What’s Up With ISIS and Who Created Them?

August 15, 2016 at 8:12 AM 3 comments

There are numerous opinions as to how ISIS came into being, who is supplying them with weapons and how they are funded. Opinions range from the CIA (USA) created ISIS and weapons of mass destruction were illegally sent to ISIS groups in Syria under cover of the upheaval during Qadhafi’s overthrow in Libya, to the Saudi Arabians created and continue to fund the terrorist organization. There are other possibilities as well. Among so-called conspiracy theorists and theories, ISIS was created, weaponized, funded, and directed by the most powerful cabal in the world, the Elite (also known by numerous other names).

What is the truth and is it actually possible to know beyond doubt? Not really. Even if a CIA connection (or Saudi connection) was proven, it probably needs to be understood that if a group like the Elite actually exists, then they are over the CIA (and even the Saudis), using them to complete their whims and directives. In fact, as Neil Postman opines in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, it’s not that our government wants to control us. It’s that something far bigger and more powerful controls our government and is using the government to control us. Postman attributes the deadly changes that have washed over society to have come from the corporate media, which has endeavored to educate people to the corporate media’s way of thinking. This is done by simply spoon-feeding us bite-sized bits of information that circumvent truth and are disseminated in such a way that no one really questions anything. Those who do are pushed aside as “conspiracy theorists” (a term created by the CIA shortly after the JFK assassination in an effort to disenfranchise those members of society who believed that Oswald was not the only shooter). If you can make someone appear to be off-kilter, then society will stop listening to them, except of course, other “conspiracy theorists.”

In his book, Postman notes the following regarding how information is provided and how it is perceived and received.

I should go so far as to say that embedded in the surrealistic frame of a television news show is a theory of anticommunication, featuring a type of discourse that abandons logic, reason, sequence and rules of contradiction. In aesthetics, I believe the name given to this theory is Dadism; in philosophy, nihilism; in psychiatry, schizophrenia. In the parlance of the theater, it is known as vaudeville. (p. 103)

Only a few corporations own almost all media outlets.

Only a few corporations own almost all media outlets.

He follows that up with some quotes from Robert MacNeil, from the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour, a PBS staple. I find it fascinating how many who consider themselves intelligent and even erudite, voraciously listen to and/or watch PBS programs like this (or the audio version, “All Things Considered” from NPR). While these have an air of intelligence, it is clear from MacNeil that even those folks are missing something, though they would argue that they are not and they believe they are getting the best option of news information available.

The idea…is to keep everything brief, not to strain the attention of anyone but instead to provide constant stimulation through variety, novelty, action, and movement. You are required…to pay attention to no concept, no character, and no problem for more than a few seconds at a time…bite-sized is best, that complexity must be avoided, that nuances are dispensable, that qualifications impede the simple message, that visual stimulation is a substitute for thought, and that verbal precision is an anachronism. (p. 103)

If this actually exists (and what reason do we have to doubt Robert MacNeil?), then it is by deliberate design. We can then ask who owns the media of which Robert MacNeil is part? The answer is that nearly all media outlets are owned by only a few corporations. People enjoy believing that it is only FOX News that is controlled and normally they believe that it is essentially a right-wing black op or disinformation bureau. The problem is that only six (6) corporations own nearly all media, including FOX. Is it possible that it is simply made to look as though FOX is “right-wing,” while FOX’s true owners are not? It’s very possible if one considers the fact that the Elite have supported both sides of every major war or conflict going back for generations. Why is this? Because they use those (some would say create), wars to enrich themselves, control populations, re-imagine borders, eradicate one ideology and bring another to the fore, and more. It is the way the Elite has managed to stay on top of things, by controlling them.

Just like the media, very few corporations own nearly ALL food companies. Remember, PEOPLE own the corporations.

Just like the media, very few corporations own nearly ALL food companies. Remember, PEOPLE own the corporations.

As a Christian who believes that the Bible should be taken literally (not literalistically), in its most plain and ordinary sense unless the context demands otherwise, it appears that the Bible teaches that this world will become more and more evil until it reaches its zenith during what is known as the Tribulation/Great Tribulation period. This period represents the final seven years of human history and ends with the physical return of Jesus. He will then judge the people of all nations and will set up His Millennial Kingdom over which He will rule as sole Judge and King. Perfect justice will be swiftly meted out during His reign.

If this is the case, then it stands to reason that Satan has been given permission to do everything he can to bring his promises of Isaiah 14 (the five “I will” statements), to fruition. Remember in Isaiah 14:14, he reasoned within his own heart that he would “become like the Most High.” God is allowing him to attempt to do just that.

If that is the case, then does it not also stand to reason that Satan would use as many human beings as possible to achieve his goals? Clearly, he is the prince of the power of the air, the ruler of this age, but in order for him to actually rule over the earth, he must have the cooperation of people. The more people are willing to give him leave to do what he wants to do in their lives, the greater control he gains.

Going back well over 100 years, we have people like Albert Pike who is said to have “predicted” not only the first two world wars, but the third world war as well, that is said to be on its way. It is always difficult to know for certain, but we do know that Pike was a Luciferian, who worshiped Lucifer/Satan. He was high in the Masons and wrote extensively. He noted that this evil cabal known as the Elite would create and use segments of radical Islam to foment a world war by creating situations in western cultures that could not be ignored. You can learn more in the ten-minute video highlighted below.

