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March 22, 2023 at 11:48 AM 2 comments

This Present Darkness is a book by author Frank Peretti, about the malevolent powers of darkness standing against God and His people on this earth. It shows how demons mobilize against Christians in this realm, from the spiritual realm. Of course, in reality, we cannot see those malevolent forces and how they operate except for what the Bible reveals. Peretti’s book goes into much greater detail due to its fictional nature.

Not sure about you, but ever since CV, it seems the world has gotten much darker. It’s as though the human powers that be, controlled by the spiritual malevolent forces, have pulled out many of the stops that existed prior to 2020 and the introduction of CV. No amount of newly released facts seem to adjust people’s thinking regarding CV and whether or not the jab is beneficial or not. Like a fungus, health “experts” are spreading their lies throughout the world.

Speaking of fungi, the CDC has just warned that a new fungus that appears unstoppable is moving through parts of the world, harming and even killing some.[1] Is there a jab on the way for that too? What else can we expect to come our way? What’s on the horizon?

I read a recent article by Terry James and how he sees things as being what he calls “Pre-Trib Portals.”[2] Numerous writers including me have written about the same type of things. It appears that for all intents and purposes, shadows of the four horsemen of the coming Apocalypse are being cast into this world now. If this is true, then what that means is that Satan has indeed been given the go-ahead to advance his one-world globalized final government agenda over which his spiritual son, Antichrist, will reign.

I compare the way things are today with the way they were prior to CV and the differences are vast. It is clear that we took our freedoms for granted then, even though the proverbial noose was tightening. James’ article noted above lists numerous ways in which government of just the USA has deliberately and consistently pushed God out of the mainstream and into the back closet over the past 100 years. Christianity has been attacked under the guise of religion versus government-controlled schooling.

I’m sure the powers that be intend to ultimately cancel God altogether and even lock that closet door with secure locks forcing all believers into the underground, out of mainstream society. While today’s society is little different from Sodom and Gomorrah or Gibeah of Judges that we’ve discussed, there’s a tremendous amount of violence and a growing percentage of it seems to be gratuitous, meaning it’s people attacking people based solely on race or culture or just because they feel like it. This is exactly what the residents of the three cities mentioned did. They went after people who were outsiders, because they wanted to send a strong message – “You’re not wanted here. Go away!”

And so, we’ve come to the point where folks are too mesmerized by all the untruths in society, whether it’s transgenderism, critical race theory, climate change or something else. People seem set in their mind and are unable or unwilling to push back on the lies for what is fast becoming the norm for society. I watched a short video the other day of a woman in a classroom full of young children. She was saying that sometimes, a person will be part of both genders. I find that interesting because the LGBTQ+ argues that there are many more than simply two genders; up to 56 or 57 in some cases. Yet, this teacher specifically used the term “both” to mean only two genders. What, no push-back by LGBTQ+ people?

This kind of lunacy is quickly becoming the accepted norm in society and anyone who disagrees is treated like those who believe the CV jab was not only not necessary but seriously counter-productive to many people the world over. As time progresses will we see greater incidents of adverse reactions and death? Literally only time will tell.

Another video yesterday shows Dr. Fraudci and a group of people going door to door in DC talking to residents about getting the CV jab.[3] Apparently, this is a very recent video, which would explain why Fraudci is not wearing a mask. A black resident Fraudci tried to convince retorted with, “Those are YOUR numbers and something else is going on here and it has to do with FEAR.” Of course, Fraudci moved on to the next person they hoped to scare into submitting to the jab. Fearmongering…the way to gain control. People, once confirmed in their wrong beliefs, will continue with those wrong beliefs rather than have to deal with the cognitive dissonance of realizing they may have been wrong. We see it daily with folks who religiously wear masks, while not protecting their eyes with goggles. It makes little to no sense but there it is. As society continues its downward trend, a greater lapse of morality and critical thinking skills will occur.

In just the USA, as Terry James’ article notes, things began to change drastically in 1925 and continued from. In 2015, same-sex marriage was passed into law by the Supreme Court. Prior to that, numerous states like California voted to legalize it (as of June 16, 2008). Homosexual groups said they simply wanted to enjoy the benefits of heterosexual marriages. Nothing more. However, once that was granted, in less than 10 years, there’s been a growing emphasis on drag queens and transgenderism and in primary schools. Why? It’s all to eliminate any aspect of biblical morality in society. Throw out God. Get rid of the Bible. Ostracize Christians. Push them to the side. Remove them fully from society if we won’t conform to Satan’s agenda. By the way, let’s not forget that Baphomet, the symbol of Satanism is often pictured as having male and female organs. What’s better than converting your child to the other gender as a sacrifice to Baphomet?

