News and Notes Update: January 11, 2021

January 11, 2021 at 4:19 PM 2 comments

Freedom of Speech Denied by Big Tech
As things move toward a Biden administration, Big Tech is flexing its muscles collectively to silence voices with which they disagree. They are doing so with the excuse that Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and Trump allegedly incited that violence.

By now, critical thinking people know that Donald J. Trump did not incite any violence whatsoever. In fact, part of his speech emphasized peaceful means of getting the point across to those gathered in DC to hear his speech on January 6. It also doesn’t matter to the Left that at least some individuals involved in storming the Capitol are known faces in the BLM/AntiFa movements. Moreover, from some videos taken that day, it seems very clear that the Capitol police actually allowed and encouraged protestors into the Capitol. None of this is discussed or even noticed by the Left because they have a narrative and an agenda to put into place.

Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter, has been removed from Google Play (Android) and the Apple store. Amazon shut down all of Parler’s servers on Jan. 10, and Parler’s CEO John Matze issued a notice that it might be unavailable for up to a week “as we rebuild from scratch.”

The chairwoman for Mozilla, the creator of the Firefox web browser, called for additional actions to alter “the dangerous dynamics” of the internet and to silence “disinformation campaigns” by “bad actors,” meaning those who refuse to toe the Leftist line.

This is totalitarian language that flies in the face of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Where were these people when Black Lives Matter and Antifa caused $2 billion in destruction across America?

Because of the recent events, Nancy Pelosi and others want President Trump impeached in spite of the fact that he is out of office in mere days. Why do they want this? Among other things, if he is successfully impeached, he would not be able to legally run for president in 2024 or at any other time. Voices are also condemning people like Ted Cruz and want him to resign.

It seems the entire world has gone crazy with one tech giant after another literally voided people’s ability to use their services. PayPal, Stripe, Twitter, Facebook, and others have all decided that President Trump is guilty of inciting violence and must be silenced and sent to the gulag. Even Angela Merkel is concerned about this move.

To top this off, Twitter has begun a major purge of conservative/patriot accounts. Last week, I had over 11,000 followers. This morning, I was down to 8,297. Allegedly, Twitter has removed over 100,000 accounts. People argue that Twitter is a “private business” and can therefore, do what they want to do. This of course, does not apply to any private businesses on the right. The hypocrisy is so startlingly obvious that only a person bereft of any native intelligence would fail to see it.

Right now, in America, Big Tech has more influence and power than the Constitution. That should be cause for grave concern. In fact, it’ll get worse. While the Left smiles smugly about the fact that those with whom they disagree are being silenced, they fail to understand history and the fact that Fascists will eventually come for them. They believe they are safe from expulsion or censure, when it reality, no one is safe from it. No one. In fact, I would argue – again from history – that those on the Left who support this type of fascist censorship will be on the receiving end of it as well, once the Left feels they have gained control over conservatives. It always happens in society as proven throughout history when dictators are allowed to take the reins.

What can Christians do? We must clearly pray, pray, and pray some more. The Left counts on the fact that conservatives will not take up arms against the government and moreover, will not do what AntiFa/BLM did this past year creating over $2 billion worth of destruction throughout various cities in the USA. The right doesn’t do that. When we gather, we do so peacefully, though it has become common place for AntiFa/BLM to infiltrate and attempt to turn a peaceful demonstration into unchecked violence.

It should be amazing to most how often the violent looting and destruction by AntiFa/BLM Leftists went essentially unnoticed by the Left and the MSM. Not one of them condemned it. Yet, some rogue actors stormed the Capitol on January 6 and the Left went nuts. Only unintelligent and unthinking people do not see the deliberate denials of those who know what is going on but refuse to admit it.

Ravi Zacharias Debacle
I’ve waited for some time before commenting on the situation that involves apologist Ravi Zacharias, whose ministry is based on Alpharetta, GA. After receiving the latest email from Watchman’s Bagpipes that highlighted the need for discernment and included the latest information on Zacharias, I decided it was probably a good time to present the basics to my readers. Between Watchman’s Bagpipes, Way of Life Literature and a few other places with whom I subscribe, I’m kept in the know about what’s happening in the world.

