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Sad Story of Gov. Brian Kemp

So what’s going on in Georgia? Patriots and conservatives throughout the state voted in good faith for a man whom they believed to be truly conservative and a Christian. Now, are we finding out that Kemp is simply another run of the mill RINO who got into politics to enrich himself, his friends and/or his family members?

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Prophecies of Isaiah, Pt 3

There is coming a time though when the “root of Jesse” will reign over this world. Isaiah 11 clearly discusses a time in the future when true peace will prevail and it will prevail because of the fact that this “root of Jesse” will reign on the throne physically in Jerusalem over all nations. As we’ve discussed before, even during this time, sin will exist because people who have survived the Tribulation without dying will go into this time where Jesus reigns supreme. These human beings will continue to have the sin nature though saved and completely regenerated with the new life in Christ. This is why Jesus will need to rule with a “rod of iron” (Psalm 2:9, 27; Revelation 2:27; 12:5, etc.).

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Trump Train is Exposing Swamp’s Deep-Seated Corruption

It would seem that @realdonaldTrump – President Trump – has begun exposing the fortified corruption within the DC bureaucracy simply by being elected president. From billionaire Nazi George Soros (who worked with and aided Hitler’s regime during WWII), who gamely stated that he will take down Trump, to the many calls for Trump’s impeachment from @DanRather, to @MMFlint (Michael Moore), and a host of other Fascist Left-wingers, these people are clearly attempting an aggressive coup to overthrow Trump’s presidency.

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Loathing What Humanity Has Done to Earth

This world is filled with evil all because of sin. Death, suffering, and corruption have become our lot. Try as we might, we cannot make this world a better place. Only God can do that. The most we can is relieve some of the suffering and introduce people to new life in Christ.

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