These same type of situations as noted in the previous paragraph have occurred throughout history, however, there is one very large difference between those situations and today. The time appears to be very near when something cataclysmic will occur that will usher in the final global government and make it possible for Antichrist to step up to his preordained throne to rule in his spiritual father’s stead. Some think it will happen incrementally. I disagree and believe some major event will cause society to go completely over the edge.

But what else has made the big difference between all previous societies and today’s? One thing: technology. Because of current technology, today’s society offers what no other society has ever had – the ability to instantly and continually communicate with anyone around the world and spy on anyone at any time, which translates to absolute control of people – what they can buy or sell, where they can travel to, etc.. Beyond this, the technology we have today will offer a front row seat to the rise of the Antichrist, the rise of the Two Witnesses of Revelation and the physical return of our Lord Jesus. Never before has the world been at this point. Never.

But even with this technology that has catapulted the world into the age of a very”dark” Jetsons cartoon, something is still needed that will create a global cry for a leader who will bring everyone together as one, but will rule the final global government as sole king. What might that “something” be to usher him in? Here are several things that it could be:

  1. Revealing of Alien Beings to the world
  2. The Rapture
  3. Complete collapse of the world economies
  4. Some other event that will literally shock the world

Imagine if the world saw actual aliens (demons in disguise), hobnobbing with powerful political leaders. The fabric of society would immediately change. God would be out and aliens would be in. Christians would likely be rounded up and “re-educated” for their own and society’s good since it was clear that God was “dead” (finally).

If the Rapture occurred, the world would experience tremendous upheaval. Imagine millions and millions of people suddenly disappearing with no real explanation? Under such a scenario and the devastation that would result from it, a leader who could manage the world’s affairs and motivate all to work together would be needed and there would be a vacuum until he stepped up. If the Rapture is PreTrib, then the “Restrainer” (the Holy Spirit), would also be moved out of the way, allowing the stench of hell to permeate and take over this world as the world moved into the Tribulation.

The collapse of the economy actually will happen but not in full until Revelation 18, long after the Tribulation starts. That economic system (and possible literal city), will be destroyed during the Tribulation. Prior to the Tribulation, the world will likely continue to suffer increasing economic difficulties as we’ve recently seen with failures of several banks. Things will grow worse.

It seems clear to me that some event other than the economy will create global distress forcing the people of the world to come together, though a worsening economy will negatively affect everyone. If it’s not one of the other things noted above, then I have no idea what it will be. The most likely scenario is the occurrence of the Rapture as it makes the most sense biblically. I’m well aware there are differences of opinions regarding the Rapture and even whether or not it’s taught in Scripture. I learned a long time ago it’s simply not worth debating. At any rate, something must occur that will be worldwide in scope, enough to create such havoc it would take a supernaturally brilliant mind to lead the way out of it.

So based on these possibilities, what is a Christian to do in the meantime before things occur and ultimately, before our Lord returns in His Second Coming? How then should we live?

First, we should live with anticipation. We should long for His return. The cares and problems of this world should not reduce our praise and gratitude to our King. Second, we should learn to find joy in the simple things life has to offer. This can be a tough one depending on your situation. Spending time with like-minded believers and family who are also hopefully believers is one thing we can do. Doing this helps get our minds off of the issues and problems in this world we have no control over.

Third, we should adopt an attitude of praise and that can take work on our parts. I will acknowledge that it is easy to become downhearted and saddened by some of the things that are occurring in this world. Due to an increase in societal rejection of God, God is giving people over to their depravity (Romans 1). As sad as that is for them, it also tends to make our lives more difficult because we experience that fallout. But God is Victor and what He does, He does for His purposes. Praising Him, thanking Him helps us rise above life’s situations and see the bigger picture.

If you are not praising God for numerous things, let me remind you to do so. Writing this is a good reminder for me as well, because at times, I’m guilty of letting too much of the world’s attitude in and I forget just how much I have to be thankful for in the here and now.

Ultimately, we need to persevere in thanking God, loving God and following God in obedience. We may think we believe certain things but if we are not actually walking the walk, that says something about our beliefs, doesn’t it? It is difficult in today’s society in many ways and in all likelihood, it will become much more difficult for Christians. Fear not, because He has overcome the world and the world will not prevail.






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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  March 22, 2023 at 3:04 PM

    Excellent article and advice, praising, worshiping and thanking God is never to be stopped through all this! Thanks Modres!

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