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Political Correctness’ Tragic Effects on Society

I’m not a prophet, but it’s not difficult to see that things are coming to a head in society. It’s not pretty at all. It’s rather ugly and it will get worse as time progresses. We are moving rapidly toward the time when things will be perfect for Antichrist to take up his position as world leader. I know that’s difficult to believe that in 2016, there would even be thoughts of having a one-world government with one individual reigning over the entire world. It’s very difficult to believe but the world is being moved in that direction. It’s been the purpose of the United Nations since its inception and the failed League of Nations before that. Scripture tells us that at some point, the world will become as one.

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Emory University’s Racial Divide?

Most know Toure as a somewhat sarcastic host who has his own particular spin to many of today’s social issues. He rarely hides the fact that he is anti-white. Then again, within politically correct circles, if you’re black, it is perfectly acceptable to be anti-white because blacks are “victims” and whites were obviously the “aggressors” during slavery in America. If you’re not a victim under the politics of political correctness and you espouse a view like Toure’s, you are a racist and it’s that cut and dry. Being a victim has its benefits.

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