Initially, the allegations against Zacharias were defended against by him and his ministry. The people leveling the accusations against him were painted as gold diggers who simply attacked Zacharias in order to gain money. After Ravi’s death in 2020 from cancer, the pressure had built to the point that the ministry itself believed they had an obligation to get to the truth. To that end, they hired a private investigation firm to find the truth. Sadly, not only did the private firm find that there was enough evidence of sexual immorality by Ravi Zacharias, but they found more evidence than had previously been exposed or reported. You can read about that at this link: About Ravi Zacharias

I won’t go into details here in this article. Suffice it to say there is plenty of information on the Internet that proves that Mr. Zacharias had a problem. The fact that he joined in a venture to open a spa where folks could go to receive massages, etc., is a very curious think to say the least. He had stated that no ministry funds were used for his partnership. But the problem is that he apparently spent a good deal of time there and several of the female masseuses complained to management that they felt very uncomfortable around him because of his requests and other things he did in front of them.

The problem with sexual sin is the plain simple fact that unlike many other sins, sexual sin often includes another person. Because of that, the consequences are often far greater. If a person “hates” another or harbors an evil attitude toward another person, the other person may never know it. The person who hates the other may cover it over with false sentiment. When a person has an adulterous affair, the Bible says they are uniting themselves with that person in a spiritual union (Genesis 2:24; cf Romans 1:16-17). This is the only sin that does that type of thing. Paul could not have made it any clearer.

1 Corinthians 6:18 KJV

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

Masking Up
There appears to be a growing sharp divide within Christian circles between those who believe it is imperative that Christians wear masks in order to not be a stumbling block to others or to prove our love for our neighbor, and those who do not believe wearing masks is something that needs to be done.

My concern is not whether people wear masks or not. That is a decision each person must decide for themselves. When I go to the doctor’s office, I ask permission to wear a face shield instead of a mask simply because I can breathe easier and because others can see my facial features. I have not had anyone tell me that I must wear a mask.

I’m concerned that this false narrative is being built that claims that Christians who do not wear masks are being disobedient or defiant to God and selfish. People who believe that are becoming increasingly annoyed by those Christians who are exercising their freedom to not wear a mask. The belief is that all Christians should be willing to set aside their “freedoms” for the sake of the Gospel.

The problem is that Christians are also supposed to be steeped in truth, correct? If there was absolutely no harm in wearing a mask, I would have no problem wearing one if it made someone else feel better. That is simply not the case, however, because there is evidence that re-breathing your exhaled CO2 is not at all good for you. Do you think God wants us to deliberately harm ourselves?

Often, I hear the reason people wear masks is for the other person’s safety. They have been told (and believe), that a person who wears a mask keeps others from contracting something from the person wearing the mask. Yet, the WHO has stated that healthy people should not wear masks. Of course, people like Dr. Fauci tell us that CV-19 is such a brilliant disease that a person could have it, but have no symptoms at all and pass it along to someone else. This has been proven untrue by a recent 10 million person study. The asymptomatic carrier simply does not exist.

I’m concerned about Christian leaders who say that they are somewhat ambivalent about masks, yet constantly seem to urge people to wear them from their pulpits. I’m concerned about Christian leaders who continually opine that masks “help,” when in point of fact, there are too many white papers and articles written by medical doctors and researchers who provide a different perspective. Why are they being ignored?

I’m concerned that Biden will issue a nationwide mask mandate completely overstepping his authority as president to do so and the Left and MSM will back him completely. Anyone who refuses to go along will be viciously attacked verbally (and possibly physically), fined and/or jailed even though a mask mandate is not equal to a law passed by Congress and never has been.

I’m concerned about pastors who will seek to enforce or highly recommend wearing masks during services if a national mask mandate is issued and those who do not comply will be unwelcome or shunned. I’m concerned about my health and my wife’s health. Will these same pastors and leaders also highly recommend taking the vaccine for the same reason? To be consistent, they should, shouldn’t they?

Did you know that when you get vaccinated, you’re protecting yourself and your community?

This concept is called community immunity, or herd immunity. And it’s an important reason for you and your family to get vaccinated — so you can help keep yourselves and your community healthy. [1]

The above is presented by our own government; that herd or community immunity only happens via a vaccine. For decades, we have been told that herd/community immunity happens when people are briefly exposed to others who may have some illness. Because of the brief exposure, people who come in contact with those people are able to fight that illness off (if they are generally healthy). In fact, I recall being told years ago by doctors that they do not often get sick like their patients because they see them for very short periods of time and their immune systems fight off the illness(es) they are exposed to in their patients.

