Big Tech Attacking Democracy

June 25, 2019 at 3:14 PM 1 comment

Recently, the world learned through undercover video by James O’Keefe III of Project Veritas, that executives at Google essentially stated they will do what they can to make sure Trump does not win again in 2020. Imagine that?

Aside from whether or not you might think President Trump is worth re-electing, the sad reality is that these Big Tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook and others believe it is perfectly fine to do what they can to affect election outcomes. Keep in mind that this includes silencing and/or censoring those conservatives, patriots, and Christians who do not agree with Big Tech’s left-leaning ideology.

This fact should alarm everyone who values free speech; a free speech that is guaranteed under the Constitution’s First Amendment. However, there are so many continuous assaults on free speech via political correctness (Cultural Marxism), that eventually, something will give.

The fact that people have been banned from social network platforms because of alleged “hate speech” is unconscionable. Alex Jones, Laura Loomer and numerous others are at the mercy of far-leftwing social media-owned platforms that dictate to those who use them. All they have to do is classify something someone says or posts as “hate speech” and that allows them to dismiss that individual forever. The First Amendment makes no such distinction between speech and “hate speech.” All speech is protected under the First Amendment. Of course, if someone deliberately lies to defame someone, they can be sued, but that’s another issue.

Meanwhile, those on the Left who traffic in hate speech against conservatives, patriots, Christians, and President Trump and his family are rarely noticed or dealt with. Rarely are they suspended or banned.

On Twitter, I have over 10,000 followers. One would think that when I tweet something out, a few more than one or two others would either like or retweet what I post? That is not the case. Most of my tweets receive no likes or retweets. Yet, I routinely see Leftists with far fewer followers that have hundreds of likes and retweets of their tweets. This is because I and many others who think like I do are shadow-banned. It is a use of algorithms that makes it difficult for others to even see my posts, much less decide to like or retweet them.

In China, Google has allegedly worked with the Chinese government to seriously curb speech there. If true, we can assume Google did not do this out of the kindness of their hearts but was on the receiving end of some very hefty monetary payments from the Chinese. Remember, these executives support a one-world government and want individual national sovereignty to be voided. What they seek is a two-tiered system where the elite are the “haves” and the rest of us are the “have nots” who essentially do the work for the haves, if we’re allowed to live at all.

Anyone who knows what’s going on in China understands the social grading system that exists there, something I’ve talked about before. Chinese citizens are constantly being graded by people who sit at desks in several very large buildings. People are graded on how they respond to things, what they watch on TV or listen to on the radio, as well as the people they hang out with in their homes or neighborhoods. If your social grade goes low enough, you might get a visit from authorities who might take your VISA or put limits on how far you can travel from home. You might lose your job or in worse cases, you may be taken to prison for “reform.”

This not science fiction. It is reality for the millions of people in China and it has been made possible (allegedly) by Big Tech companies like Google! Now we learn what Google allegedly has plans to achieve here in the United States with our next presidential election. This is nothing short of FASCISM, but it will continue until something is seriously done about it.

You can watch the video from Project Veritas here and share it with others:

If someone tried to break into your home, hopefully, you have a plan in place that would offer your family protection against those interlopers/criminals. Most people would not hesitate to act to keep their home and families safe from these intruders.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Big Tech, there is only so much we can do and since Google controls a good portion of the Internet, and social media companies like Twitter, Facebook and others are generally owned and controlled by far-left extremists who want the Constitution overturned, our hands are tied. It will take Congress to act, even if it means changing the status of social media from “town halls” to “publishers” so that they are more easily sued when they violate the Constitution.

But here is the larger problem, as far as I can tell. This has been long in coming. Do you think it was an accident that most Big Tech companies are owned and operated by far-left zealots? Rumor has it that Facebook started the very day the Pentagon killed their program called “Lifelog,” which essentially was designed to do exactly what Facebook does now.

Go on Facebook and you can read everything about everyone. People put up all sorts of personal information, even through private messages, believing that no one “sees” it or only their “friends” see it. The people behind the scenes at Facebook have the capacity to view our private messages. They have access to all the information we place up there.

