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Esther: God’s Sovereignty

The book of Esther provides information on how godly Mordecai helped Esther become the new queen of Persia. It’s a fascinating read and one might wonder, why did Mordecai push Esther into that? Again, the reason becomes clear later on, that Mordecai himself may not have even seen. Initially it appears that Mordecai was simply looking out for a better way of life for Esther. Mordecai had taken Esther in during Nebuchadnezzar’s siege of Jerusalem and during the time her parents had died. Obviously, Mordecai wanted the best for Esther so he gently prodded her to apply herself to becoming the new queen. There were clearly many women who also tried to attain this goal, but for “some” reason, King Ahasuerus was smitten with Esther, whom the Scriptures describe as having a “…beautiful figure and was lovely to look at” (v. 7b)

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Where is CV-19 Potentially Leading Us?

The lockdown is being promoted by government health bureaucrats who are trying to condition individuals to accept mandatory vaccinations with nanochips and immunity-tracking cards. People have shown that they will readily accept the loss of their constitutional rights and liberties in the vain hope that the government will make them safe and secure from disease and death. How foolish!

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Mystery of Iniquity?

This world is fast-approaching the Tribulation, which will end in Jesus’ return following by the judgment of the nations, called the Sheep and the Goats. There is nothing we can do to keep that from happening because it will happen in God’s time and in His way. What we can do is either FEAR what is happening and coming or PRAISE and TRUST God that He will guide and protect us as we walk through this life.

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Solomon’s Huge Mistake

This is a very good time to ask ourselves how we are treating God and whether or not we are taking Him for granted in spite of the many blessings He pours out on us daily. Are we guilty of worshiping other “gods”? Are we toying with the idea of giving our attention and worship that only God deserves to other things that are not only that important but in doing so, are we becoming involved with idolatry? It can happen easily and it happens most often when we feel “satisfied” with our life and the things we have in our life. It is the responsibility of each of us (myself included of course), to ensure that we are not hiding little “gods” in our heart, worshiping them whenever we get the chance. If it can happen to the wisest man who ever lived before Jesus, it can happen to us far more easily.

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Homeless Camps and Fascism in USA

Watch out for those who try to make you feel guilty for not wearing a mask, accusing you of “killing” other people. In spite of actual facts, (which these folks dutifully ignore), these people continue to berate others who do not comply. Their “conditioned responses” to the Left’s egregious infringement of rights should be a wake-up call. Instead, it causes many to cower and simply obey whether they want to or not. Notice 4th and 26 first issued an implied threat than said he wasn’t “demanding.” This is a form of political correctness (aka Cultural Marxism) to force people to do what they might otherwise not do.

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Asian Hornets Have Landed and Other Things in Society

This is all a sign to me that these things are largely in place to remain in society. While we may see a few restrictions fade away (and masks may be one of those things to fade), I believe a large percentage of restrictions that exist now with more on the way, will remain in society and people will simply get “used” to them. We do this every time. Whether it was the Patriot Act or any number of things that have interrupted society’s normal flow, many of these adoptive efforts become permanent. Remember how well the government uses Hegelian Dialectic.

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Social Distancing Measures are Here to Stay

What we are seeing is pure Hegelian Dialectic. The government wanted a specific direction so they created a problem (shutting down society based on a health risk), people clamor for a solution so government said, “Okay” and start reopening society with many restrictive measures in place and the only way they’ll possibly be rolled back is by receiving the coming vaccine. Because there is some relief, the average person breathes a sigh of relief believing that things are going back to normal. Instead, a new normal is created and people eventually get used to it.

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Are We There Yet?

It used to be very difficult for me to “see” how the world would become united so that the way is prepared for the coming man of sin. I’ve thought the Rapture would be a major catalyst in unifying the world and it still very well may be. However, I’m also realizing that people throughout the world want safety more than anything and are willing to cash in their freedom to gain and keep it. The fear of illness and/or death will unite the world.

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Love Your Neighbor

I find that for myself, loving others is not quite as easy as some find it, though I also know that I’ve improved over the years and that of course, is due to the Presence of God’s Holy Spirit within me. Yet, the frustration of still knowing that I have such a long way to go exists. Will I ever see huge gains in this life? I’m hopeful. Very hopeful. I know that it won’t happen by accident, but only by my perseverance in pursing God’s character. This is only done by submitting myself to His will even when I don’t fully understand what His will is, but know that I must submit to Him.

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What About Our Immune System?

If I had been born and lived in a different country like Canada, Great Britain, Communist China, or the Philippines, life would be very different for me. However, God has placed me in the United States. I am guaranteed tremendous freedoms to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The federal government is supposed to protect my rights, not squelch them. Though Paul told us our true citizenship is in heaven, he was not afraid to use his Roman citizenship to his advantage at times.

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