“I’m a Racist and an Islamophobe”

June 23, 2013 at 2:16 PM 1 comment

Paul Weston says it like it is and progressives will stand aghast at the idea that people can say what Weston says and get away with it.

The truth appears to be that what Tony Blair did in the UK is what Obama has been doing in America.

These politicians have created an atmosphere where speaking out against Islam is seen as a crime (in the UK) and could become one here in the United States if the powers that be have their way. But what will it all accomplish? Ultimately, it will silence anyone who – in his heart – disagrees with the government, under penalty of fines, imprisonment, or both.

When I was growing up, I never thought I would see a day when one particular group was given privileges and favors that is extended to no other group. Yet, this is what we see today in many parts of the world.

I just wrote an article for another website in which I detailed yet another situation where a group of Muslims in California have purchased a nice home in a rural area with others homes around it. Their goal of course is to turn that house into a mosque. Eventually, they wish to have a 7,500 square foot facility where calls to prayer will be broadcast over a loudspeaker starting as early as 7:00am every day and occur throughout the day for a total of five times. Who would want that besides Muslims?

As I noted in the article, I live in a rural area and I would not want a church, a school, or any place of business to decide to move into the neighborhood. It would ruin it by changing it into something it is currently not. Yet, the Muslims (as well as at least one progressive group siding with the Muslims) believe that the problems all stem from “Islamophobia.” This allows them to play the “victim” card the way minorities play the “race” card. It gets results, but why should it? Because we live in a society plagued with political correctness that simply creates an artificial truth that is based on nothing more than emotional virtue.

When people come to this country, they should be taught to respect the laws. Unfortunately, Islam is really in no position to do that because it is a theocracy, one that is guided by a three-pronged system of beliefs: religion, politics, and military. Ultimately, Islam believes that they are under the authority of Allah and nothing else matters. They believe that one day Allah will rule this world and to get to that point, Islam teaches that the world must be won over for Allah. Because of this, it’s fine and expected to use force when needed. Subterfuge is another way to bring this about. Anything that works to bring more of the world under Allah’s authority is what is used.

People who speak out against the onslaught of Islam – like Paul Weston – are considered to be “racists,” (a misnomer), “bigot,” or Islamophobe. It’s essentially all the left has at their disposal to use to shut down conversation and to ostracize someone.

Like Weston, maybe the rest of us need to embrace it since that’s what we are routinely called repeatedly. I guess they can pass a law that makes being a racist or bigot against the law.

The left has had its day. They have created a society in shambles and they’ve done so from deep in the shadows, using malleable puppets who care only for themselves and what they can get out of their connection with the elite.

Whether in this life or the next, all of them will be “rewarded” for their treasonous efforts and effrontery. They just don’t care about the damage they have done because they believe that it serves the higher purposes. The only purposes they’ve served are those of the global elite.

Right now, Islam is being used also for the purposes of the elite. To that end, Islam receives privileges the rest of us will never see. Paul Weston is correct in his assessments. He is also correct in his declaration that one day, all accounts will be balanced. I’m looking forward to that day quite a bit. Quite a bit.


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  • 1. Sherry  |  June 23, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    Any multiculturalist islamist preferring politician here or there or anywhere being tried for treason is, to me so far as I have seen, a pipe dream.

    As for the islamic prayer calls-oh! the sound is dreadfully ugly! I really mean no disrespect to devout muslims but to force such noise pollution on fellow(?) Americans is denying their rights to not have to hear it. When will someone make an app for that?!



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