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Pakistan Floods of Biblical Proportions

Now if Israel decides to attack Iran’s new nuclear station, wiping out the potential for nuclear weaponry to be used on them from Iran, Israel does so with a decided disadvantage. If this happens, then the world will scream “foul!” at Israel. The nation will be treated as a criminal with leprosy. Because of that, I can see a number of nations getting together and coming against Israel because they may think that the world will simply turn a blind eye to their actions. If that does occur, and Russia happens to be one of the countries (or possibly the leader) of the coalition, I can also see why God would lay waste Russia or its capital as a result. After all, Russia has provided the means for Iran to blow Israel (or the U.S. for that matter) off the map.

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War in the Middle East Soon?

If Israel makes a preemptive strike against Iran and successfully destroys their nuclear reactor, overruling their ability to make their own nuclear weapons, it may well be that Russia will take offense at that and use it as a reason to come against Israel, saying that what Israel has done amounts to an act of war. IF this is the case, then it could very well be that we will see the makings of Ezekiel 38 come to pass.

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