I know people who will go from this store to that eatery in that town and post it all on Facebook or their favorite social media. They are, in essence, handing their personal lives over to people like Mark Zuckerberg and in doing so, are losing their privacy. But they don’t seem to care. They are not concerned because they think the only people who can see anything on their Facebook page are their “friends.” How absurd, but people do not even think twice anymore about posting the most personal information of their lives on the ‘Net.

I recall growing up and watching the Jetsons. What a great show that was, with their flying machines and telephones that allowed them to see the person they were talking to in real time. What a pipe dream that was, but was it? No, we are living it now and guess what? Every phone call we make, every text message we send or receive goes through some company’s servers. If you own an iPhone, it all goes through Apple’s servers, which means anyone with any know-how can look into our conversations and store the information somewhere.

I know for today’s Millennials, this sounds like a huge conspiracy theory, but it is fact. It is almost impossible to be anonymous today, truly anonymous and private. We carry our phones with us and even when they’re off, our phones send out signals looking for cell towers. We can be tracked. Most of us have GPS systems in our cars so we can get from place to place. Years ago, of course, people used actual maps or wrote down directions ahead of time but that was before the Internet. Since the creation of the Internet, life has changed seriously. There’s no going back either.

Now, on top of all this, we learn that big, powerful Google is going to do everything they can to ensure that President Trump does not win re-election in 2020. It would not surprise me to learn that ALL major social media giants are of the same mind. Facebook has already shown signs of doing this and of course, Twitter has been censoring and shadow-banning conservatives for quite some time. They’ve even shadow-banned a few conservative Congress people.

Again, whether you like, love, or hate Trump is totally beside the point. The fact that any company who controls what they control, would diligently work hard to go against the possible wishes of the majority of people of the United States is certainly seditious and needs to be looked into by the federal government.

I know what the Bible says about the last days, the days in which we are currently living that began with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. I’m aware of how badly evil and corruption will rule the day at least for a predetermined length of time. I’m aware of how brainwashed people will become. It’s all there in the Bible and it highlights the fact that people will become malevolent, guided by their raw self-centered emotions. Instead of seeking what’s best for society, they will seek what is best for themselves.

This is exactly why socialistic platforms are gaining ground and approval with many today. We see the push to cancel all student debt, the cry for slave reparations but now gay reparations as well. For the Democrats, the more they think they can give away, the more votes they think they’ll buy.

Here in the United States, the big push is to overthrow as much of the Constitution as possible. Someone has said that under President Trump, more gun control measures have been put in place than under Obama. He’s banned bump stocks. He’s now considering banning suppressors (silencers). He supports Red Flag laws, as do a number of alleged conservatives in Congress (Graham, Rubio and others). These are assaults on the Constitution of the United States of America.

What can the Christian do? We can work to wake people up. We can work within the confines of the law to put pressure on our elected leaders to do the right thing. We can pray daily that God will lead us into the path that He has chosen for us and we can trust that in spite of how bad things may appear or become, God will never leave or forsake us. He is with us, if we are His children.

Oh, and never forget that in spite of how bad things get, the Great Commission of Matthew 28 is something all Christians are to be involved in wherever we find ourselves. It is not an option to not be involved. We have an obligation to witness to the lost even if society comes to a point that prohibits that type of public discourse. Do you understand that? One day, through censorship, it may be illegal to preach Christ and Him crucified. In England and in Canada, street preachers have been arrested for reading certain sections of Scripture. Neither of these countries have the First Amendment.

In America, though we have the First Amendment, Big Tech and forces within our own government are working very hard to delete it by “banning” people from the digital public square. These companies have too much power and they’re using it to squelch Christians, conservatives and patriots. There may well come a time when you will be told that you cannot speak publicly about Jesus because it could easily offend others. That’s the excuse being used now to ban people from social media and arrest them in the UK and Canada.

Are you ready and willing to go to jail for Jesus? That question is likely going to reflect a very real and serious situation in American society in the not too distant future. Consider that Christians who believe homosexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, etc., are wrong and offer that opinion, the reaction to that is to vilify, verbally challenge and sometimes, even physically attack the speaker. The foundation is being laid to make it very uncomfortable for authentic Christians to practice their faith publicly.

Right now, Big Tech appears to be attacking America’s Constitutional Republic. Once they are satisfied that they have accomplished what they set out to accomplish, how long before they commit to a full frontal, direct assault on Christians and Christianity?

Decide now what you will do then.


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