It is interesting to note (as I did earlier), that there is some evidence that the CIA helped create ISIS. There is also some evidence that suggests that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State under President Obama, may have played a big part in taking weapons from Libya and “running” them to Syria during the Qadhafi overthrow and when the “news” bureaus were focusing on Libya. The weapons were then put in the hands of ISIS members who attempted to oust Syria’s president Assad. Notice that he is still there as president because of the backing of Russia and China, two nations that are not necessarily beholden to the Elite.

Among other things, Albert Pike states that once the world is reconfigured to the liking of the Elite, ISIS and other terrorist elements of Islam will no longer be needed. In fact, no other religion will be needed because Antichrist will be installed and will lead the world in worshiping his spiritual “father,” Satan (Lucifer). Right now, it is believed that Islam is being heavily used by the Elite throughout Europe and just starting in the USA to reconfigure borders, overwhelm society, and essentially eradicate western society as it has been known and Judeo-Christianity.

Much of this makes sense, but remains to be seen. Certainly, the “new world order” that President George H. W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, and many others have referred to cannot occur without the destruction of western society, including Christianity. These obstacles remain and must be dealt with and of course Pike (and others), believe that ISIS and terrorism in general (not to mention that unwavering refusal of Muslims to assimilate into new societies), will ultimately lead to WWIII and will deal with anything that stands in the Elite’s way.

As I search the Scriptures though, while I do see a WWIII of sorts, it isn’t scheduled to occur until the very end of the seven-year Tribulation period. It’s called Armageddon and it will be a battle that is intended to keep Jesus from physically returning to this planet (Revelation 16). Because this war occurs at the end of the Tribulation, it is still in front of us and would certainly not be the war that would foment the type of change needed by the Elite to overthrow the last vestiges of western society, which include Christianity.

It’s possible that the Bible makes no real mention of WWIII as envisioned by the Elite. After all, it doesn’t directly speak of either WWI or WWII either, but does provide a quick snapshot of society around the time when those wars occurred (cf. Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21).

Is there something else that might create such havoc in society that western civilization would die overnight and with it, nearly all vestiges of Judeo-Christianity? I believe if the physical Rapture occurs, where millions and millions of Christians were to disappear in an instant with no plausible explanation, the world leaders would rise and plead for calm. They would say that the world needed to pull together and become “one” in purpose and mindset. Now is not the time for division, but for unity.

Like Nero, they would quickly come to terms with the Rapture event and would claim that it was those Christians and “religious fanatics” who kept the world’s society from evolving to the new world order. They would claim that aliens from other galaxies came in ferried these malcontents to another place where they could evolve spiritually at their own pace.

Does it sound far-fetched? If it does, then you haven’t been paying attention to what New Age leaders like Barbara Marciniak, Kay Wheeler, and others have been preaching and teaching since the 1950’s. They’ve taught something called the “Great Evacuation” in which millions of people would – in the twinkling of an eye (their phrase) – be caught up into the clouds where spaceships from other galaxies awaited to ferry these people to other worlds. This has been part of their teaching and it is still taught today within the area of what is known as the Pleiadians (an alien race from other galaxies). You can learn more about the Pleiadians and Barbara Marciniak at this link.

Of course, if the Rapture is an actual event, then it stands to reason that Satan would prepare his followers for it, not by telling the truth, but by presenting an alternate view that could be easily believed by the gullible, who had become more and more aware of a growing body of “evidence” that supported the notion of alien races. This is exactly what has happened in society since the 1940’s in America. Most non-Christians today (and even some Christians, unfortunately), believe that outer space aliens exist and are watching over our planet. People talk about it today as if it is fact, when in reality (and as I’ve written in several books), these “aliens” are most like demons masquerading as aliens in an effort to move this world toward a new world order, a one-world global society, over which the coming Antichrist will rule. Since he will be fully empowered by his spiritual “father” Satan, it will ultimately be Satan who rules, in his paltry attempt to be like the Most High.

ISIS is very likely an artificial creation being used by the Elite to dominate and reconfigure society. I believe once their use has come to an end, the Elite will eliminate ISIS and all terrorist groups. Islam will be blended into the Luciferian religion of the new world order and there will be “peace.” It will be short-lived though but that appears to be the scenario and one that is spelled out in Scripture…unless of course, you allegorize the Bible. If that is the case, then you can make the Bible say anything you want it to say.

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  • 1. rutnerh  |  August 19, 2016 at 8:51 PM

    As a dyed in the wool dispensationalist and thus firm believer in an imminent Rapture, I believe it is incorrect to use the conditional “if” instead of the definitive “since” in referring to the occurrence of the Rapture. And since indeed imminent in light of all fullfilled prophecies, a cataclysmic WW III with mutual nuclear destruction and long term contamination of vast global civilized regions including Israel is highly improbable. More likely are ongoing smaller national and ethnic squabbles prior to or during the Tribulation that would allow a currently unimaginable reconstruction of the prophesied Third Temple on the Mount, probably facilitated by an initially benevolent global Anti-Christ who later will become totally depraved and defile the Temple in the final half of the 7year Tribulation, a period of unprecedented persecution of lukewarm left behind christians, many martyred as Tribulation saints.
    Mara natha, Amen


    • 2. modres  |  August 20, 2016 at 5:19 AM

      That’s fine. I used “if” to make anyone who doesn’t believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture to consider the possibility. I’m with you all the way.


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