If You’re White, You’re Racist According to the Left

July 15, 2019 at 10:53 AM 3 comments

It’s a sad day when non-white people can get away with calling anyone who is white racist. But this has become the go-to label for the Left against those with whom they disagree.

Recently, President Trump, disgusted at the hypocrisy and lies of certain Leftists in Congress, called them out, saying that because of their hateful rhetoric against the USA and our ally Israel, they should consider moving back to the countries from which they came. His comments were taken out of context and deliberately mislabeled “racist” by Leftists, who wasted no time in pouncing on him.

The truth is that there are members of Congress (too many!), who clearly, though they’ve taken the oath of office to defend and support the USA and the Constitution, but do neither. They spend every moment denigrating the USA, comparing us to terrorists or worse. Meanwhile, some of these same people actively support terrorist groups like Hamas or CAIR (which should be labeled a terrorist organization). Beyond this, they support AntiFa by dutifully ignoring AntiFa’s fascism and tyranny.

Recently, a protest group took down the USA flag at an ICE detention center, replacing it with the Mexican flag. Not one Democrat in Congress even noted it. They completely ignored it. Eventually, law officers moved in and took down the Mexican flag and replaced it with the USA flag.

People who support these acts by ignoring them do not belong in Congress, period. They are actively working against the United States and a strong argument can be made that they are actually traitors to America. In at least one case, we have a sitting congresswoman who has a huge question mark over her because she allegedly married her own brother, thereby opening the door for him to become a citizen of the US. These things need to be investigated and if wrongdoing is uncovered, the proper steps need to be taken.

President Trump is no more a racist for pushing back on the hateful lies and malevolence of the Left than any white person is, but the Left has literally nothing up their sleeve except to destroy and divide. It is my belief they hope to start a civil war following the dividing lines of race, gender and religion. I firmly believe that this is what the Left wants and if/when it happens, then “martial law” can be declared and our rights further eroded through more legislation from Congress. It’s the way Hegelian Dialectics works and the Left has used it many times.

The Left is also still desperately trying to “impeach” President Trump even though there is actually nothing they can legally use as an impeachment tool. If not for the actual conservative majority in the Senate, which would push back on any impeachment attempts, it is likely that President Trump would be illegally and successfully impeached and removed from office. If that had happened, I firmly believe the US Military would have become involved.

Why is all of this happening? Quite simply because Trump was not expected to win. In fact, it has become seriously clear that Hillary was not supposed to lose. Because Trump won, things are coming out that the Left believed were hidden from view. Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest will bring down countless people, both in politics and in Hollywood. Would this have happened under Hillary? Of course not because her own husband visited Epstein’s “pedo” island 26 times, as flight logs reveal!

I have friends who are still not sure about Donald J. Trump, his intentions and what he plans to do with America. I’m cautious but actually believe that President Trump will be fully vindicated before the 2020 election. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

If you’re on Twitter, I’d like to recommend that you look up and follow @3Days3Nights who tends to offer some fantastic insights into what may be going on behind the scenes. He offered one particular thread about “Unrigging the Election” in which he highlights (through his best educated guesses), how Trump was able to win by overcoming the obstacle of fraud in certain “purple” states.

Even if you aren’t involved in Twitter, you can still read his entire thread because it was reposted on a website called “Thread Reader.” Here is the link to that particular post: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1149464688553365504.html

You do not need to “join” or sign up for anything at Thread Reader to be able to read this thread. The only thing you’ll miss if you go there instead of to Twitter to read the thread are the comments by readers and also by @3days3nights as people go back and forth. It’s a fascinating thread and I believe one that has tremendous merit.

@3days3nights and others like him offer tremendous clarity on numerous issues. When you simply go to Twitter or other social networks to learn about “politics,” you’re often met with animosity, anger, labeling and name-calling by many on the Left who simply hate conservatives, patriots and President Trump. The nice thing about people like @3days3nights is that they offer high spots in an otherwise dismal atmosphere on the social networks.

Recently, @3days3nights posted about the blackout that just occurred in New York City. Whether he’s right or not, I have to say I’m impressed with people who think like this and can put pieces of a puzzle together, if a puzzle exists. There is a likely a great deal happening behind the scenes and we may only see part of the effects of those events. Certainly, God is not impotent. He’s not doing nothing. He’s responding to the pleas and prayers of His authentic children throughout the world. It is not just America who may benefit, but other countries are also come out of darkness. To what final end, I’m not sure. Unfortunately, whatever good may result from all of this, eventually, this world will succumb to a one-world government, ultimately headed by the Antichrist.

But we simply don’t know when that will be, do we? History has shown the rise and fall of many nations and empires. Rome existed for a very long time in some form and the Bible says it will rise again in a revised version. Interestingly enough, America hasn’t lasted even half as long as the Roman Empire and I cannot say with certainty how much longer we will last as a viable nation.

The fact that the Left is so desperate to paint all conservatives, patriots, and President Trump as nothing but severe, unhinged racists tells us they at least are taking their marching orders to destroy seriously. You’ll notice that it’s not one or two of these people, but the majority of Leftists in Congress who jump on the bandwagon to castigate everyone on the right. For them, this is war and they have their strong arm tactics by AntiFa to back them up.

What’s needed? Simply put, a clear, calm head, focused on moving forward in truth. Throwing the charges of racism back in the face of those who label those on the right “racist” goes a long way. It is clear from what these people say and do that their hatred of America is palpable and the means they are using to further tear down the fabric of society appears to be working. However, we cannot give up and quite frankly, I’m under the impression that those who hate conservatives, patriots and President Trump are simply made to look as though they’re the majority. This is clearly enabled by the mainstream media, who has become nothing more than the political arm of the DNC (Democrat National Convention). The Bible is replete with examples of individuals who dared to stand up against evil. Read the book of Esther as just one beautiful example.

In reality, I honestly believe that these loud, foul-mouthed people are in a serious minority; quite possible as little as 25%, versus the rest of us who comprise about 75% of the American population. The Left is certainly aware of that, which is why they fight hard for those illegally here in America. They need their votes even though non-citizens are not allowed to vote in elections.

The Democrat Party has consistently pushed away minorities because many within the black and brown communities are waking to the reality that Democrats simply want them to remained chained to the Dem plantation. What did President Obama do for the black or brown communities? Absolutely nothing. President Trump has done far more and leaders within these communities are noticing it.

The Left is imploding and striking out. A few years ago, Q talked about the “4:00am talking points” that were apparently sent out to Dem operatives, including the MSM (mainstream media). It’s so easy to see once you see it. The same talking points glibly tossed around by members of Congress and the media. It’s almost as though these people cannot think for themselves and they probably can’t. So they dutifully receive their talking points through a website that they all log into and go from there. Who is behind these talking points? Not sure, but many believe rogue people in the CIA or other alphabet agencies.

The truth is that we are now seeing the Left attacking one another. Dem members of Congress are calling out other Dems in Congress, condemning speech and actions. What’s that adage? A house divided against itself cannot stand? It’s happening right in front of our eyes.

When 2020 happens and President Trump is officially re-elected, we’ll also see his vindication. Is he perfect? Hardly? Is he even a Christian? I have no idea, but he certainly talks about God and not in the same sense that President Obama did either.

The Left is pulling itself apart and trying at the same time to take down conservatives and patriots, along with President Trump. Notice how the MSM talks about the size of crowds at Trump rallies (when they actually do report on them). They always try to minimize the size of the crowds just as they did on the day of Trump’s inauguration. Their lies are so easy for thinking people to see through.

Don’t lose heart. Do not stop praying. Do not stop support conservative causes. If we do, then we become partners in the death of America.

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