How to Ignore the World, Its Lies, Its Folly in All Forms

May 23, 2016 at 7:41 AM

We just presented an 8-part series on Dominionism. Dominionists believe that things will get done when Christians work to get them done. This means that Christians (who work alongside conservatives, patriots, etc.) must do everything they can to reclaim what Satan allegedly stole from God – this earth and the society in it.

Those who repudiate Dominionism believe that God is fully and completely sovereign and needs no help from humanity to accomplish His goals. While it is interesting the way God has chosen to use specific people and even a nation called Israel to accomplish His purposes, He did so because that was His choice, not because He has been supposedly forced to rely on frail and imperfect humanity.

In my opinion, Dominionism is a huge lie and an even larger distraction because of it. It is a whopper and more and more people are falling for it for a variety of reasons. If it is born of a lie, it needs to be fully and completely rejected by all Christians since the way to come to an acceptance of Dominionism is normally through understanding specific passages of Scripture in an allegorical way. Any time a person chooses to interpret Scripture allegorically, red flags should go up, unless that particular passage of Scripture is allegorical. Even then, there is still only one way to interpret that Scripture and it must bear witness to and align with all the rest of the Bible.

Yet, within Dominionism, we have people who point to one or two obscure Scriptures or they go to well-known Scripture passages and take them out of context or go well beyond their meaning to justify their agenda. Because of this and the multitude of errors found within the signs and wonders group and movement, the error is compounded. This is done when people step forward who claim to be modern-day prophets or apostles. Once they claim this, they are also claiming the same authority that the prophets and apostles of old had. Once they become recognized and accepted as having that type of authority, generally, what they teach is also accepted without question. Anyone who does question them is castigated and eventually shown the door.

I was reading an interesting article written by an individual who firmly believes the Internet and Media in general are extremely strong tools of the enemy. While most of us would agree with that to some extent, we don’t like it when it becomes personalized for our situation. In other words, when things addressed about the Internet/Media come too close to home, the hackles on our back go up. “That’s not me,” we argue. “I don’t misuse the Internet or rely too much on it or the Media in general,” we say. But I’d say for most of us, it’s probably the truth.

Think about the fact that anyone today can set up a web page and start making claims. The Internet truly has become the Information Superhighway and there is anything you’d care to find on it and a lot you wish you could unsee.

So think about the people today who run around claiming this special gift from the Lord or that one. Consider the people who claim the position and authority of being a prophet or apostle today. While some people turn away from folks like those in disgust, they too often gain a following and people start to tune in. They not only tune in, but they start to listen to and grab onto every word they utter. The “apostle” or “prophet” to the follower is on a higher level. What they say is from God’s mouth to our ears and they are too often treated like that.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 – For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Most of us are familiar with the part in the above text about Satan transforming himself into an angel of light for the purpose of deception. But how many of us are familiar with the first portion of the above text? Paul is speaking of false apostles. These are people who are fully deceitful (and may be unknowingly deceived themselves as opposed to deliberately knowing what they’re doing), and by their deceit they transform themselves into “apostles of Christ.” Once they accomplish this, followers begin to hand over the authority to their lives – their thinking, their beliefs, their actions, etc. – to these false apostles.

Imagine how much less we’d hear about if not for the Internet? Imagine how much we would not know about what is going on throughout the world – whether true or false. As it is though, we spend a good portion of our time on the ‘Net because that has become the major source of information for most people. We are constantly hooked up to it, receiving notification after notification on our “smart” phones when someone sends us a message, a text, or email.

There is so much information on the ‘Net these days that it is very difficult to discern whether it is truth or error much of the time. We read articles about how this administration is going to declare Martial Law, take away our guns, and lock us in FEMA type camps. Other articles discuss how the government has allegedly purchased thousands of guillotines. Another article talks about the millions of rounds of ammunition several government alphabet agencies have secured. Even the NRA’s explanation didn’t satisfy people. These articles are designed to create fear in us. They are putting people on edge and ruining their lives because of it.

I’ve lost count of how many years people have been saying to take our money out of the banks or to stockpile food and water. Some folks have gone so far as to build underground shelters for when the “zombie” apocalypse hits. It’s ridiculous, yet fear has too often become the guiding principle in people’s lives today and that includes Christians. Brothers and sisters, this ought not to be, yet it exists.

What else has all of this information overload done for us? Aside from keeping us in a constant state of worry and fear, we have lost our ability to evangelize the lost, if we’d ever had it. That’s on the back burner because there are more pressing things for us to we believe. We’ve got to change society. We’ve got to elect the “right” politician and for many Christians right now, that correct politician is Donald Trump. Why? Because several “prophets” and “apostles” have said so, that’s why.

But you know what? Even if you lived in a place where the Internet did not exist, the Great Commission would still be your calling. Everywhere we go in society today – the doctor’s office, airports, sporting arenas, the grocery store, clothing stores – everything, there are screens, music, or news. It’s very difficult to avoid and that seems to be their purpose. We have successfully been distracted by the Internet/Media and because of it, we are too often kept from fulfilling the one thing that God calls us to do. That, my friends, is the Great Commission, the evangelization of the lost, the witnessing to sinners like you and me before we came to know Jesus.

That is how to ignore the world, its lies, and its folly in all forms. Focus on the only goal Jesus ever gave you – to preach the gospel to the lost of this world.

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