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Zechariah’s Near and Far Visions, Pt 1

In the Bible, a “horn” is normally understood to mean “power,” whether from an individual, a group of people, or an empire. Commentators of course disagree on the exact meaning, with some believing the “four horns” represents all Gentile powers (v. 21), to the four corners of the earth, while others believe these horns are representative of Babylon, Medes-Persians, Greece, and Rome (from Daniel 2, 7). Regardless of the exact meaning, it likely refers to Gentile powers that God used to scatter the Israelites from their Land after continued rebellion. However, as is always the case, God holds these “horns” responsible for the way they treated His peculiar people.

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Zechariah: a Voice from the Past Looking to the Future

The book of Zechariah is fantastic in so many ways. This fourteen-chapter book is filled with evidences of God’s faithfulness among the nations, specifically with respect to Israel. He not only speaks of things that have occurred in our past – from the perspective of 2011 – but also speaks through Zechariah to point out things that will occur in the future from 2011.

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