Deadly Game of Chance?

November 29, 2021 at 12:32 PM 1 comment

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Before we get into the main portion of our article, I’d like to recommend a recent video by Rev. Danny Jones of Northlake Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia: Should You Take the COVID Vaccine? What’s interesting about this particular sermon by Jones is that he does not tell people what they should do with respect to the vax. He provides information using his background in science, and of course, the Bible to help people acquire and learn to use their own discernment for any situation. He does not believe it is his job to tell people what to do but instead he believes he should help people learn how to become independently dependent on God through His Word. I really appreciate that about Rev. Jones. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

A German scientist who received his doctorate in his Graphene Oxide (Hydroxide) studies, refers to the CV vax as: Russian Roulette. Tragically, this scientist is no longer with us, having been viciously assassinated just a day or so ago, not long after his second video was made public. I came across this information yesterday on Dana Ashlie’s Telegram channel. If you have not connected with her, you may wish to do so.

This video is from Dr. Noack’s partner telling the world about his assassination, which occurred just yesterday or the day before after publishing his second video. His two videos were published within the past week and he was murdered because of them. How shocking it must’ve been for her and for those who personally knew Dr. Noack. Please pray for her as this must be so difficult emotionally, especially that she is carrying his unborn child.

Here is a link to Dr. Noack’s first video where German Police broke into his home and arrested him for “wrong think” because of what he was reporting to the world. Apparently, his comments were not acceptable by Austrian authorities so they sent the police in to deal with him. I’m assuming readers know that Austria has declared another full lock-down because of the increase of recent “cases.” People are rebelling in huge numbers but the police and other law enforcement departments are fighting back in some cases, firing live ammunition into the crowds of protesters.

After Dr. Noack’s release, he presented a second video here: Graphene “razor blades” found in Covid Bio-Weapon This second video is around 18 minutes and certainly worth your time. I’ve been able to verify from a relative who speaks fluent German that the captions are accurate to what Dr. Andreas Noack is actually stating (in German), in the video.

Just last week, my wife and I were discussing the question, why are some folks negatively affected seemingly by the vax while others seem not to be? Dr. Noack answers that question in the second video he published and actually refers to reactions to the vax as “Russian Roulette.” It is because it depends upon whether or not a person receives the vax in their arm muscle or in the vein. Dr. Noack states that if you receive the vax in the muscle, the effects are not that bad or negligible. However, he states that if a person receives the vax in their vein, the results are catastrophic.

Dr. Noack also explains why he believes so many top-notch athletes are collapsing on the playing fields and it has nothing to do with either lack of exercise or cannabis use as the mainstream media would like us to believe. Dr. Noack says it has everything to do with the fact that within the CV injections, there is graphene oxide (a metal , which act like “razor blades” the size of one atom, to the blood vessel linings. These “razor blades” would not be found in toxicology reports or during any other part of an autopsy.

These atom-sized “razor blades” that Dr. Noack refers to have one purpose, according to him, and that is to shred the lining of the blood vessels causing internal bleeding and clotting. He states that there have been many cases of people bleeding to death on the inside after they’ve had these vaxxes. I saw at least one video of a young woman whose seriously clotting blood was slowly oozing out of her nose like string. Interestingly enough, graphene oxide is not found in the list of ingredients for the CV jab on either the FDA or CDC websites for their list of ingredients in the CV jabs. Yet, we know for certain that the CV vax does contain graphene oxide because of the work done by doctors like Carrie Madej, Bryan Ardis, Robert Young and numerous others who have already told us that they personally discovered graphene oxide and nano-particulate matter in bottles of the CV vax. This is old news to everyone who has already done the research about it.

