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The Church Becoming a Circus, Part 1

This has all been playing out in many institutions throughout the USA and the world for decades. Institutions that were once considered bastions of conservative thought have steadily moved toward the Left. Many have been watching the SBC over the past few decades and noting the tremendous changes that have been taking place there largely due to the leadership of people like Russell Moore, head of SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission. One has to wonder why such a commission is actually needed when the results of that commission seem to be moving the entire SBC denomination away from its biblical foundation?

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Does the Southern Baptist Convention Still Have a Stain On It? by Ed Dingess

What exactly are the SBC leaders doing? What exactly is William McKissic doing? Are we to think that unless the SBC adopts a resolution condemning something as obviously sinful as white supremacy that our members and churches may be deceived into adopting it? I find even the hint of such a suggestion outrageous.

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Identity Politics Officially Enters the Southern Baptist Convention

When groups like SBC start believing the lies of the Left, we have a serious break with truth. It’s been a long, slow, steady slide for the SBC, but it appears that they have finally jumped the biblical shark because they are now going after “ghosts” and “goblins” that the Left claims are racist. SBC has bought the lie. Let’s keep tabs on SBC to determine whether or not more people of color will be invited into the vaunted higher positions that mainly white men have held for decades. That would be the proof of SBC’s intentions.

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Too Many Christian Leaders Act Like Demagogues or Bullies

Here’s what I see happening today. Christian leaders in expensive suits, with “best-selling” after their names, who have power and money and name recognition. Too often, it is verboten to critique or criticize these individuals because they have too many (virulent) followers who will come after you with all manner of evocative in your face finger jabbing techniques and acrimony. But isn’t that also part of the problem?

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Is Anything Wrong with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Denomination?

While we’re on the subject, take a peak around the Internet and look up Dr. Russell Moore or Ronnie Floyd. These guys are two of the top people in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and they make a ton of money off the tithes and offerings of parishioners within the SBC. Moore is in charge of a $7 million budget for his office alone (president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention). How can this be, especially when another branch of the SBC – one that oversees missionaries – is having to call back hundreds of missionaries from the field because of a huge budget deficit?

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