Value of a Fetus?

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WARNING: This article contains information about aborted fetuses some readers may find offensive and/or sickening to read about. You have been warned.


This particular subject is not an easy one to discuss, but it’s necessary to prove the depravity of many in this world. If all of the following is true, then America has been steadily committing “suicide.” These are truly the end times, the last days and in my view, the end cannot come quickly enough.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about anything from the mysterious Q, but he’s started posting again with a volume of posts. A number of them caught my eye and one in particular – if true – answers a number of questions about Planned Parenthood and the elected officials who support them. In fact, it is very interesting to note just how many of our elected officials support infanticide; the killing of babies up to the moment of birth. It is unconscionable and despicable, yet these same elected people also vigorously oppose offering medical care to any child who survives an abortion attempt. This is murder, but of course, with the Left denying that unborn children are “human,” it makes it easier for them to ignore the reality of what abortion actually is and does.

While I’m broaching the subject here, my suggestion is that readers start doing their own research on this particular subject. Q’s post can be seen here and he refers to fetuses and their “value.” Look specifically at the sentence about 2/3s of the way down in his post. He states, “Do you know the market price for a fetus? Correlation of market price & days old of fetus/baby? As age (days) increases so does the value?

Note also Q asks, “D’s block ‘born alive’ bill?” What is Q saying here? Clearly, he is making the charge that aborted fetuses are actually being sold to corporations and other nations, which is why certain elected officials work to not only keep abortions legal, but abortions up to the moment of birth as well.

Q is also implying that the selling of aborted fetuses has zero to do with a woman’s right to choose. He is saying that selling aborted fetuses and/or fetus parts is huge business. I was reading that one particular Asian country pays up to $70 per pound for a fetus. Individual parts of that fetus (liver, brain, limbs, etc.), can go for thousands of dollars.

Several years ago, allegations were made against Planned Parenthood that they were selling baby parts. Individuals who went undercover to unearth these facts were treated as criminals by Kamala Harris, who was then Secretary of State of California. The documentary producer is still being hounded by the current Secretary of State now in spite of the fact that in the undercover video, Planned Parenthood workers are clearly heard to say that baby parts are being sold. Harris and other Democrats prefer to go after the person who brought these truths to light instead of dealing with the issue of selling dead babies.

What don’t they want us to know? Is it that Planned Parenthood makes a ton of money not just off abortions, but in the selling of aborted fetuses to corporations for research and other countries for consumption? Is this how Planned Parenthood is able to “invest” millions in certain candidates who run for office? If they have that much money, why are they needing to be “funded” by the government? Fortunately, the courts just ruled that President Trump can stop funding Planned Parenthood and will save taxpayers some $60 million per year.

I won’t go into all the gory details here, but for those who are interested, there are organizations on the ‘Net who have lists of companies who use aborted fetuses in their research (often called “collagen”). Some of these companies are food and beverage companies. While they are not using aborted fetus parts directly in their products, they are using aborted fetus parts to create “taste” enhancers so that they can determine how their product(s) will taste to the consumer. This is done via artificial means but provides companies with fairly accurate results allowing them to enhance their products accordingly.

Beyond this, there are several restaurants throughout the world that allegedly offer human “meat.” I’m still researching this to try to determine the validity. One site I came across yesterday is in Seoul Korea and boasts of specific dishes that allegedly utilize human “meat.” In fact, there were also pictures of people preparing human “meat” and eating the same. If readers are interested, simply search for “seoul restaurants serving fetuses.” Be warned please as results can be unsettling due to their graphic nature!

One restaurant that boasts of serving human “meat” allegedly buys human cadavers for roughly $40,000 to serve to patrons. These cadavers are usually sold by the person still living to the restaurant and the money upon their death is used for funeral expenses, with anything leftover going to family members. This is, of course, nothing short of cannibalism, but the way it is explained is that the deceased person “lives on” through the lives of the living when eaten. Circle of life?

This appears to be a reality that has been hidden to the general public for years. If this entire subject is true, then it becomes clear why Planned Parenthood fights so hard to continue to keep abortion legal, even up to the moment of birth. Do I need to quote from 2 Timothy 3:1-5 again? It is clear that Satan has a huge grip on the lives on many people in this world. His goal is to turn as many as possible away from God. He’s succeeding but we know he will not win the overall battle.

Note that Q asks a final question, followed by a statement. “Do you believe this has anything to do w/a Woman’s Right to Choose? Welcome to the Real World.”

This world is abysmally sick. Considering just a portion of the sickness contained in this world by people who are bought off to look the other way, one can only wonder how or even if President Trump will really have a lasting impact on the pervasive abject evil that appears to undergird society? Satan works hard and God allows him to do so. Certainly, God allows it for His purposes, but the ramifications of what we are beginning to hear and see (whether selling aborted fetuses, major pedophile Jeffery Epstein arrested and implications for all those connected to him, the Muslim gang rapes that have been occurring in the UK for a number of years, sex trafficking/human trafficking/drug trafficking through America’s southern border, etc., etc.), is truly earth shattering to many of us who had no previous insight into these things. It is now alleged that notorious drug cartel boss, El Chapo, donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Is that why they and so many Dems fight to keep the border open?

We can be sure that more and more will continue to surface. Epstein is likely going to turn over a great deal of evidence to save himself. Who will he bring down? Celeb R. Kelley was just arrested and faces sex trafficking charges in both Chicago and New York City. How many others will face justice? Bill Clinton says he knew nothing of Epstein’s alleged pedophilia, but this is the same Bill Clinton who said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” referring to Monica Lewinsky. Clinton also traveled to Epstein’s Island 26 times, as flight logs show. The arrest of Epstein could be the start of the crumbling of many within what is known as the “Deep State.” They are going to start turning on each other and I’ve already noticed that happening on Twitter with well-known celebs now speaking against Epstein and his handler girlfriend. Where were they years ago? Why are they only speaking out NOW?

It appears that we may be getting closer to that “suicide weekend” that Q has spoken about numerous times previously.

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