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Obstruction Is Such a General Term But Police Use It More and More

Generally speaking, when a person is charged with obstruction, it is supposed to be due to the fact that the person allegedly interfered with police, or in some way kept them from doing their job. If a person physically stands in the way of a police officer while they are trying to get around them, may be considered obstructing. If a person deliberately lies to law enforcement to keep them from obtaining the truth, may be considered obstructing.

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Police Justify Illegal No-Knock Raid Because Owner Might Have Gun

The government is working very diligently to eradicate our rights and not just rights under the 4th amendment either. There are too many individuals in law enforcement who play fast and loose with the law to obtain what they want, even if that means violating the rights of citizens. It shouldn’t be happening, but it is and at an unprecedented rate too.

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An Open Letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer: Your Hypocrisy is Astounding

Now you want to force your immigration bill onto society for one purpose and one purpose only: it’s to get instant Democrats who will be able to legally vote (as opposed to illegally voting as many of them have done in the past). This will virtually guarantee that Democrats win elections when push comes to shove, won’t it Senator? You know these illegal aliens turned instant citizens are not going to vote GOP. An unintended (but “necessary”) issue means unemployment will also go up instantly along with Welfare rolls.

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If Only My Great Grandmother Had Had Access to Abortion

Between listening to Jay Carney not answer one question after another, Robert Mueller do the same, and plenty of others on the left who wouldn’t know how to actually give a simple “yes” or “no” if their life depended on it, I’m not sure if it’s refreshing or revolting to hear remarks from Chelsea Clinton speak ultimately about lamenting the fact that she wishes she had not be born.

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Please Remove Your Shoes

The problem with the TSA is that it is a severely bloated government agency that only appears to create safety. For all of its activity and movement, it does really nothing to ensure the safety of the flying public. It wastes millions upon millions of dollars and seems to cater to airlines who want passengers to move through security quickly.

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