So those Christian leaders or average Christians who believe that all Christians should wear masks without questions should also, if we are going to follow logic here, step up and take the vaccine because the medical community is now telling us that only through the vaccine will people gain herd/community immunity. It’s a bit of a slippery road to say the least.

Here’s an example of a pro-vaccine medical doctor in Florida who died after receiving the CV-19 vaccine. They are still investigating the cause of his death, but it appears that he had a severe reaction that caused his platelet count to go all the way down to ZERO. Nothing the experts could do saved his life and he died from a thrombocytopenia stroke. By the way, I read this article last week and it has been changed since then to potentially downplay the connection to the vaccine.

I’m not at all scared of CV-19 or any other illness. My wife has survived both cancer and kidney problems. Why? Because it was not her time to go yet. I have a melanoma on my back that was caught at very early stages and will not likely become worse? Why? Because it is not my time to go yet.

We have been around people who have been sick. We have shaken hands with people and hugged them. We have not gotten sick. Why? Because God has control of our lives. Yes, we eat right. Yes, we do our best to be and maintain our health, which clearly also plays into things. Now, if you love people, you stay away from them, you don’t hug or handshake them and you mask up apparently.

But isn’t God in full control of my life? There are many things in life I simply cannot control. Those things I have to give to God for His safekeeping.



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News and Notes Update: January 8, 2021 While Satan Builds His Final Kingdom

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  January 11, 2021 at 5:05 PM

    Hi Modres, thanks for another thought provoking article…

    – Donald Trump is still President of this country and what the Big Tech companies have done is tantamount to Treason!

    – How did these people get INTO the Capitol Building at all? Everyone knew there would be Trump supporters coming to Washington DC? The National Guard was there? The Left are the Left and their shenanigans continues…God’s taking notes!

    – Ravi Zac, had a Spa…Really?…this was a disaster waiting to happen. Hopefully he was truly saved and repented before he died.

    – Masks can be lethal in so many ways…each to his own. I say, “Wear if you want, I’ll stay 6 feet away you.”…Mandate or not, there will be no mask on my face – EVER!

    “What can Christians do? We must clearly pray, pray, and pray some more. The Left counts on the fact that conservatives will not take up arms against the government and moreover, will not do what AntiFa/BLM did this past year creating over $2 billion worth of destruction throughout various cities in the USA. The right doesn’t do that. When we gather, we do so peacefully, though it has become common place for AntiFa/BLM to infiltrate and attempt to turn a peaceful demonstration into unchecked violence.”

    I pray that Conservatives don’t take up arms…Jesus has got this! We wait patiently, prayerful and trust His plan. They are heaping up their cups of iniquity and notes are being taken…many have probably had their names blotted already!

    We now have Christian “leaders” pushing this vaccine!

    My comment on this: “He has lost his mind…Take ANY vaccine at your peril people! God will not be mocked…He made us fearfully and wonderfully and man trying to “correct” us is them saying He did not! He’s taking notes!

    All these pushing this are minions for the devil who caused the fall of man and has been trying to discredit everything God made “good” since and man was “very good”!

    Male/Female, Woman/Man, this are how Yahweh created us…now we have confusion – homosexuality, transgenderism, gay marriage and all sorts of iniquity…culminating with the Mark of the Beast! It’s gone full circle back to Eden!

    They are ultimately saying, God didn’t make us good enough so they need make corrections. They say we can Live Forever by DNA change – Tree of Life being challenged! God provides and gives us free will but Satan wants to control us and provide but NO free will. He’s not omnipresent, so He has to track and trace us to do this.

    This fight is spiritual, fierce and will cause the demise of billions! Lord have mercy on us all! But God…Ultimately, they are trying to tell God He’s not Sovereign and needs correcting! This is His fight…He’s already won!”

    Blessings Modres…


    • 2. modres  |  January 11, 2021 at 5:20 PM

      Agreed. You probably already know all of this, but if you have time, check out J D Farag’s latest video:



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