Pakistan Floods of Biblical Proportions

August 21, 2010 at 11:17 PM 1 comment

The "flooding of biblical proportions" happening in Pakistan right now...

That’s what a local newscaster said this evening, as a helicopter flew over part of Pakistan, with much of the visible landscape nearly completely under water.

Matthew 24:7 says, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.”

Even though the above verse does not say anything directly about floods, is it possible that pestilence and famines can be caused by major flooding?  Knowing that a pestilence is generally understood to be some sort of plague or contagious disease, can something contagious be carried along via flooding waters?  Yes, it can.  Often, flooding in areas carries sewage waste into areas that are usually free of waste.  This in turn carries any illnesses inherent within the waste to areas where fresh water is contaminated and it then becomes completely unhealthy to drink.

What about famines?  We know that drought is often the cause of food scarcity, but not the only reason.  Can famines be caused by flooding?  Absolutely.  In the mid-1990’s, famine was the result of major flooding. [1]  If water washes away precious top soil, so goes much of the ability to grow food.

During the flooding of New Orleans and parts of Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, nearly 2,000 people died, with nearly 150 people still missing.  Many of those individuals stayed in the water for days or weeks until they could be reached and removed from the water.  Essentially, during major flooding like this, all types of contaminants find their way into the water, making it dangerous to drink or use for showering, in many cases.

The reality here is that the weather often creates situations where pestilence and famine become a reality.  Though the Scripture merely points out the fact of pestilence and famine, Jesus did not necessarily highlight the reasons for them because the reasons vary.

Tonight’s news also showed clips of unusual flooding in Wisconsin and we are familiar with the major flooding that has occurred in a variety of places toward the eastern part of the United States.

If you couple this with the outbreak of salmonella associated with eggs.  So far, just under a half BILLION eggs have been recalled.  That is not a drop in the bucket.  It represents a tremendous amount of eggs that are not available for purchase.  Eggs are used in many things and a major shortage of any product creates a higher demand for it.  A higher demand creates higher prices.

What we are seeing across this globe is unprecedented in many ways.  We can all go back through history and refer to something like what is happening today, but the situations that exist today may be different because of the overall existing economic difficulties.

The people of Pakistan really need the world’s help.  The entire country seems to be nearly underwater and meteorologists are saying that this is the worst type of flooding in that area in decades.  Much of it is due to the super-charged jet stream over the area.  Nearly 1,700 people have died so far, and millions are homeless.  There will likely be more deaths.  This situation in Pakistan could wind up being devastating to human lives, crops, cattle and all the rest.

Yet, in many cases, the rest of the world continues on.  The evening news just announced that Iran has begun starting up its nuclear reactor with the help of Russian scientists.  While the world is concerned about the potential for abuse of that nuclear power, Russia assures us that they will keep an eye on the situation so that Iran uses that power only for peaceful purposes.  Phew…and we were worried!

We are seeing a good deal happening in this world, much of it beyond the control of humanity.  Floods, which will likely cause famine and even possibly pestilence of some type in Pakistan, the threat of nuclear armaments are becoming a reality in Iran (with Russia being the source of it since they provided scientists and rods for the reactor), flooding in the United States, and Islam making inroads and threatening to not back down (as in the case of the Ground Zero mosque).

Now if Israel decides to attack Iran’s new nuclear station, wiping out the potential for nuclear weaponry to be used on them from Iran, Israel does so with a decided disadvantage.  If this happens, then the world will scream “foul!” at Israel.  The nation will be treated as a criminal with leprosy.  Because of that, I can see a number of nations getting together and coming against Israel because they may think that the world will simply turn a blind eye to their actions.  If that does occur, and Russia happens to be one of the countries (or possibly the leader) of the coalition, I can also see why God would lay waste Russia or its capital as a result.  After all, Russia has provided the means for Iran to blow Israel (or the U.S. for that matter) off the map.

Russia is involved with Iran for Russia’s purposes and interests.  I cannot imagine that Russia cares about (or is even concerned about any potential threat from Iran).  What Russia cares about is what Russia can get out of helping Iran now with their nuclear problem.

Russia has never been a country that was concerned with humanitarian efforts.  Why are we all of a sudden to believe that they are starting now?  Why should we believe that when they tell us that they will keep an eye on Iran to make sure that Iran uses this new power for peaceful means, we should believe them?

There is a great deal happening in this world today.  Flooding, which may well cause pestilence and famine, along with scores of deaths, as well as the threat of nuclear war now that Iran has been armed with Russia’s help.

Matthew 24:7 – “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places” – seems to sum up what is occurring across the globe.  What should concern us most is the very next verse:  “All these are the beginning of sorrows,” Matthew 24:8.

The beginning of sorrows…are you ready?


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  • 1. rspmouse  |  August 22, 2010 at 4:23 PM

    Thank you for keeping us aware that what is happening in the world today is not merely a string of coincidences. God is sovereign and his plan will be brought to fruition. It is sad that there are so many ignorant people in the world today that are so far from God and his Word that they will never see the connection of all these events!

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