Christianophobia? Not Enough Lions? What?

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so-many-christians-so-few-lionsToward the end of 2014, two guys wrote a book about the growing trend that is rising to the surface. No, it’s not homophobia or Islamophobia.

This new phenomenon is best called Christianophobia. The book – So Many Christians, So Few Lions – explores the growing problem of people who simply hate Christians and Christianity. Contained within its pages are a number of quotes from people whom the authors label the “elite.”

Certainly, on one hand, they are elite because of their position in life. They are well-educated and have well-paying jobs or are simply wealthy in their own right. This places them above most of us because of the tax bracket they find themselves in that many to most pant after. They also see themselves as being above others, especially those with whom they disagree. On a visceral level, their disagreement finds its outlet poised against Christians and Christianity.

The reference to “lions” in the book’s title points back to the days when Christians were literally thrown into the Roman coliseum for sport. As such, the animals also in the arenas with Christians (or other “undesirables”) were free to tear them limb from limb to the delight and amusement of thousands who watched. Such was the nature of Rome at a time when Christians were hated with a hated that seemed to know no bounds.

Interestingly enough, one of the individuals interviewed for the book lamented the fact that there were simply not enough lions alive today available to do to Christians now what lions of past generations did to Christians then. Others interviewed were even more extreme. It’s easy to tell their hatred is palpable.

I find when talking to atheists and liberals in general about Christians, they are often quick to bring up the past when Christians allegedly did terrible things to the average person (“repent or die!”). They point to the Inquisition, Constantine with his “by this conquer,” and other things they believe shows Christianity for what it was and remains.

The problem that these individuals never seem to realize is that it only takes the comparison of a person or group to Jesus Himself to determine who is and who is not a true Christian. Certainly, one would expect followers of Jesus to act as He did, correct? The same can be said for every person who started a religion or movement. For instance, did Jesus ever carry a sword or any other physical weapon? Did He ever strike back at someone? Was He a Man of peace? Did He start wars?

The truth is that Jesus came for a purpose and that purpose was to bring salvation to people who desperately need it. That includes all of us. Admittedly, many of us Christians get it wrong from time to time. Egregiously, there are many who claim to be Christians who are not. Worse are those who actually are Christian but don’t for a moment live as though they are. They think they’re forgiven (yes), so that entitles them to live any way they choose (no).

It also always amazes me that these same atheists and liberals who castigate Christians and Christianity for its “hypocrisy,” etc., trip over themselves evidencing all manner of mercy when it comes to Islam. One Islamic terrorist event after another is heaped on innocent men and women and unsuspecting humanity in general. The same leftist mentality that wants to tear Christians limb from limb trips over itself to forgive and excuse Islamists. In fact, the liberal and atheist left are very quick to blame those who would group all Muslims together, while they have no problem and see no hypocrisy in grouping all Christians together.

The reason why this occurs? It is solely due to the fact that it is a spiritual problem. There is no rhyme or reason for it and it cannot be logically explained because there is no logic behind its motivations.

The left’s reaction to Christians and Christianity is verifiably demonic in origin and nature. I’m quite certain they themselves don’t have a clue as to why their hatred is so visceral. It simply is that.

Those on the left who are vehemently opposed to Christians simply “go with it” and see it as a logical out working of what they perceive to be hypocrisy on a grand and continued scale by Christians. However, it’s not the least bit logical and has major holes in the thought process but that matters not because when push comes to shove, the liberal left simply hunkers down and becomes enraged at the idea of Christians and Christianity sharing the same planet with them. Does this not smack of something that is quite other-worldly?

Matthew 10:22 and John 15:18-27 both note the fact that Jesus warns His followers that this world will hate them. He promises this because of one simple fact: the world hated Him already. For Christians to think this is an unusual response to Christianity or Christians is absurd and simply points to a Christian who doesn’t know what Jesus has stated about it.

How can we actually believe that the world will “love” or even “put up” with people in which Jesus Himself lives through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? We know that Satan is the ruler of the powers of the air and he is prince of this world. He controls much that goes on here (with God’s permission, for God’s ultimate purposes). If Satan and his minions have such a deep-seated hatred for Jesus (they do) and tried to derail Him many times while He lived on this planet physically, then why would they not hate every follower of Jesus if for no other reason than the fact that He lives within each authentic Christian?

I know Christians who try to be magnanimous. They try to embrace the world so that the world will think well of them (though these Christians tell themselves that they are “loving” the people of the world, but not the world). These Christians see themselves as bridging gaps between God and people even though Jesus already did that.

What these Christians actually wind up doing is looking out for themselves. They don’t want to be hated by the world (even though Jesus said we would be, but He must have meant something else, they believe). So they embark on a crusade to show the world a true “loving” Christian. This normally means an acceptance to some degree of the way the world lives and at times, even means that the Christian joins in with the world to a degree in order to “show” the world how a “real” Christian lives.

To all Christians out there, take note. Jesus said the world would hate us. This would occur rather naturally when Christians attempt to live their lives for Jesus.

If the world loves us, then we may well be doing something wrong as they may very well see little to no difference between their lives and that Christian’s life. If there is no difference, then the “love” those Christians believe they are evidencing in their lives toward the world may not be love at all, but more of an act of self-survival. It’s simply some nebulous feeling that does nothing more than make those Christians feel good about themselves. That cannot truly save anyone because there’s nothing there beyond feelings. There’s no real truth in it.

This is not what Jesus came to do. He came to live a sinless life, die a sinner’s death, was raised on the third day and all because of His actual love for the world. His concern related to whether or not those in the world received or rejected Him and the truth He lived (because of the truth He is). Rejecting Him meant rejecting salvation. The same applies today.

Christians, we don’t need to go looking for trouble. In due time, the world, under Satan’s direction will find us because of its abject hatred of our Savior, Lord, and God. We need to buck up and prepare for what is coming. The world’s hatred will continue to grow and will eventually be fully unmasked. We cannot fall in line with it. To love the world is to hate God.

What’s it going to be?

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