Dr. Noack states in the video that the reason he believes top-notch athletes are collapsing is because their blood, due to their peak athletic condition, courses through their veins at a much faster pace than that of the average person. As the blood courses through their veins, these “razor blades” do far more damage because of the speed their blood is carried through their veins. But again, the mainstream media is now trying to tell us that these top-notch athletes do not exercise enough or use Cannabis regularly. Who believes that world-class athletes would do either of these things? If they did, they would automatically be putting themselves out of the game and would not be able to keep up with their athletic counterparts.

I think it is also very interesting the way the mainstream media is now trying to tell us that the tremendous increase in stillborn babies is due to “climate change.” However, it likely has everything to do with the CV jab and the graphene oxide in it that pregnant moms are receiving under the advice of their physicians.

Why is there a supposed need to include metals and nano-particulate matter in these vaxxes? There is truly something malevolent going on and it is very possible that we are the guinea pigs for globalists, unless I’m buying into a great many conspiracy theories put forth by highly qualified scientists and doctors? Folks, we are not talking about a lot of the tripe from people like Alex Jones here. We are talking about highly qualified medical researchers, scientists, and doctors who have been warning the public about potential problems they’ve personally seen.

The tragedy that we are experiencing today is that this CV vax has become such a dividing line for people. Most are either hotly for it or hotly against it and few are willing to sit down and calmly discuss it. This needs to happen but unfortunately, even doctors are being censored and silenced, if not altogether fired for daring to speak against the accepted narrative.

Is COVID deadly? Can it kill people? Yes, absolutely it can harm and kill, just like the flu can and does kill people annually. People can and do die from COVID, the flu, pneumonia and even bad colds, depending upon their overall health and whether or not they have any co-morbidities they are dealing with in their bodies. We’ve known for decades that Americans in general are extremely unhealthy, due largely to all the garbage they eat and drink. Fast foods, highly processed foods that are stripped of their natural nutritional value and recreated with added minerals and vitamins (“enriched”), and a tremendous load of preservatives to keep the shelf-life of foods high. All of this began in the 1950’s when more and more people left the country and rural areas for the suburbs and cities. Farming took a hit and a way was needed to ensure that food would not spoil too soon. Thus, preservative-laden food stuffs were born. I personally think some of the food on store shelves will outlast most people alive today and probably survive a nuclear war.

So the problem today is that because of the way most people eat and drink with the highly processed foods they eat and drink, their bodies have become very susceptible to all sorts of illnesses that they cannot really fight off that well. They need “help” in doing so via medications and even vaccines. But they are unwilling to change their eating/drinking habits and their way of life in order to improve their health. They’d rather rely on pharmaceutical companies.

By the way, J D Farag likes to point out the fact that in Revelation 18, the Bible speaks of Babylon, which will be alive and well at the end of the last days (times we are in now). Does this mean a physical city of Babylon? More likely it means the spirit of Babylon that undergirds the world’s system during the Tribulation. In Revelation 18:23 we read the following words:

The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.

But as JD says, note the word “sorcery” used in the above verse. That word is pharmakeia in the original Greek, which is where we get our modern words pharmacy, pharmacist and pharmaceutical. The main push today is from the pharmaceutical companies. They are the ones pulling the strings and their puppets like Dr. Anthony Fauci are pushing the schemes, all this on behalf of the globalists (in my opinion), ten of whom will become “kings” for a short while until the coming Antichrist removes three of them (Revelation 17; Daniel 7:24). Apparently, the three kings Antichrist gets rid of will not willingly bow to him, so he kills them, leaving seven, with him becoming the eighth (Daniel 7:7-8), as I’ve written about previously: “God’s Coming Reset, Part 4” (Note, the video from E511 Ministries is no longer available in that article.)

Either we are moving inextricably toward the very end when God will pour out His judgment onto the world or we aren’t. Of course, each reader will need to decide for themselves, but with all that is going on in the world, it appears that things are seriously amiss.

I’ll end this here for now, but I’d like to highlight the next phase of the Great Reset in my next article offered by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEC), and he calls it the “Great Narrative.” It’s always something, isn’t it? They keep pushing. Stay tuned.

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