18 Years Ago Today, America was Attacked

September 11, 2019 at 11:45 AM 4 comments

On September 11th, eighteen years ago to the day, radical Islamists flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center towers, killing 3,000 people in one swell swoop. Other planes targeted the Pentagon and the White House, although this latter one ended up crashing over Shanksville, PA, thanks to the bravery of numerous individuals on-board.

Since the original 9/11 – as it came to be known – many in America have forgotten. In fact, not only was the attack on America blatantly brought about by extreme jihadist Islamists, but we now have several members of Congress who are clearly cut from the same cloth. These individuals in Congress are clearly anti-Semitic and obviously hate America. Though they took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, they wasted no time in setting that “oath” aside and now work to denigrate America from the inside, much as President Obama did during his tenure in office.

What have we learned from this original attack and of Islam itself? While certainly not every Muslim is dedicated to physical jihad against all non-Muslim people and countries, there are clearly those who seek the destruction of Israel and the United States. The reason there are two different camps within Islam is due to the fact that some Muslims take the Qur’an literally (therefore, they are jihadist extremists) or they take the Qur’an allegorically (by which they believe jihad is merely an inner struggle to overcome the person’s sin).

Radical or extreme Muslims are not interested in assimilating into another culture’s values. Their goal is to overcome from within. Once they are “immigrated” to another country not their own, they wait until they have sufficient numbers of other Muslims in their community and then they begin to overcome that societal culture. This has happened in Dearborn, MI as well as other places. We know the adage that there is strength in numbers and this is clearly the case for jihadist Muslims who believe it is their duty to take over a society from within, often done without implements of war.

The UK is a perfect example of what can often go wrong when radicalized Muslims are imported into that country from their third world homes. In England, it is against the law to speak ill of Islam and this is punishable by prison and/or fines. Of course, there is no First Amendment in England so political correctness dictates the law of the land there. Moreover, guns are extremely difficult to obtain in England, yet instances of terror-related crimes are accomplished with knives, machetes, vehicles, and even acid attacks. Beyond this, as difficult as it is to obtain guns, gun-related violence is on the rise there.

The current mayor of London – a devout Muslim – is hated by many, yet he remains in power. He does so because London is overrun with many Muslim extremists who want Sharia law enacted. Sweden and other parts of the EU also suffer under this type of terror, where explosions, rapes and other types of crime have become a normal occurrence, to the point that law enforcement is now advising women how to dress so that they will not become the target of the rapist. This is exactly how Sharia law is implemented.

So 18 years later in America, what have we learned? The average American, who loves the freedoms of this country guaranteed by the Constitution understands. We have not forgotten. We are very wary and we spend time warning.

However, the mainstream media (MSM), the Democratic National Committee (along with nearly all Dems), and those who pour money into their coffers are in constant denial, out to make average Americans seem bigoted, narrow-minded, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic and Islamophobic. Political correctness is used to shame average Americans into silence, even though the First Amendment guarantees our voice.

On September 11, 2001, 3,000 people were murdered and extremist Muslims danced in the streets of their third world countries celebrating the “victory” that they believe Allah had provided. For them, that moment 18 years ago was stupendous and one that would never be forgotten. It emboldened radical jihadists the world over to go on the attack in order to bring the world to the next and final “caliphate,” where it is believed the Final Mahdi would reign over the entire world for Islam.

This seems absurd to the average intelligent person, that a group of third worlders who continue living in the 1100’s AD, believe that their efforts will bring about the Final Mahdi and all the world would be united under Islam. Yet for the radical jihadist Muslim, it is what they work for, yearn for, and expect.

Vigilance is required by all God-fearing Americans. We cannot close our eyes to what is happening. We cannot simply say that “It doesn’t matter because God is in control.” While that is certainly true, He does expect us to stand and fight for what is right. If we can, we should live quietly, minding our own business, but those days seem to be gone. We are being invited into an ideological war whether we like it or not.

The attacks on America have worsened of late and there appears no end in sight. I wish I had the confidence that many seem to exude regarding Q, Trump and the eventual outcome. However, I’ve gone through several stages of frustration, anger, and now…uncaring. It seems as though things are taking way too long. Average people are asking why has no one been arrested? Why does it appear as though the Left continues to get away with things? Why is there no justice?

These are legitimate questions and those who attack people like myself asking these questions are blindly following something that has not only not panned out but appears that it may not pan out. They approach the Q phenomenon with the faith that should only be directed toward God alone. Q could be one or numerous individuals. Some have said at times that it’s the President himself when Q signs off with Q+. No way to know for certain.

