An Open Letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer: Your Hypocrisy is Astounding

June 23, 2013 at 5:50 PM 2 comments


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has his underwear in a knot because of Edward Snowden being helped by Russia. I guess to be fair, Schumer took Hong Kong to task first, then went after Putin. “What’s infuriating here is Prime Minister Putin of Russia aiding and abetting Snowden’s escape.” Really?

Then Schumer gave a mini-lecture on how allies are supposed to treat allies. “The bottom line is very simple, allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways, and Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States, whether it is Syria, Iran, and now, of course, with Snowden. That’s not how allies should treat one another, and I think it will have serious consequences for the United States-Russia relationship.” Really? Interesting, considering how this administration has treated Israel, Chuck. Hey, you’re Jewish, aren’t you? Oh, but you’re not one of those “Zionist” Jews, are you?

Yeah, I hear ya, Chuck. That finger in the eye thing…that summarizes it exactly, doesn’t it? How could leaders treat the people of America like that?

Hey, speaking of sticking a finger in the eye, I heard that you said that immigration “has the potential of becoming the next major civil rights movement.” You remember also saying that if Boehner didn’t pass the bill, it was going to “going to infuriate Americans”? If you don’t remember, there’s a video of you being interviewed by CNN’s Candy “I know I’m only a moderator, but if I get a chance to help Obama in one of the debates, I’m going to do it!” Crowley.

You know what Senator? I am tired of you progressives in Congress doing everything you can to undercut true justice in this country. You constantly pander to the most extreme elements in society (especially the elite), break the law whenever it’s convenient, or lamely “forget” or “didn’t know” this or that when it suits you, but you have the audacity to claim that Putin is sticking his finger in the eye of the U.S. Really?

The progressively left-leaning have been sticking fingers in the eyes of conservatives for a number of years now and we’re supposed to like it apparently. We don’t. But when someone like Snowden – who’s crime is that he really knows just how bad the spying on Americans has been from NSA – gets beyond your reach, you act as if truth is standing staunchly by your side as your shadow. Nice try, Senator.

Get it through your head. You do not represent truth. You do not represent right. You don’t even like the Constitution. You and all your progressive/lefty buddies do whatever you can to play your politically correct game all the while relegating people like me to the outside looking in.

With respect to immigration, I’m not even sure how an allegedly intelligent person can compare the Civil Rights movement with the immigration bill you want to shove down our throats. How does that work?

The Civil Rights movement occurred because people who were legally part of America and were citizens of this country, were being treated as if they were not. You, and your gang are trying to take people who are in this country illegally and you want to provide them with legitimacy by granting them a quick path of citizenship. How do the two even compare? Only in the mind of a progressive leftist do the two compare. Logic dictates that the two are not even remotely connected. Your comparison actually casts aspersions on the validity and necessity of the Civil Rights movement.

In speaking of Snowden, you said, “Let’s look at Snowden here. You know, some might try to say that, oh, he’s a great human rights crusader. He is not at all like the great human rights crusaders in the past, the Martin Luther Kings or the Gandhis who did civil disobedience because he — first, he flees the country. A Daniel Ellsberg, when he released the Pentagon Papers because he thought it was the right thing to do, stayed in America and faced the consequences. But second, he’s hurt other people. You know, a Gandhi or a Martin Luther King didn’t hurt other people as they did their resistance, and they faced the consequences.”

I see and when – pray tell – will you and your ilk face consequences for the problems you have created in America and for how often you have attempted to sidestep the Constitution? You and the rest of the left have turned this country into something it was never meant to be and you’re not done yet.

Now you want to force your immigration bill onto society for one purpose and one purpose only: it’s to get instant Democrats who will be able to legally vote (as opposed to illegally voting as many of them have done in the past). This will virtually guarantee that Democrats win elections when push comes to shove, won’t it Senator? You know these illegal aliens turned instant citizens are not going to vote GOP. An unintended (but “necessary”) issue means unemployment will also go up instantly along with Welfare rolls.

You know what else it? It proves beyond doubt that you and the other progressives in Congress are not at all interested in helping blacks and other minorities. Do you honestly believe that granting a quick path to citizenship for millions of people who are here illegally is what the bulk of Americans want? Do you seriously think that this is somehow going to improve your standing among blacks in America who already have higher unemployment than just about any other minority group? It won’t matter though, will it, once it’s done. Just like Obamacare.

How is it possible that you and your cronies can actually believe that Americans are as stupid as you think we are? How is it possible that you think if you just “spin” the issue with enough leftist jargon that we will be hoodwinked and all of a sudden “see” the light of your reasoning? Maybe you’re not concerned at all about people like me. After all, just call me a racist, which is all you’ve got because your “logic” (such as it is) doesn’t hold up and you can’t win a battle of facts.

But for those people whom we might call “low-information voters,” they can be convinced, right? Yet, even they are starting to see the light Senator and they don’t like what they see.

Here’s an idea…why not actually start doing things according to the United States Constitution? Why not stick to the law, instead of attempting to circumvent it as often as possible. It’s a good place to start and stop.

Do the right thing, Senator Schumer. Stop with the hypocrisy and do what’s right for this country. Stop grandstanding. If NSA hadn’t been illegally spying on Americans, we would not even know the name Edward Snowden. That tells me all I want to know, at least for now. He’s running because the federal government is corrupt as evidenced by the fact that so many have lied to us about what NSA is doing. We couldn’t get straight answers from the people we elected. The truth came from a whistle-blower. Do you get that Senator? No amount of your spin is going to change the truth.

You are doing what the left does best. Redirecting. Getting us to look over there when the real problem is in the other direction.

Your stupid immigration bill will not help America one bit. But of course, that’s not your intention, is it?

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  • 1. Stephen Pennlowe  |  June 23, 2013 at 11:36 PM

    Coming from you I wouldn’t have expected that beat-down. As far as Russia goes, the meeting that took place between the POTUS and Putin was a joke in Putin’s favor. Russia has made no secret of reached out to Snowden if the opportunity occurred. Putin claims Russia has done this to former CIA in the past. Back to the meeting, both sides used interpreters, so unless you know the Russian language it’s hard to pick up subtle meanings between the lines.

    Putin made it clear that there is a new Sheriff in town, since Obama made such a mess of things in the Middle East—supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Libya, Egypt, the Gold Coast, etc., so get down off that crippled Muslim US horse of yours.

    Russia is most certainly a Superpower, spending huge amounts of money to rebuilding their war machine along with China, instead of spending upwards of $100 million just to visit South Africa. The role of nukes may well be off the list as a game changer in light of talks about EMP’s. Putin has no time for the President of the USA dragging the entire country into a Gay, Lesbian affair. But then again he was debating with a Muslim sympathizer.


    • 2. modres  |  June 24, 2013 at 9:30 AM

      I wish I could follow you, Stephen, but it’s kind of difficult 🙂 I wasn’t commenting on Russia so much as I was attempting to point out Schumer’s hypocrisy and simply used the statement about Russia to prove it.


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