  • Section 2:TheSecondShaking – “A Prophetic Wake-up Call”?
    • The Second Shaking
    • The Isaiah 9:10 Effect
    • The Financial Collapse
    • The Shemitah Connection
    • The Case for the Shemitah
    • Fudging the Numbers
    • Biblical Realities & Inescapable Conclusions
  • Section 3: TheBloodMoonTetrad – A Prophetic Warning to America and the World?
    • Signs of the Second Coming?
    • The Imminency Problem
    • A Potential Danger – and a Word of Caution
  • Appendix: “Lamplighter” Critique and Exchange with Dr. David Reagan

Like all of James’ books, this one is well written and well researched. Though he could easily have done so, James does not deliberately hold Jonathan Cahn up to ridicule. He simply takes Cahn’s major points and critiques them with an open Bible. David James wrote a previous book critiquing Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger” and was threatened with a law suit from Cahn and his publisher for “loss of sales.” Once the lawsuit became public, it was quickly and quietly withdrawn.

I’ll be writing more about David James’ book in the coming days, but what I’ve read so far intrigues me. It appears to be built on a solid foundation of biblical proportions, unlike Jonathan Cahn’s books.

I fully realize that those who are staunch followers of Jonathan Cahn, who firmly believe he is a man of God who speaks today as more of a prophet, will find David James’ book completely unpalatable. In fact, they may become angered by it because, though he does not purposefully “diss” Jonathan Cahn, he clearly points out what he believes to be Cahn’s manifold errors. Unfortunately, Cahn has become a sacred cow to many people who prefer to simply hang on every word he says rather than do their own research using the Bible as the start and end of that research.

If you are at all interested in what the Bible actually has to say about Shemitah, the blood moons, and any sort of connection between Israel and America, I cannot urge you enough to read James’ book. It is worth the read. If you don’t want to spend the money on it, fine. At least be willing to do your own research on the Shemitah by putting Cahn’s books down to see what God Himself has to say on the subject.

I’ll be back with more on James’ book in the very near future.

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  • 2. rutnerh  |  August 19, 2015 at 3:49 PM

    More idle ruminations on Shemitah whatever its merit or support in the Bible. If biblically disclosed it will happen exactly as divinely ordained….and there is nothing we can do about it or even should do.
    As born again believers, let’s just save our money for worthier causes and spent our remaining time on earth on saving the “few” among the perishing walking “dead”, in Jesus’ words…seeking to rescue them from joining the multi billions already eternally in hell.


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