Certainly, it appears clear that Q has the president’s ear and is in close proximity to him. However, this does not necessarily mean that victory is assured, in spite of the fact that we’ve heard “Patriots are in control” and “We have it all.” Many are asking “what is the wait for?” Now, people are saying that nothing will really happen until after President Trump is re-elected in 2020 and that it was designed that way because if Trump’s DOJ made an overt move against the Deep State (DS), by arresting some big names, it would cause societal upheaval and he might lose re-election. So, we wait and that’s over a year away.

What will happen in the meantime? A great deal could happen. Last night, in North Carolina, there were two special elections. In both cases, two GOP reps won against their Democrat counterparts. These were House of Representative races, so that is good news…if the two who actually won are not RINOs (Republican in Name Only), as John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and others clearly are RINO. Though they held/hold seats as GOP, they dutifully work against President Trump and his desire to make America great again. In effect, RINOs are no different than Democrats except in name. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing, much like the four or more women of the “Squad” who are so far Left that they make Communism appear appealing.

So what do honest, law-abiding Americans do in these days? For one thing, we must trust God for whatever outcome He has determined. That is what He wants and that is what He will get. Second, we must use discernment and wisdom when voting. Don’t stay home. Make sure you vote.

Third, we must remain law-abiding at all costs. This does not mean if the government comes along and, while ignoring the Second Amendment, demands we “sell” them back our guns, the Second Amendment still stands and we should not comply.

The idea of a gun “buyback” is being touted by many on the Left. However, let’s face it, the government did not own our guns prior to us buying them so it is actually impossible for the government to “buy guns back.” What they actually would want to be doing is using something similar to “eminent domain,” which allows the government to take your land (in exchange for money), so they can build a road for greater public access. It’s really called confiscation but the government gets away with it and they’d love to apply this to guns in America.

Terrorism has increased exponentially since the original 9/11. We see it everywhere. Guns, knives, acid, vehicles, and bombs are being used to kill innocent people. There’s nothing that the government can do about this, but instead of trying, they’d prefer to focus on law-abiding citizens who cause no problems in this world. The government wants your guns. They want you disarmed and one need only look to history (as recently as Venezuela), to see what happens when the government gets our guns.

This article is not necessarily a call to arms. It is a call to vigilance. It is a call to not take our freedoms for granted.

It has become politically incorrect to call our Muslims for their terrorism. Yet, the Left can group all law-abiding (white) Americans together as “radical.” The Left is constantly changing the narrative to suit themselves and push their agenda. Most recently, one major Left-wing paper said that “planes flew into the World Trade Towers” as if they were not piloted by jihadist Muslims. They do the same thing with guns, attempting to breath life into guns, inanimate objects.

It is the people who flew planes into the towers that are at fault and fully culpable just as it is the person who squeezes the trigger in a mass shooting that is at fault. It’s not the plane or the gun, anymore than it is the knife, the bomb, the acid, the vehicle or the machete when someone is struck down.

America is at a crossroads; a serious crossroads. We will either collapse under the weight of political correctness or we will somehow rise above it.

However, as I’ve said before, even if we manage to somehow rise above it all, this world is still heading toward judgment by God. It is very clear throughout His Word that this is what’s coming. It may be a few years down the road or twenty. It may be days away. Only God knows the exact specifics of His program.

In the meantime, we must carry ourselves as people who have placed our hope in the One who died for us. We must continue to persevere in doing good, but we must not go through life blind to the realities of what Satan is attempting to accomplish.

On this day, 18 years ago, 3,000 were mercilessly murdered all on the belief that Allah (Satan) wants his followers to kill as many non-Muslims as possible. We can never forget that. If we do, it will happen again.

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  September 11, 2019 at 1:29 PM

    Though hard to sometimes do, as we see the world getting worse and worse and sin so blatant, we rest in the knowledge that Jesus wins! That’s our only hope – Jesus!

    Thanks for another excellent article!


    • 2. modres  |  September 11, 2019 at 1:40 PM

      Yes, it is difficult at times because of how we often tend to focus on circumstances. But reading through Ezekiel alone shines the light on God’s plans and how all things will be made right in His time.


  • 3. LW  |  September 11, 2019 at 12:14 PM

    Yes, our eyes need to be on Christ and living to please Him daily; with our whole heart, desiring to do all of His will and not just what suits us thinking He will turn a blind eye to the little areas we don’t fully submit. That’s what will make the difference “in that day”. As far as what is going on here…who knows. Everybody has a theory. Even the Q phenomenon is questionable. Is the whole thing just a catalyst to the new world order bc certain patriots would never submit willingly? Is Q and or Trump a part of a bigger sinister master plan? Who knows. But what this has done for me is dig my faith deeper In the One Who died for me and will ultimately rule over all. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.


    • 4. modres  |  September 11, 2019 at 12:46 PM

      Yes, ultimately we rest in the knowledge that God will have His way and His day. Amen.


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